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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Donaldsplaining Syria

Opposition forces claimed Syria used chemical weapons to kill 40 people. The lefties, neocons, and a few others demanded President Trump start World War III over this.

Many of them are the same people who accused Trump of starting World War III by calling Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man." No, that was banter -- the schoolyard taunts that open talks between a couple of gang leaders. Now if Trump called him "Tiny Dancer," all bets are off.

President Trump's response to Syria were a couple of tweets. The same people who said tweeting "Rocket Man" had the power of assassinating an archduke to ignite a world war are now sating it was not enough.

The take from Thomas Wictor, the author turned Middle East expert, was that Trump had confirmation before tweeting.

Trump likely had information from Mossad and whatever Saudi Arabia calls its spy agency. The CIA and the rest of our intelligence bureaucracy also gave reliable information, despite Obama's attempts to sabotage their credibility.

Wictor's take is interesting.

"People ask, 'Why would Assad use chemical weapons if he were winning?' You answered your own question," Wictor wrote.

That's pretty cold but placing heads on pikes is an old propaganda tactic for tyrants. Kim Jong Un used an antiaircraft gun to kill an uncle. This is a warning to all who cross the dictator.

So why isn't Trump going in?

Wictor believes the Gulf Cooperation Council's special forces are already there, and that they have been for six years as they try to rid Syria of Assad.

"If the Assad GOVERNMENT stays after Assad goes, there can be a smooth transition of power," Wictor wrote.

This reminds me of General Patton's explanation of why he had so many former Nazis in his post-war government: They are the only ones who know how to run things.

But Wictor also knows that the Syria-Russia-Turkey-Iran front -- the mullahs as he calls them -- will pay for the attack.

"Trump and the GCC will do something that the mullahs aren't expecting. Since Trump said that Russia will pay a price, it's likely that most of their air fleet in Syria will be destroyed," Wictor wrote.

He also wrote, "Most of the retaliation will be clandestine. But I expect it to be unprecedented."

Patience is a virtue, which is why Never Trumpers and lefties never wait to dump on Trump.

Let me give you an example. Wictor also wrote, "One of the reasons Trump was being so friendly to Putin was to lull him into complacency. The Russians therefore played their hand too early. Now they'll pay for that overconfidence..."

The Dump-on-Trump crowd howled over Trump's overtures to Putin. As this plays out, they look like the impatient fools they are.

Their impatience is also why no one -- not even the most ardent evangelical Christian -- gives a rat's tail if Trump cheated on his wife with a stripper/porn star/prostitute.

It is amazing how little credibility his enemies have.

Be credible. Wait it out. The fog of war surrounds us.


  1. As a cop once told me, "Just because you talk polite to someone doesn't mean you can't shoot them."

  2. Laughed out loud from the "Tiny Dancer" line.

    Don't go breakin' my heart, Mr. Surber.

  3. Secretary Mattis: Mr. President, there are no Wal-Marts in Syria. Only Targets. (Mad Dog Smile (TM)).

    Remember the orb? Something big is happening in the Middle East. President Trump and the Gulf Cooperation Council are making things happen behind the scenes. Israel is in the hot seat, and they don't seem to be very worried.

    As a showman, President Trump knows that building up anticipation keeps the audience's attention. And it isn't just the Middle east. The DOJ/FBI corruption, illegal immigration actions, North Korea, etc. It's like a three-ring circus. And I am thoroughly enjoying the show. Pass the popcorn! - Elric

  4. Steve in GreensboroApril 8, 2018 at 7:15 PM

    We are supposed to take seriously the opinions of a “failed L.A. music journalist” on the Middle East? Sorry, but no. In case there was any doubt that Wictor is an idiot, he has dispelled that by opining that the U.S. will destroy the Russian air fleet in Syria. To do so would start WWIII.

    Question: “Why would Assad use chemical weapons if he were winning?”

    Answer: He probably didn’t use them. It was probably a false flag by the Islamist insurgency. And even if he did, who cares? The Middle East would be much better off if Bush Minor had left Saddam in power. We should leave Assad in power for all the same reasons we should have left Saddam in power, plus one more. He and Russia have collaborated to crush ISIS and we owe them.

    Donald Trump isn’t “going in” (whatever that might mean) and isn’t going to “go in” because to do so would be stupid, John-McCain-grade-stupid.

    1. Just be cause a guy isn't good at music doesn't mean he doesn't get the Middle East.

    2. Steve in GreensboroApril 8, 2018 at 11:29 PM

      Listen Ed. Whenever there is any question of public policy, you should ask yourself the following question. Is this something that John McCain or Lindsay Graham would recommend we do? If the answer is yes, then you should stop and reconsider.

    3. This:

      "Most of the retaliation will be clandestine. But I expect it to be unprecedented."

    4. You got it, Steve. I don't buy that neocon BS. Pretty sure that Bashir Assad isn't stupid.

    5. This situation has me puzzled, since a chemical attack by Assad doesn't seem to benefit him; but I do respect Thomas Wictor, and his take does make a certain kind of sense.

      Calling Wictor names because you disagree is a fool's move, as many have discovered.

  5. No matter what Mr. Trump does, the enemedia will HOWL about it. I await with anticipation.

  6. In the middle East the only commandment is "Hate they neighbor". Trump won't gain any friends from bashing Assad. Perhaps be should use the gas attack to back track on on his hint that he is taking our advisors out of Syria. That might be useful, if anything would be over there. He was right to say Obama's "courageous" lie about a red line was a huge unforced error but it can't be fixed now and he should not let pride get in his pwn way.
    As for Wictor I have yet to see anything he predicted happen. The idea Trump sucked in Putin to make some stupid move is laughable if only because Putin is a bullet in the head kind of guy in league with others of the same stripe.
    For him and them Plan B is always the same as Plan A no matter what happens next.
    Trump's move with the Saudis is potentially a game changer. Most of his effort should probably go there.

  7. Trump gets the point that that particular part of the world is where what was known as The Great Game is played.

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  9. Does anyone really believe this is not a false flag?

  10. Not clandestine, and no need for patience. But the White House and the Pentagon are both saying it wasn't us.

    1. Well then they must be telling the truth. The Pentagon wouldn't lie to us.