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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Is Fox News paying David Hogg to boycott?

Lefties are all agog to see who David Hogg will boycott next. There has not been this much excitement since Fitzmas Eve -- you know, when lefties all thought Patrick Fitzgerald was going to frogmarch and perpwalk Karl Rove.

"Parkland, Florida shooting survivor David Hogg announced Monday that he would launch another boycott sometime later this week following his successful campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham," Jon Levine of the Wrap reported.

If by successful, he means a 20% boost in her ratings, it was grand.

"Sponsors who left Fox News star Laura Ingraham’s show at the behest of teen gun control activist David Hogg are missing out on a 20 percent increase in eyeballs," Douglas Ernst of the Washington Times.

"The conservative author of 'Shut Up and Sing' lost nearly 30 advertisers since a boycott against her show launched March 29, but those who held firm are benefiting from a ratings windfall. Data compiled by the media watchdog News Busters shows a jump from 2.23 million viewers prior to Mr. Hogg’s campaign to 2.7 million since her return from a vacation."

Advertising makes less than a third of the revenues for Fox News. The big money comes from subscription fees, which are based on audience size. CNN for example gets about one-third the money Fox News does.

Hogg also is calling for a mass walkout from schools, offices, and homes on Friday, which happens to be Hitler's birthday.

Fitting for the little fascist.


  1. I really don’t get this whole “Saint David” thing.

    Now, if he had’ve charged down the shooter and crash-tackled him .., well, he might have some claim to being listened to for consideration.

    He “survived”. So did Gloria Gaynor.

    1. Yeah, they both did. BUT. Gloria got to sing about it and get records made and fame and Money and everything.

  2. I estimate Hogg’s 15 minutes of fame are down to about 1’20. About to become cold product, as Eminem would say, who is himself cold product. Liberals use people and then throw them away. I believe Hogg will wind up converting to Christianity.

  3. It was successful the show viewership rose by 20%, so "Hogg Boy" stupidity and arrogance has done some good for someone.
    Now if the arrogant and ignorant little punk would just go away, so we no longer hear his continuous ranting and whining or even his delusions of competence.

  4. Hogg also is calling for a mass walkout from schools, offices, and homes on Friday, which happens to be Hitler's birthday.

    From the forecast, it's not going to be the usual "Fuhrer weather".

  5. Laura Ingraham is living high on the Hogg.

  6. Hogg is not yesterday's news, but last month's. Still, I'm sure he's still a "friend of Soros".

  7. I would still like to know what makes Hoggy a 'survivor'. After all, I survived the shooting here in California. What building was he in. How close to the shooter was he. Did any bullets even come close to him? It seems as if every picture of him I see of him could easily be taken from Nazi Germany's brown shirts.

  8. I thought he was already shoved aside by the liberals as they are now focused on PDJT’s attorney and the Comey tour. I am sure his protests will not get much coverage as they will be a yuuuuuge failure.

  9. Hogg is more manufactured "news."

    There isn't anything real or authentic about him, and it's way past time for him to STFU and go back under his rock.