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Friday, April 20, 2018

If D.C. "sucks," why seek another term?

Democratic Senator EpiPen Joe Manchin is running a campaign ad called "Washington Sucks."

"People here have been screwed by both political parties. Yes, Washington sucks, but West Virginians don’t give up," Manchin said in the ad.

Fact check: So far, only the Democrats have "screwed" West Virginians.

President Trump rolled back regulations, cut taxes, and brought the economy roaring back

Congressmen Mooney, Jenkins, and McKinley stand by the president. Senator Shelley Moore Capito also is behind The Donald. She may not like his personal life or political style, but she votes with him. Her Trump score is 95.6%.

The only West Virginian opposing this in Washington is Manchin. His Trump score is 60.9%. He ranks 52nd -- behind every single Republican senator.

The lowest Republican, Rand Paul, is at 74.2%.

Let's go back to his 2010 race. He promised to shoot EPA regulations with his rifle.

That was a lie.

He promised to vote to repeal Obamacare.

That was a lie.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination -- and I await the final round of oppo research before casting my vote -- should run Joe's old campaign ads, updated to show that he delivered on none of his campaign promises.

Then contrast that with President Trump who has kept his promises.

The question remains, if Washington sucks so much, why does Joe want to stay there for another six years? So he can vote against the president who took the state by the widest margin ever?

That "sucks."


  1. Cue Big Dan the Bible salesman, "It's all about the money, boys!" That's why Lyin' Joe won't quit until he is voted out of office.

    Out of curiosity, what is Evan Jenkins' Trump score? The current crop of ads show him as a liberal. I'm not yet sold on Morissey, leaning somewhat toward Blankenship. - Elric

    1. Answer: 97.2%

      Ties him with McSally; puts him above Blackburn who is at 91.3%

  2. Yep, there's money, BIG money, to be gotten in D.C. Cynical? Moi? Perish the thought!

  3. If D.C. "sucks," why seek another term?

    Because Joe thinks West Virginians are suckers!

  4. And because Joe can suck up more (MORE) lobbyist money. Cynical? Moi?? One does learn to be.

  5. Because Joe ain’t done sucking his fair share.

  6. How did WV politics go from splitting with VA over civil war to KKK HQ in last century?