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Friday, April 20, 2018

Democratic lawsuit will cost them in November

Democrats suffered their biggest presidential loss in 28 years on November 8, 2016, as people in 30 states rejected them and the woman they nominated.

And for the first time since 1860, there was no peaceful transition of power.

Barack Obama set President Trump up with that Fake Russian Dossier that the Democratic Party purchased. Replete with tall tales of pissing prostitutes, Democrats used this to stick a special counsel on Trump.

For more than a year, Democrats have used their operatives embedded in government to thwart the Trump administration. They slowed the confirmation process to a crawl.

Nothing has worked. The economy roars. North Korea cringes in fear. Chairman Xi -- who made Obama use the servants entrance -- dined with the Trumps in the Forbidden Palace, the first foreign dignitaries to do so.

Facing the increasing prospect of being a rare opposition party that loses seats in the midterm, Democrats decided to sue to overturn the 2016 election.

"The Democratic Party on Friday sued President Donald Trump's presidential campaign, the Russian government and the Wikileaks group, claiming a broad conspiracy to help Trump win the 2016 election," CNBC reported.

Oh, let the litigation begin.

Discovery will bring joy.

All the news CNN and others kept to themselves will become public.

Hillary's alcoholism.

Podesta's pedophilia.

Obama's unconstitutional spying on Trump.

The DNC's IT imports from al-Qaida.

This litigation is a Hail Mary pass that Trump will intercept.

More importantly, the lawsuit will show Americans just who the Democrats are.

The party will regret this lawsuit by November, if not by the end of the day. Americans are tired of Hillary, Jim Shady Comey, CNN, and the constant attacks on President Trump.

The final votes on November 6 will reflect that.

I go by how the pols act, not what the polls say. This lawsuit settles the matter. Democrats are too desperate. I am moving from fearing a blue wave to laughing in their faces.

My first and final prediction is Republicans will hold the House and the Senate in the midterms, and likely add to their lead in the latter. They may even have a rare net gain in both houses for the party in power.


  1. Well, as Prof Reynolds says, Don’t get cocky, kid. But yeah, this Blue Wave could wind up being what happens in your toilet after you flush with a bottle of Ti D Bowl.

    1. Dem activists will vote, but African-American turnout will not be heavy, and Hispanics are likely conflicted due to how DACA has been handled. Where will the wave of votes come from?

  2. This is beginning to be a live action
    Coyote vs. Roadrunner cartoon ..
    BTW the Dems. don't seem to recall that
    Trump is an black belt in the ancient art of "Isue.." TG

  3. If the dems were intelligent and really wanted to affect the mid terms they would have filed later in the summer so discovery could be delayed while they made wild allegations. Filing now, may allow discovery to start soon and the lies and corruption perpetrated by the dems, the government and the media could be exposed shortly before the election, not having the results they expected. But, then now one ever said the dems were intelligent. Corrupt maybe, but, not intelligent.

    1. Here's some commentary about why discovery probably won't happen. But the fact that the DNC did this does also seem to me to signal that DNC internal poll results must be terrifying to Democrat bosses.

    2. A logical explanation unless the DNC lawyers find the right Leftist judge in the Southern District of NY who allows the suit to proceed, in which case pass the popcorn.


  4. He will intercept the pass and take it to the house.

    Discovery will be brutal for the Marxist libs.

    1. I read the article you referred. It will be interesting if the judge uses those particular doctrines to dismiss the suit. Wouldn't that pretty much put 'paid' to Mueller's investigation?

  5. Perhaps the Democrats are counting on how long it will take for justice to be properly served. If they can hold off the criminal court convictions until the midterm elections a civil lawsuit will just roil the muddy waters of the swamp even more. - Elric

  6. The courts would be foolish to allow this lawsuit to go forward. I know it was filed in New York, which is rabidly anti-Trump, but purely political issues like this one are best resolved in the political sphere, not the legal one. It is often said the SCOTUS follows the election results. There's a good reason for that. To do otherwise can diminish the respect the court needs from the public, without which the courts lack legitimacy and respect for its rulings that it has no authority to enforce other than what the other branches of government are willing to extend. CJ John Roberts has said (but not necessarily always acted appropriately) that it's not the business of e courts to interfere in issues that are at heart political rather than legal. Let's see if the left-leaning judges in the lower courts in New York are listening to the Chief Justice and taking his advice.

  7. This article says exactly what will happen -- and, despite all the constant negative media coverage of Trump and the GOP, I think the Democrat insanity really will hurt them enough that the GOP can barely hold on, despite the DC GOPe siding with the Obama-Schumer agenda right across the board.

    What still scares me, though, is what the Democrats I run into think -- that would be things like there has never been an MS-13 gang banger cross the border, that any illegals in gangs are just dreamers who fell in with a bad crowd (and that all dreamers are children with a mother and father who are working very hard at minimum wage jobs that Americans refuse to do to give their innocent children a chance in life). They watch CNN and the networks and believe that the 90% negative coverage of Trump is the actual state of things, and not exaggerated or slanted and certainly not made up. They also believe Trump is an actual brute of a rapist right now today and any comparison to Clinton at all is improper because Trump is the president now who is out raping women). I am stunned when Democrats start talking about the racist, homophobic Republicans and the worst human being to ever walk the earth, Donald Trump.

  8. I would also like to comment that as ridiculous as this lawsuit is, I expect a judge like Kimba to push it all forward and keep the defendants from any discovery in order to help the DNC. I expect a Democrat judge to either outright rule for the DNC or give such instructions to the jury that they can only consider the degree of guilt.

    My hope, though, is that if such plays out, the whole world will laugh at the complete lack of Justice in America anymore and the Democrats will be punished at the polls.

    1. An excellent reason for the Senate to confirm as many judges as President Trump can nominate. - Elric

    2. I second your last sentence,Elric.

      This only shows the depth of desperation to which the commie left has sunk. I have little worries about the frivolous lawsuit - it will die - even if ultimately it goes to SCOTUS. They know that, and knew it before they filed suit. They are angling toward the news and tha narrative - in the hopes that somehow, Americans will suddenly desert Donald for the commie dems' bowl of Esau pottage.

      They had nothing to begin with, have found nothing, and are now using nothing to create something/anything/whatever to remain relevant.

      This may well be their biggest (final?) fail to date.

      I am well stocked with popcorn and beer for the show. Bring it on!

  9. So Big’re still going Morissey in the primary?

  10. Don, I think you need one more checkbox: for Sad. You could use it for this post. The Dem's want to litigate? Reminds me of the ending of Animal House: The Deltas crash the homecoming parade, and the Dem's ARE the parade.

  11. The Repubs have been useless in opposing the Dems, they've done their best to squander the Trump victory.
    I hate them.
    That said, the Dems have made it clear that they are in a fight to the death with me and all those like me. I didn't ask for the battle but sobeit.

  12. This a desperation move because Mueller has nowhere else to go.

    And you don't have to be a Poli Sci major to see it.

  13. I'll be voting for Don Blankenship in the primary, thank you very much. The Dems need to think twice before they start trying to destroy another person's life, to get them out of the way.

  14. I don't buy the Blue Wave caca anyway. A look back at the 2016 polls should show everyone how skewed they are. I'm just kind of surprised that the DIMS are tripling down on stupid with this kind of lawsuit

  15. Didn't Hillary call Trump out when (during the campaign) he said he might not accept the results of the election?