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Monday, April 23, 2018

Fred Barnes on the Senate race

Fred Barnes did some shoe-leather journalism, and took a good look at the Republican Senate primary in West Virginia: "Can West Virginia Republicans take down Joe Manchin?"

Usually the answer to a question headline is no.

Not this time.


Barnes played it pretty much down the middle, having talked to Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Congressman Evan Jenkins. Rivals they may be, both have slain dragons. Morrisey's was Darrell McGraw and Jenkins's was Nick Joe Rahall.

Which of them can do it again?

Barnes touched on the the who-loves-Trump-most issue.

Jenkins "has tied himself closely to Trump, having endorsed him just before the West Virginia primary in May 2016. He says Morrisey was a reluctant Trump supporter who balked at voting for him at the GOP convention. 'He drove the Trump people crazy,' Jenkins says. That means Morrisey was like millions of other Republicans, arriving late in Trump World," Barnes wrote.

Barnes wrote off Blankenship. I agree. You cannot overcome 29 deaths.

The primary race comes down to who is more likely to defeat Manchin: Jenkins or Morrisey?

"Manchin has a big, bleeding flaw. While West Virginia was falling and coal was in jeopardy, Manchin took a pass. He was no help. He was hobnobbing with Hillary Clinton and going to meetings of the Chuck Schumer leadership team. There’s a long list of words to describe his position, starting with beatable," Barnes wrote.

And if that were not bad enough for Manchin, Mylan just laid off 400 people.


  1. I see Mylan is a union shop, Don. Perhaps that has something to do with the layoff.

    1. Well, if they had a CEO who had a real MBA...

    2. Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.

      Without Lyin' Joe in the Senate, perhaps we should start a pool on how long she keeps her job. - Elric

  2. Tying Manchin to Chuckie should mean certain defeat. Showing him starting to stand and applause at the State of the Union speech before getting the evil eye from Chuckie should make a great ad.

  3. Not being from WV, I assumed Manchin was calling it a day when he got co-opted, or at least rented, by Schumer for party leadership that has no room for anything but the far, far-left.

  4. By all means, set me straight on my previous remark if I'm way off-base.