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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Clap On/Clap Off Joe's bad, bad polls

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Here is the latest installment.

Clap On/Clap Off Joe Manchin has seen his net job approval ratings among West Virginians drop from +26 last July to -1 in the Morning Consult poll.

He is now the fifth-least liked senator in his home state.

Now for the bad news for Senator EpiPen.

He is one of the few senators whose approval rate is below President Trump's.

In fact, Manchin is 33 points below the president. Trump's net approval is plus 32 in West Virginia.

Manchin is billing himself as the most independent senator in the nation. That would be nice if the were running in Wisconsin.

But he is supposed to represent the second Trumpiest state in the universe. (We are barely behind Wyoming. By the way, Wyoming is No. 1 in coal production. We are No. 2.)

The race will be decided in November by the half of registered Democrats who split their tickets. In 2000, they elected Bush, and re-elected Byrd.

While we are six months away from General Election Day and things may change, right now the question is whether we go with a president we like and a senator who will help thwart that president's agenda.

Manchin's vote against the tax cut and his Clap On/Clap Off for the tax cut (in editorial writer's voice) do not augur well for him.


  1. He calls himself independent, but seems to pretty much vote in lock-step with the Democrat leadership. Hopefully, he is gone in a few months.

  2. Good catch, Don!

    I remember that weasel rising to applaud during the State of the Union address, and then immediately sit back down when Schemin' Schumer glared at him. What a lack of huevos!

    He and his conniving daughter should both be in Club Fed just for their epi-pen scam, which is unconscionable.

    Here's hoping that their gravy-train will end soon!

  3. One can hope that WV voters wake up with a headache and their remedy is a different senator.