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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Largest illegal alien raid since Bush was president

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents took 97 illegal aliens into custody after raiding Southeastern Provision, a Tennessee meat processing plant on Friday. Ten face additional criminal charges.

Supporters of open borders said this was the largest single-workplace raid since George W. Bush was president.

Good. They are not supposed to be here.

They are not supposed to be taking jobs from real Americans and other legal residents.

I want the plant shuttered and its executives arrested as well for harboring criminals, and whatever other related laws they broke.

The company paid illegal immigrants cash to avoid paying $2.5 million in payroll taxes in three years, officials said.

"IRS Criminal Investigation Agent Nicholas R. Worsham wrote in a search warrant affidavit that James Brantley and his wife, Pamela Brantley, who own the slaughterhouse and meat-packing firm, have been hiring undocumented immigrants since 2008 and hiding it from the IRS," the Knoxville newspaper reported.

"Worsham also alleges the Brantleys used their daughter and other employees in their fraud, lied to the IRS about how much they paid themselves and American employees, filed false tax returns and exploited its largely Hispanic and undocumented work force.

"The Brantleys are not charged, though. They could not be reached for comment Friday, and it’s not clear from court records if they have hired an attorney."

This is exploitation of illegal aliens. I have written before about exploiting illegal aliens. This is more than a patriotic issue or an economic one. It also is a human rights issue.

Self-appointed advocates for illegal immigrants sided with this exploitation.

"Children were left without primary caretakers, and local churches have provided sanctuary for dozens of others," the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition said in a press release.

Once again, Marxists use children as shields to push their heartless agenda. I seriously doubt the plant's owners cared much worker safety, because officials at the plant seem to ignore other laws that you and I obey.

"Just weeks before the ICE raid at Southeastern Provision, the Grainger County slaughterhouse faced a crisis of another kind: a sewage system failure and spill that triggered a boil alert for residents living nearby," WBIR-TV reported.

"Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation records obtained by 10News show Southeastern Provision LLC now is working on a temporary plan to move its waste."


  1. The owners and executives need to be investigated and prosecuted.

    1. THAT would send a message.

      Unfortunately, the people who own these businesses are usually contributors to the local Congressman and Senators. The first call they make is not to a lawyer, but to their bought-and-paid for Congressman. The Congressman, in turn, calls DoJ and calls off the dogs. That's how it works.

    2. Having worked for Cal state, I can concur with your observations.

  2. "Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation "

    ROFL. That's the Dept. of Environment and Conservation. Meanwhile 18 illegals were caught being shuttled across the US-Mexico border in a horse trailer. The impact of these rare ICE/IRS raids will continue to be a drop in the bucket unless some of these employers who hire illegals go to jail to do a long stretch of hard time.

  3. This looks like a perfect situation for ICE to put the fear into both illegal aliens and the people that employ them illegally. Prosecute and punish everyone to the full extent of the law and make examples of them. You know. Pour encourager les autres. - Elric

  4. The Democrats.

    Back up to their old slave owner tricks.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. Replies
    1. More than you know.

      If the IRS figures the people are making big bucks tax-free and not reporting it, nothing will shut down the illegals faster.

      Just ask Big Al.

    2. The IRS takes evading taxes very seriously. They got Al Capone.

  6. Question: would there actually be enough Americans to take jobs at slaughterhouses and still have be run profitably? I tend to doubt it.

    1. This happened a number of times in recent years and yes many Americans took the jobs at higher pay than the illegals were making. Illegals are a big reason why wages are down.

  7. If people paid their required taxes could slaughterhouses still be run profitably? Or, do criminal enterprises provide an unfair advantage against people who abide by the law?

  8. I remember this happening years ago and the local white workers lined up around the block for the jobs the owner claimed only Mexicans would do. Whoops.

  9. Hopefully the Brantleys will be among the first of many business owners employing illegals to face prison terms.

  10. They could stop illegals coming here over night if they were serious. $100,000 fine against any company that hires an illegal, per illegal. Take the fight to the employers. Not only outlaw and social welfare support for illegals but actually enforce it. Immediate deportation for any illegal registering to vote and 20 years in prison for any that actually do vote. Start actually getting serious about the problem. Minimum 50 year sentence for re-entering the country once deported.