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Monday, April 30, 2018

Iran lied. Obama's legacy is dust

President Obama was a tool who gave Iran everything the mullahs wanted without gaining a thing in return. The world pays for the soft-headedness of the American majority in 2008 and again in 2012.

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed new dramatic intelligence Monday which he claimed shows Iran is brazenly lying about its nuclear weapons program and shows the country is not complying with the vaunted nuclear deal it signed in 2015," Fox News reported.

"The information was obtained within the past 10 days, Israeli officials told Fox News. Netanyahu said the half a ton of files were moved to a highly secret location in Tehran after the deal was signed, and contained materials spread over 55,000 pages and 55,000 files on 183 CD's."

To say that Mossad had inside information is to say the ocean is salty.

This is the kind of audacity from Israel that we have grown to admire. The Six-Day War. Entebbe. Taking out Saddam Hussein's nuclear program.

Bibi announced this in a prime time speech -- in English.

The left is in denial. Slate magazine reported, "Bibi's Iran Speech Was a Bust."

The New York Times ignored the speech.

But it is out there. Newspapers can no longer hide the news.

I am not surprised that Iran lied and that Bibi would prove it.

Obama was worse than we thought. Feckless and lazy, he was a figurehead for nefarious people.

He did not confront North Korea. He gave Iran a greenlight to develop nukes. He ended the embargo with Cuba without gaining a thing. He tried to turn Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood, or T4M -- Thugs for Mohamed.

But now we have President Trump -- and good allies.

"Given how catastrophically (read: awesomely) Iran's nuclear program seems to have been compromised by Israeli intelligence, Tehran has to be wondering/panicking about what *else* Israel has," Guy Benson tweeted.

There's a fellow clearly ahead of the curve. He knows Bibi did not tell all he knows.

Mossad tweeted, "We just smuggled a half ton of smoking gun evidence of Iran's nuclear program in a daring mission to save the world and you're all talking about the PowerPoint font. Just for that next time we're using comic sans."

And there will be a next time. It is Mossad. [UPDATE: Oops. I got suckered by a parody account. Shucks.]

Bibi gave Trump cover to withdraw from this gawdawful deal.


And Israel's Arab neighbors applaud. Maybe not publicly, but they know Iran under its current government is bad, bad news.

About that headline, I settled on dust after struggling against the urge to call it something else. I look forward to descriptions in comments.


  1. Wow! What a brass balls intelligence operation.

    1. Better than no brass balls at from President Dennison. If the nuclear was always a terrible deal, why didn't Pres. Dennison back out of it months ago when he had the option to do so? Anyone else notice how no U.S. ally agrees with Netanyahu?

      Speaking of no balls, now Trump is NOT enforcing tariffs like he said he would, delaying his decision to do so ... just like his decision for months now to delay leaving the Iran nuclear accord.

      And you Always-Trumpers fall for it every time.


    3. An all-Caps reply with no cognizant thought. I love winning this blog ... but it isn't that hard.

    4. What would a cuck like you know about ANY kind of hard....

  2. It's the sort of thing our "intelligence" agencies should have been doing instead of spying on Donald Trump in an effort to undermine his campaign. The Democrats, Obama among them, treated Trump as a more evil threat than the Iranians.

    Dust is a four letter word. So is ****. "I'll take 4 Letter Words that Start with S for $200, Alex."

  3. The folks who believed in Obama's ability to make an honest deal with Iran are the same ones who got taken in by "you can keep your doctor and your plan, and we'll save you money, too!"

    I think part of the reason he hated Netanyahu so much is because he knew Bibi could see right through him.

    Unlike our press, I bet the Mossad knew everything about Obama we weren't (and still aren't) allowed to see about all those missing years when Obama was here as a foreign student. And they wouldn't say because they would have revealed sources and methods.

    1. Obama, graduate of Harvard Law School and the head of a big country, hated Bibi, graduate of cross-town rival MIT and leader of a tiny country, because he knew Bibi was a lot smarter, which he could not abide. When it comes to Obama, it was all about ego: Bibi was smarter, but the US was more powerful. Know your place, Bibi, and go to the back of the bus, boy.

    2. And btw, don't think for a moment the very public presentation by Bibi was not intentional. It was. It was intended to humiliate Obama for his ineptitude in foreign affairs. It was revenge, served cold.

    3. When Zippy was PUS, Netanyahu ate his lunch in front of the world press and it was obvious Zippy would have rather been alone with Mike after chatting up a luscious blonde Eastern European PM than sit there and have to take it.

      Now he's out of office and Netanyahu is still socking it to him.

  4. I expect nothing less from Mossad (the intel group not the tweeter.) After all it's Israel's very existence at stake! God bless them.

  5. I would have gone with "toast". But, "dust" is good!
    Fits in well with "the dustbin of history".

  6. See how Mossad said ‘next time’?

  7. At least James Buchanan had his niece, Harriet Lane, as his social hostess, and her name for a Revenue Cutter at the outbreak of the Civil War. And USRC/USS Harriet Lane fought with the best of them before being overwhelmed.

    Obama didn't even give the country, let alone the Coast Guard, anything as good as the cutter name "Harriet Lane".*

    -Mikey NTH

    *BTW - she was a very active and worthy person in her own right and by her own actions and deeds.

  8. A guy driving me in the city last month was an Egyptian Muslim who had lived in NYC for 30 years. He told me he cried on 9/11 because he knew the Muslim brother hood was involved. He said he hated Obama for supporting them in his country but "loved" Trump.
    The NYT hates Israel and Bibi too. They were all in for O so will never go against him. To them his red line lie was a "courageous" retreat.
    Trump should re sanction the mullahs to provoke again the same revolutionary sentiments Obama was too chicken to exploit( I wonder what Mistress Jarret had to say about that at the time) , then actively support the rioters.
    Obama's stature as a historical figure is rapidly shriveling. Unlike that of Cicero, future ages will indeed wear his glory away. Dust was the right word.

  9. "Mossad tweeted, "We just smuggled a half ton of smoking gun evidence of Iran's nuclear program in a daring mission to save the world and you're all talking about the PowerPoint font. Just for that next time we're using comic sans." "
    Now, that's FUNNY.

    1. Yeah, Sam, “A” material for sure. Total bitch slap.

  10. The left is in denial

    This time it may actually be that river in Egypt.

    With The Donald, MBS, Netanyahu working together and a good crew on our side finally (Pompeo, Mattis, Bolton, and (please) Haspel), I keep waiting to hear more Rods From God have been delivered to the deserving.

  11. I'd say the last morsel of the credibility of Leaky, Sneaky, and Freaky (Comey, Clapper, and Brennan) is just about home-fried.

    And no leaks!

  12. Funny how Pompeo was in Israel with Bibi before the big "BOOM" at the Iranian base in Syria, and then today, the revelation.

    Donald was well-aware in advance, assets already have been put in position, and the deep state critters are about to be driven out of Iran as they were in SA and NK.

    This is about far, far more than the ineptitude and incompetence of Obama, or the idiocy of the commie left.

    Stock up on popcorn and beverages, Sports Fans - the show is really about to begin!

  13. Ron in Ohio Sez:
    Notice, after over 8 Hrs. of Don's posting and all of these comments (Of which I totally agree) that there have been no comments from that Lib-O, Anonym-Ass troll? Way to go Bibi!

  14. Well, some of us can sleep peacefully at night knowing that we didn’t vote for Zippy the Pinhead once, much less twice.

  15. The media refuses to cover the fact that Obama knowingly lied about the $1.8 billion in cash on pallets Obama flew into Iran. Obama said we had to return the money to Iran - it was theirs.

    Obama KNEW that an INTERNATIONAL COURT dismissed Iran's claim in 2009. The case went on for years and was decided by the international court that had jurisdiction.

  16. "Clueless in Pokey, West Virginia" should be the headline.
    Last night, the White House (the current one with President Dennison) revised its statement to Netanyahu revelations by stating: "Iran HAD a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons" program." Changing its wording from "HAS". As for allies, as of yesterday, EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said the documents had not put into question Iran's compliance with the deal and said they should be analyzed by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
    In addition, France and UK say the current deal should remain in place. And if this was always a terrible deal, why didn't Pres. Dennison back out of it months ago when he had the option to do so?

  17. Just as sure as two plus two will always be four the predictions in the Bible keep coming to reality. Not preaching here just stating facts. God will not let any more serious harm befall on Israel. Just look at their history. Check out Revelations! If you can read it's there for you to see. Obama proved to be a Muslim and he spoke with a forked tongue. It's hard for the Left to accept but it's there. Now Trump will weigh the facts and act accordingly. Just watch it happen.

    1. There is coming a time that two thirds of all Jews will be killed. That prophecy has not been fulfilled yet. That is the time when they will cry for Messiah, the Messiah they rejected 2000 years ago.

    2. Anon/QM -

      The ancient heresy of chiliasm was put to rest with the Nicene Creed at the Council of Nicea.

      Who is Israel for real?

  18. We do not use the treason statutes enough. There are many former members and leaders of the last administration that could easily be prosecuted, tried, convicted and executed for their anti-American activities. But, as we have learned, high ranking people, Democrats mainly, are immune from the law. A sailor takes a picture of the dashboard of a submarine and gets jail time. Hillary Clinton sells yellowcake to the Russians and exposes top secret documents to hackers, even pornographers, yet nothing happens. Jeff Sessions sits around with a thumb firmly up his a** doing very little except modeling his $2000 suits in the mirror.

  19. This is WHY would should take notes and LEARN on HOW TO from these allies, they have said along the iranianwacks were lying.Their immigration enforcement, walls and intelligence systems, We should learn from. IF