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Monday, April 16, 2018

Comey shows why the press is so corrupt

James Comey's book is about the book tour, in which he gets to trash Donald Trump with the blessing of such interviewers as George Stephanopoulos, Clinton's spokesman. Disney gave Comey an hour of prime time on Sunday night to unload.

Comey said Trump was a forest fire. Stephanopoulos asked, "How do we put it out?"

The Secret Service should visit both men.

It won't.

Comey gets a pass. He's one of us. He's like my relative who is a retired toll collector. The other toll collectors wave her through.

The reason Comey the press considers Comey as one of us is because he plays the press like a fiddle. All FBI directors do. The agency has cultivated and groomed reporters for decades.

This is not to diminish the bureau's successes or the hard work of agents to battle crime, but rather to point out how the press glosses over its mistakes.

Who resigned over Abscam? Why wasn't Bumbling Bob Mueller canned for harassing an innocent man in the anthrax case, a harassment that cost taxpayers $5.8 million?

The FBI built up an army of reporters that it feeds regularly with leaks. They in turn protect the bureau, creating this myth that it is an independent agency that rises above politics.

Comey's career shows the institution is partisan. His deputy's wife received $700,000 from the Democratic governor of Virginia, who was an agent of Hillary, who was exonerated by the FBI despite enough evidence to indict her for felonious mishandling of classified information. Comey said he did not recommend indictment because she did not intend to give away State secrets in 30,000-plus missing emails.

President Trump surprised the press when he fired Comey. The press and some members of Congress did not think the president had that power. He does. It says so in the Constitution: "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America."

The press rallied behind Comey, and anticipated last June that he would blow the lid off President Trump in testimony to the Senate.

"James Comey just can't seem to stop haunting President Trump. Trump fired Comey as FBI director a few weeks ago, and now Comey is hours away from testifying to Congress that Trump may have tried to interfere in the FBI's investigation into Russia and politicize the FBI. Comey is known as a drama-averse guy," the Washington Post reported on June 1.

Drama-averse guy? Try Drama Queen.

But under oath (and with the president saying their conversations may be on tape) Comey admitted that he had nothing on President Trump.

Instead, he dumped on the Obama administration.

"During a Senate Intel hearing Thursday, former FBI director James Comey revealed that during the 2016 election, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered him to downplay the investigation into Hillary Clinton by calling it a 'matter' instead of a criminal investigation," Real Clear Politics reported.

Comey has told two or three versions of the story each step of the way, but the press stands by their man in a manner Tammy Wynette never would. He feeds them stories. Never mind how self-serving or inaccurate his information may be, he keeps them fed.

The press markets itself as essential to our republic because it holds public officials accountable.

If true, the press would have hounded Comey out of office when he recommended no indictment of Hillary.

My take on Comey is he is the obedient servant who secretly seethes at his master.

His book torched Lynch, who issued a statement, which ended, "I have known James Comey almost 30 years. Throughout his time as Director we spoke regularly about some of the most sensitive issues in law enforcement and national security. If he had any concerns regarding the email investigation, classified or not, he had ample opportunities to raise them with me both privately and in meetings. He never did."

Lying. Back-biting. All the loyalty of a Hessian mercenary. The Washington press corps and Comey deserve one another.


  1. The Devil himself awaits for both.

  2. He should be under indictment. The fact that he is not demonstrates the chief lesson to be learned from the events of the past two years: Our political ruling class has become incapable of disciplining itself in our service and needs to be replaced.

    This is what we elected Trump for. He needs to demonstrate an ability to do this task, or people are going to give up on our system of government en masse leaving it to be ruled by figures even worse than this scum.

    1. He is not YET under indictment. I await the full IG report.

    2. A bee-yoo-tee-ful sentiment. - Elric

  3. Trump is not the one who will save America. We are the people who will save America. No one person can, no other group will. Stay the course and we CAN MAGA! If we back Trump fully he cannot help but do better than Hillary or any of the Republican nominees ever could or would.

    1. Within a day of taking the oath, he did better than Hillary or any other Republican could ever do. You may not like 100% of what he has done but it would be a stretch that I might agree with 1% of what Hillary would do and maybe 20% of Cruz or Rubio


  4. Comey has justified the non-prosecution of Hillary! by claiming no one who received the classified emails she sent from her private server were unauthorized to read them, i.e., they all had the proper security clearances. Not exactly true. Anthony Weiner had copies of the many classified and unclassified but confidential emails on his laptop, the one he shared with his wife Huma, who emailed the messages to herself. I very much doubt Anthony W had the required security clearance, thereby putting the lie to Comey's flimsy excuse.

    The reasons Huma emailed the messages to her home computer aren't entirely yet clear, but in a number of instances she apparently did so at the direction of Hillary in order to undertake various unspecified tasks. Now, having said that, it's time to collect the dots, courtesy of the guys at The Conservative Treehouse, who point out the connection to Lynch and Comey. Here goes.

    Apparently it was the NYPD who discovered the classified emails on Weiner's laptop during their investigation of his on-line sexting activities. The NYPD turned their findings over to the FBI in NYC. Under orders from Comey, that office then buried the embarrassing discovery in order to protect Hillary...which ticked off the NYPD....which threatened to go public with the news. And that led AG Loretta Lynch to threaten the NYPD that if they spoke out, she would re-open the closed Federal civil rights case against the police officers involved in the death of Eric Garner. All of this was done to protect Hillary just before the 2016 election. As pointed out by The CT folks, who do an admirable job of connecting the dots, this was the thrust of an inexplicable comment by Comey in his book that comes out of nowhere about Lynch having a potentially devastating skeleton in her closet the public doesn't yet know about.

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    1. "Comey said Trump was a forest fire. Stephanopoulos asked, "How do we put it out?""

      Well, for starters, you let Hillary's aide Cheryl Mills claim to be her lawyer and receive attorney/client privilege.

      Then you let them consult during questioning.

      You don't put her under oath.

      You don't record the interviews.

      You also give her immunity in exchange for, well, nothing. Just immunity.

      And you even help destroy their laptops.

      And then you give them a pony and some ice cream.

      See--just like Cohen!

    2. It's sickening when you start thinking about what an absolute banana republic, shit-show that entire investigation was. They allowed her to turn in the e-mails she wanted to....I think everyone who gets investigated by the federal government - FBI to the IRS and beyond - for the next ten years should only be required to turn in the documents, etc., they want at their leisure.

  6. As far as Comey’s book goes, remember the lyrics of Billy Joel:

    “If I go cold, I won’t get sold,
    I’ll be put in the back, of the discount rack,
    Like another can of beans.”

    1. I am the Entertainer
      And I know just where I stand
      Another serenader (boom boom)
      And another long haired band

      GREAT pull, Dave.

  7. Drama-averse guy? Try Drama Queen.

    More like bodice ripper heroine. Some of the prose I've read from his book excerpts goes beyond purple into ultraviolet.

  8. The press really must be corrupt. Learning that Cohen is representing Sean Hannity begs the question what for? It must really be juicy because he's denying it. Dead hookers? Young boys? RNC's Elliott Broidy had Playmate payoff and abortion payment. Trump had pornstar and paymate hush payoff. I'm sure Hannity can beat that.

    1. Your liberal tears are oh so sweet to us.

  9. Do all the betas rise to the top in the swamp. It sure appears to be the case.

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