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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Impeach Kimba Wood

Well, well, well. Bill Clinton's first choice for attorney general allowed the unconstitutional raid on President Trump's lawyer, which resulted in the illegal leaking of a confidential contract.

Impeach her. Throw her dirty, rotten, lying, federal law-breaking arse on the street and strip her of her pension.

As an employer of illegal aliens, Democratic Judge Wood should have recused herself from hearing a case by a president who ran on actually enforcing the federal law Wood violated -- repeatedly.

She knowingly hired illegal aliens as her nanny and chauffeur. This exploitation of people who cannot complain about mistreatment and below-minimum wages is a violation of the 13th Amendment.

We banned importing slaves in 1808.

People who hire illegal aliens are doing the modern equivalent of that. To be sure, they are not actual slaves, but they have no rights and must serve their masters.

Republicans need to remove her from the bench for not recusing herself. She has a fiduciary interest in the continued import of illegal aliens to drive her around, take care of her kids, and otherwise serve her.

Really, she should have been impeached when this was discovered in 1993.

Evil is real. In this country, it usually is championed by a liberal.


  1. "Bill Clinton's first choice for attorney general allowed the unconstitutional raid on President Trump's lawyer ..."
    How is it "unconstitutional"? This is very misleading. You are referencing the latter stop in the process. More notable in this Cohen raid scenario is: WHO initiated the raid. It was none other than Trump's hand-picked Deputy AG. If not for Rosenstein, you have no Judge Wood post.
    You can add Michael Cohen and Jon Lerner (Google it Surbites) to the Trump Effect list now.

  2. Sigh. Look up right to an attorney. Mueller is a fascist. Pray for his soul.

    1. "Right to an attorney" has nothing to do with Wood. Judge Wood is presiding over the Michael Cohen case. She had nothing to do with what caused the case. Talk about Fake News, er Fake Blog Post. Not to mention you have terribly misrepresented Wood's past re: illegals (all two of them). Is everyone employee that has every worked for a Trump entity a bona fide U.S. citizen?

      This post started on the edge and quickly went off the deep end. Thus, I had to shut it down.

    2. Constitution,? we don' need no steenkin' Constitution."
      Go polish your jack boots, anon..

    3. Trump doesnt think he is bound to the Constitution. That is why Pence will soon be president. And if we don't need no steekin Constitution, can you Surbots and neo-cons quite citing the 2nd Amendment when it comes to proposed gun laws.

      Don - Add Hannity and Nikki Haley to your list of those taken down by the Trump Effect in addition to Cohen and Lerner. And this list grows .....

    4. Z - I am obviously in your head and let me tell you - there is a LOT of room in here. How's this for a partial list of Trump Effect casualties? Real ones, not make-believe ones by Surber.

      Maj. Gen. Ricky Waddell
      Nadia Schadlow
      Thomas P. Bossert
      Michael Anton
      Rex W. Tillerson
      Hope Hicks
      David J. Shulkin
      Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster
      Rick Dearborn
      John McEntee
      Gary D. Cohn
      David Sorensen
      Rachel L. Brand
      Rob Porter
      Brenda Fitzgerald
      Carl Higbie
      Omarosa Manigault Newman
      Dina H. Powell
      Tom Price
      Keith Schiller
      Sebastian Gorka
      Stephen K. Bannon
      George Sifakis
      Anthony Scaramucci
      Reince Priebus
      Sean Spicer
      Mike Dubke
      K. T. McFarland
      Katie Walsh
      Michael T. Flynn
      Michael short
      Tera Dahl
      Mark Corallo
      Derek Harvey
      Ezra Cohen-Watnick
      Carl Ichan
      Rich Higgins
      William Bradford
      Keith Schiller
      John Feeley
      Rick Dearbor
      Jeremy Katz
      Carl Higbie
      Dina Powell
      Taylor Weyeneth
      Josh Raffel
      Sean Hannity
      Michael Cohen
      Vanessa Trump
      John Lerner
      Nikki Haley
      John Sessions
      Rod Rosenstein
      Lt. Col. Ralph Peters
      General John Kelly
      Jared Kushner
      Ivanka Trump

  3. How's 'bout we go straight to the arrest?

    'Bout time some of these crooked Lefty judges were perp walked.

  4. The swamp is so so deep. Kimba Wood has to lean from the depths of the swamp to tarnish the case even more. Don’t these swamp critters ever go away?

  5. If we don't start impeaching some judges, we'll need to hang them instead, once the cold war turns hot.

    A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

    1. The Left likes to capture the judiciary to make what they do "legal". Judge Wood supposedly officiated at Soros' marriage. The Nazis did that too as well as the Communists. In our country all rules/laws/rulings are constitutional until challenged and determined to be unconstitutional and illegal. This is how our country dies, since the forces of good do not have the inclination to force issues and are not organized as is the Left. Remember all the Japanese-American citizens put in camps during WWII by FDR's executive order. Where were the liberals/progressives/civil libertarians back then? Enron convictions were a more recent abuse and the persecutor is now the Special Council's staff leader. The good folks have no leadership willing to push issues and organize people as we saw with the TEA Party. But we expected our TEA Party elected officials to do what we could not. They failed us, so as with the Tennessee Income Tax Revolt of 1999, the people have to take direct action.


  6. The Toronto Globe & Mail has a story about this - and the refer to the 'Honorable' Judge Kimba Woods as just 'the judge' in the first three paragraphs, and name her as 'Judge Woods' thereafter.

    Looks a lot like an attempt to hide her identity by avoiding her distinctive first name.

    The story also quotes her as championing the very appearance of impropriety, so I suspect she is aware that her integrity is being questioned.