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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I ordered four My Pillows. Maybe you should too

I just ordered four My Pillows for two reasons. The first is that they seem to be a good -- if expensive -- product.

The second reason is its inventor and CEO, Mike Lindell, refuses to be bullied by the fascists who want to silence conservatives.

He refused to stop advertising on Fox News shows.

I like that.

Most of the people who buy these made-in-America pillows are likely old and conservative. I know this because that is where he runs his ads, on channels that old and conservative people watch.

Far be it from me to encourage a buycott, but, yes, I believe if you want to get a pillow, that is the pillow you should get.

Mark Reilly, managing editor of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, promptly reported a scandal involving Lindell.

"Mike Lindell, the CEO of Chaska-based MyPillow Inc., has been a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump since before the 2016 election. And he's still a big enough booster to spend Easter Weekend at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort," Reilly reported.

Wow. And he gave the maximum donation to Trump's campaign.

And a My Pillow!

Will Reilly list all the maximum donors to Hillary? I think they wanted a little more than an Easter egg.

The Marxist fascists have politicized everything.

We can win this pillow fight.

Remember the Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day? The gay mafia tried to boycott America's best chicken because the patriarch of the family-run business supported family values. Oh dear.

Chik-fil-A set sales records that day.

Lindell is standing up to the mean mob.

We should encourage others to stand up by standing beside Lindell.


  1. I wasn't surprised when I read Lindell was standing firm in his support for Laura and also President Trump.

    Btw, they are great pillows. I wish I had ordered them long before I did.

  2. The left continues to use tactics that backfire over and over. Have they been taking lessons from legacy Republicans?

    1. You mean closet Dems?

  3. I have had My Pillows for about three years. Great substitute for down.

  4. Super pillow. Wife and I got em before I knew he was on The Train. This news just makes me love them even more, Big D!

    1. You spend one third of your life on one. Might as well shell out a few extra clams for a quality product. Sleep well, Kitty! I know I am.

  5. It is tragioc that, in larger companies, the larketing departments are just overrun with brainwashed SJWs pushing with all their might to prevail upon their managers to make these suicidal calls.
    The religion always comes first; the bottom line "will simply have to take care of itself".

  6. Just ordered a My Pillow 4-pack. Thanks for the suggestion, Don. :-)

  7. Please note that he, fearlessly, wears a cross exposed over his blue shirt.

    1. Hate his commercials, absolutely love the pillow. I haven't had a stiff morning neck since I bought one.

  8. I try to support conservative owned businesses whenever possible.

  9. Darn it if the comments here aren't better than Amazon reviews! I have wondered about these pillows, but am pretty resistant to ads in all media, so I've not been tempted to consider them. I will have to look into buying one. Thanks, I always appreciate honest endorsements.

  10. Viagra, gold scams, Nutrisystem, Otezla,
    Jenny Craig. Keep Faux News advertisers supported by being unhealthy--or asleep. MAGA!

    1. Top 10 Brands on Fox News (Feb. 2018)
      Nutrisystem $1.90M
      Otezla $1.04M
      Jenny Craig $806K
      Sleep Number $655K
      Indeed $587K
      South Beach Diet $574K
      Smile Direct Club $563K
      Liberty Mutual $488K
      GEICO $469K
      Inogen $450K

      Top 10 Brands on CNN (Feb. 2018)
      Otezla $1.07M
      T-Mobile $938K
      GEICO $917K
      Progressive $712K
      Humira $690K
      Nutrisystem $567K
      BMW $511K
      NordVPN $497K
      AT+T $455K
      GoodRx $444K

      Top 10 Brands on MSNBC (Q1 through Feb. 24)
      Smile Direct Club $640K
      Jeep $540K
      Proactiv $379K
      Otezla $318K
      Office Depot $288K
      Cadillac $287K
      Trivago $269K
      Sleep Number $263K
      Humira $261K
      Omaha Steaks $244K

      Interesting that Otezla is a top 10-er on all three.

  11. I have a "My Pillow" pillow...and it is awesome.

  12. A recent article (forgot where I read it) said that Chik-fil-A will be the number 3 fast-food restaurant by 2020. And they are still closed on Sundays (a day for worship if employees wish).