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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Caperton's third term

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Here is the latest installment.

We elected the first Republican legislature in 84 years, and what did we get?

The biggest tax increase in history, followed by the biggest teacher pay raise in memory -- their reward for an illegal strike.

This is what Gaston Caperton did a generation ago. I could have voted for Danny Wells and gotten the same thing.

Oh and we welcomed Governor Cow Manure the tax cheat into our party.

That's because Jim Justice supported Trump, unlike our gubernatorial candidate. It takes a certain skill -- genius -- to be that out of touch. From 1864 to 2012, Lincoln was the presidential candidate who carried West Virginia by the largest margin.

Then came Trump. He got 68% of the vote. Rename Hamlin "Pence" and the county "Trump."

And Bill Cole ran 25 points behind him. Not since Charlotte Pritt has a party's candidate been so inept. And his numbers were worse.

Trump had coattails. In 22 Trump states, there were Senate races. Republicans took each one. I tried to find when that happened before. I couldn't. With Democrats taking the 12 Senate races in Hillary states, ticket splitting seemed to be a thing of the past.

But I could find at least 140,000 tickets split in West Virginia.

After he took office, Justice showed he was a Democrat. And our Republican legislature aided and abetted him.

Sure, since 2014, we got restrictions on abortion, and the right to work. But the latter was a bone thrown to the Chamber of Commerce at least 40 years too late. And it is hardly worth the record tax increase.

I get that they may have needed more money, but they should have cut first -- starting with the big stuff. I agree that the Education and the Arts bureaucracy is redundant. So let's get rid of the Department of Education. It's a bigger boondoggle.

And in the age of Amazon, why do we have RESAs? Because we "always" have? Even Pocahontas County can get supplies delivered faster for less.

We traded in the Ds for Rs and wound up with a tray of cow manure.

Tell me why I should bother voting in November.


  1. These issues cross state boundaries. I feel your pain Mississippi's Governor has been a big PDJT backer, yet he appoints a former Democrat to replace failed Senator Thad Cochrane. He also supported Cochrane in the primary runoff four years ago against the Tea Party candidate who was clearly superior (except in bringing home the bacon - follow the money).

    Good luck WV. Choose wisely.

  2. Saying "Choose wisely" does not help. How do we choose wisely in any election? The status quo sucks in too many places (Tennessee is not exempt.) So what comes next? Tell us how to "choose wisely!" -- BJ54

    1. It's not what they promise, it's what they have done in the past. Sometimes, just the lesser of two evils. Never a democrat.

  3. That's the dilemma facing Trump supporters everywhere, unfortunately.

    Since the GOP is just another face of the Uniparty, and many of those so-called Republicans are only 'conservative' while they're running for office, it's really hard to decide: vote for a Republican and get a Democrat-lite and a stab in the back, or vote for a Democrat and take the poison straight?

    It doesn't seem like our vote counts for much, when all the politicans are bought & paid for already, and it doesn't matter which party gets elected since they're both the same.

    I sure wish that we had an honest Republican party, but that's dreaming!

    1. Alas, I've been saying the R and D labels do no matter for years to your ridicule!! So are you all finally coming around.

      Just remember though, Trump is no more conservative than Pelosi. He is an Independent. BTW - What is an "honest Republican party"??

      As for W.Va. - thought Surber would want to know that I've seen first-hand that his "R" Governor Justice has a Virginia inspection sticker on his personal SUV that he drives, while bypassing transportation available from his WV State Police security detail.

    2. Anon- an "honest Republican party" would be the opposite of the Democrat party; it would be a party that tried to live up to the Republican party's platform, instead of running on that platform until elected, then being "bipartisan," i.e. acting exactly like a Democrat, once elected.

      As for not being conservative- President Trump has done far more than ANY previous President to abide by and enforce the Consitution. If that's not conservative, there is no meaning to the word. (BTW- NeverTrump idiots aren't "conservative." They just like fooling gullible people, and they get paid well for their efforts.)

  4. Well, Saira Blair sponsored the Pain Capable Abortion Act here in DubVee that passed. No abortions after 20 weeks. That bill was brought home when my son and wife's first child, Claire Elizabeth, was born preemie on January 26th in AZ. Her due date was on or around my birthday, May 10th. You do the math. The hospital is already prepping her for release. Is an unborn child viable at 20 weeks? You damn straight she is. I was already staunch pro-life. This experience has just stoked the fire. We'll continue to argue about other stuff. Here, I give no quarter. STOP MURDERING BABIES!

    1. Congratulations, zregime! So happy for you & your family! I guess that baby wasn't a "blob of tissue," after all, was she!

      (Remember- good granparents don't let their granddaughters grow up to be liberals! But you knew that already!)