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Monday, April 30, 2018

Kim Jong Un may have no nukes

The truth about North Korea's nuclear program may leak out.

"North Korea’s main nuclear test site has collapsed following its latest bomb test and could be at risk of leaking radiation, research by Chinese geologists has shown," the Independent reported this weekend.

"As a result, the Punggye-ri site under Mount Mantap has been rendered unsafe for further testing and should be monitored, scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China have said."

This happened September 3. This was done either by nature or man.

"Data was collected following the detonation of the most powerful of North Korea’s six nuclear bomb tests on 3 September, thought to have triggered four earthquakes," the Independent said.

"At the time, Japanese media said the detonation caused one of the tunnels to collapse, potentially killing 200 construction workers."

Those Japanese reports did not gain much attention in the United States because we have the worst media in the world. Most media tycoons hate our president and the people in the 30 states that made him president. The media by and large is so obsessed with taking him down that it pays scant attention to real news.

North Korea may have other sites, but Mount Mantap was where it carried out its six nuclear tests.

The collapse occurred on September 3, which was a Sunday. That is an odd day for a nuclear test.

Now it may be that the earthquakes triggered then the explosion.

It may be that scientists failed to consider the damage testing a 100 kiloton bomb would do.

Or it may be sabotage. That could come from a Rod from God, which is the name for our telephone poles of tungsten that orbit Earth. Released, they use the kinetic energy of gravity to put a big hole in the ground.

However, as romantic as that is, I have no evidence.

Or it may be the work of Navy SEALs.

"Why a U.S. Navy Spy Submarine Is Flying the Jolly Roger. The skull and crossbones flag is traditionally flown to celebrate successful missions — but just what has the USS Jimmy Carter been up to?" Kyle Mizokami wrote in Popular Mechanics 11 days after the tunnel collapse.

He based this on a photo posted in the Internet by Canada-based defense journalist Ian Keddie.
"Operating from Naval Base Kitsap, the Jimmy Carter's area of operations is the Pacific Ocean and beyond. The obvious mission area is a small Asian country that has recently made the headlines for its nuclear and missile tests: North Korea," Mizokami wrote.

He speculated that it was a covert operation. Maybe. Maybe not.

How the tunnel collapse happened is not as important as the fact that it happened.

Kim Jong Un knows it happened. Moon Jae-in knows it happened. Donald Trump knows it happened. Chairman Xi knows it happened. Now you know.

Kim said he will close the site and end his nuclear program. He will do it on live television.

The site already closed.

Nukes were his bargaining chip. I have a feeling President Trump took that away because he wanted a better negotiating position. Look, the Art of the Deal is really the Art of War.

"It's President Trump who should receive the Nobel Prize," Moon said today.

The Navy SEALs may be the ones who should share it. If true, the truth will come out long after we are dead.


  1. While PravdAmerika has been hyperventilating over President Trump's Tweets-du-Jour, many unexplained events have been occuring around the world. Can anyone prove the two explosions in Syria last night were from Israeli missiles? Secretary of State Pompeo met with Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday, and the Prime Minister cancelled a Knesset speech scheduled for today in order to prepare for an unscheduled major speech this evening. Hmmm. - Elric

  2. Replies
    1. Bucketmouth must be grinding his teeth over it.

    2. I love it! Jimmeh must be doubleplus unproud!

  3. and If Trump is awarded the Nobel - he could send Jimmah to accept on his behalf.

  4. I wonder if the hypothesized dead workers in the collapsed tunnels are pick and shovel guys .... or nuclear scientists. If the later, Kim may have lost not just his nuclear test site and his nuclear arsenal; he may have also lost his ability to reconstitute the program.


    1. Maybe iran's Nuke scientists too-or a good portion of them TG

    2. Why would any workers be underground during a test? Something is real fishy here.

    3. Why would any workers be underground during a test? Something is real fishy here.

  5. SEALs are trained to do BDA, which would be a covert op.

    If God sent a Rod, they or SF or Rangers, would be the ones to see what happened.

  6. In the midst of all this awesomeness- a carrier actually called USS Jimmy Carter. Like a cockroach on a birthday cake..

    1. oops I meant sub not carrier

    2. Well, Carter signed the check. He made it through Annapolis. He made it past Rickover. He served in nuclear subs. Whatever else he did. He has that to his credit.

    3. Jimmy survived the interview with Adm Rickover but he never served on a nuke. He started but never finished nuke school. He was discharged from active duty on 9 October, 1953. He wouldn't have been allowed to serve on a nuke anyway. He helped clean up the NRX research reactor at Chalk River Laboratories in 1952 and received a lifetime dose of radiation.

  7. As I understand it, there has never been the distinctive radiological evidence of NK detonating a viable nuke.

  8. Perhaps Kim had a dream after the tunnel collapse.

    Where the Angel of Death, glowing with fallout, asked him, “Little Man, what now?”

  9. I'll bet that the Dems are steaming because Trump did it and gets ALL the approbation.

  10. "Kim said he will... end his nuclear program."

    Me? I say I'm Queen of England.