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Friday, April 27, 2018

Clinton pollster blisters Mueller witch hunt

Pollster Mark Penn was one of the men who helped keep Bill Clinton president. Penn innovated new methods and used a microcomputer kit in the 1970s to calculate overnight results.

But he is more than a numbers cruncher, and a piece Penn penned for the Hill displays a sharp anaysis that goes beyond the polls.

Beneath benign numbers -- most people think Mueller will find an "impeachable" offense -- lies a constitutional crisis. And Penn, Harvard '76, is enough of an American to call them out.

"The investigation was polluted from the beginning. Former British spy Christopher Steele was a government contractor when he illegally leaked the dossier and lied about it. Mueller team members and FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok operated with such open hatred for Trump that they were removed from the investigation after managing key parts of it. The heads of the FBI and CIA participated in spreading and vouching for a Trump dossier they never verified and yet used to spy on Americans," Penn wrote.

Penn follows the facts, and compares them to the talking points. The church of Russian collusion is built on the shifting sands of lies.

"Perhaps most puzzlingly, Rosenstein wrote a critical memo supporting the Comey firing and then appointed a special counsel after the firing. By doing this, combined with the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein set up a government within the government, with a super broad charter and practical immunity from being removed. The Mueller investigation then operated without any independent supervision from outside the agency, review by any elected officials or contemporaneous judicial review," Penn wrote.

Setting up a government within a government is a coup. Penn -- who studied law at Columbia University -- realizes the ramifications.

He believes that because the investigation was based on a lie, and the people managing key parts of it (Page and Strzok) are liars, Mueller's work is invalid. The brutal Third World dictator tactics against targets in the investigation alarm him.

His advice at the end is to get the courts to stop this charade.

"The best way to end all this is not to fire Mueller and Rosenstein or wait for them to wrap it up but to challenge this entire process in court as irretrievably tainted. If Mueller does not agree to end the investigation in exchange for presidential interrogatories, then it may be time to try to block the whole thing in court, with full discovery into whether its foundation was so corrupted — and the stonewalling actions so blatant — that the doctrine of the fruits of a poisonous tree can be invoked to stop this national distraction," Penn concluded.

I am surprised that Penn who has so much to lose by speaking out (friend or foe, Marxists will destroy you) has spoken out.

I applaud him.


  1. Trump has the SC now. If 'Muler' won't give in Trump may have nothing to lose. Yet how many rhinoswine are there who will follow the House if it flips and DT fails to pick up allies in 18? How many more years can they take without gorging on lobby swill DT has diverted from their troughs? They all hate him really. Was Comey only getting Obama's approval? Probably not. As Yoda said once about about those who control the Force, "there is another". Trump should ride till 18 is over but I don't think he has much to lose after that if he goes after these dogs. Sessions is someone whose selfish 'integrity' historians will find hard to blacken any further than he has himself.

  2. Mueller has spent the past year or so out-Russianing any Russian ever born.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Rudy Giuliani's meetings with Mueller will bare fruit? It is obvious to even the most rabid anti-trumpers that his investigation will not be respected by half the country and there is a plurality that does not think Trump is involved with the russians so why persist? The soft coup failed so Mueller should quit while he is ahead before he winds up in the cross hairs of a new special council.

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  5. If mueller cannot pin anything on President Trump, he can bankrupt his allies. And, he seems to be making out pretty well at that task.

  6. I'd like to see Rudy going all-in on this.

  7. When you’ve lost Mark Penn, you are sinking fast.

  8. This just may be the tipping point. In order to do what is necessary put down the attempt to overthrow the government the American people must be fully on board. Penn, Kanye, a majority in favor of a special counsel to investigate the FBI,... may signal that it is now prudent to proceed, i.e. put on the flak jackets and unseal the indictments.

  9. Well, Mister NorKor and Mister SouKor shook hands today, so I expect Mueller will have to raid someone else's house and office to create a distraction.
    Or maybe CNN will discover an ice cream wrapper that DJT dropped in the schoolyard back in first grade.

    1. Whats wrong with you?....Keep that stuff to yourself.

    2. you haven't been keeping up. That should read - two ice cream wrappers.

  10. I am surprised that Penn who has so much to lose by speaking out (friend or foe, Marxists will destroy you) has spoken out.

    I'm sure he is aware of the possibility of being Cosbyed, but I'll bet he also sees anyone who wants to build a new Liberalism after a quarter century or so populist Presidents and Congresses will need to have been on the record as speaking out on this.

    If anyone could get a grip on the real numbers, it would be someone like him.

  11. As to the Steele dossier and Comey using it as evidence of collusion with Russia, Dan Bongino's podcast on 4/27 went into detail about the "massive' evidence of that crime that is not a crime.  The meat is at 48 minutes.  The 3 pieces of evidence are in a do loop that apparently the FBI didn't check or knew and lied to the FISA judge.