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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Campaign ads

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Here is another installment.

The Patrick Morrisey ad dumping Seneca Rocks on the Capitol is without a doubt the dumbest ad this year. How bad is it? I am agreeing with the Gazette on it. The last time that happened was never.

Joe Manchin has rolled out a feel-good commercial. It works until we see the UMWA logo. The union stopped representing miners long ago. It now represents widows, retirees, and environmentalists. He should lose this ad after the primary.

Don Blankenship's best ad is the coal widow from the Upper Big Branch disaster who blames the federal inspectors who were at the site for the explosion. She is a very strong and sympathetic woman. People identify with her easily.

But the explosion killed 29 men. Who speaks for the other 28?

Evan Jenkins's best ad has him going against Hillary. Well, why not? West Virginians don't like her. She's almost as unpopular as Natalie Tennant. (She shouldn't have been nasty in that race against Shelley Moore Capito. Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee or Shelley Moore Capito.)

The Jenkins ad is a refreshing change from the cliche anti-Nancy Pelosi ads I see across the country. Showing the cities that supported Hillary was amazing.

But the best ad may be from House of Delegates Majority Whip Carol Miller in the Third District congressional race. Andy Sere of PRIME Media Partners made it.

The Miller ad I refer to features the Bible and her Bison farm. Nice graphics. Her logo's bison serves as a nod to Marshall (the university of the Third) as well as the bridge to her slogan, "Cut the bull out of politics!"

That slogan reminds me of Joni Ernst's ad in the 2014 Iowa Republican primary, which referenced being raised on a pig farm.

(Quick quiz: Name the West Virginia governor who was raised on a pig farm.)

Ernst said she knew how to cut the pork. That sly reference to castration pushed her from seemingly nowhere into the U.S. Senate.

While I am on the subject of campaign ads, advertisers should caption their ads for us Deaf Smiths who have the TV on with the sound off. Accommodate us geezers. We outnumber you now.

How will these ads affect the primary elections? Ask me on May 9.

The answer to the quick quiz is obviously Cecil Underwood, the gentleman governor who always wore a suit and tie to school, even as a lad. Few rose as high from as humble a beginning.


  1. Actually, it is Seneca Rocks being dumped on the nation's Capitol in the Morrisey ad, not Dolly Sods. Interesting that Morrisey said the primary is a two-person race, saying Blakenship is a non-factor. I think Morrisey is in for a rude surprise if he keeps thinking that, not to mention pushing pro-gun, pro-life stance is a tired mantra, even in W.Va. But Morrisey didn't start living in W.Va. until he was elected so you can't blame him for being behind the times.

  2. Big D, you've lived in Almost Heaven like forever and know a shit-ton about state politics. I'm a full time resident for only four years. As such, I'm following your lead in this race. But hey, the primary winner could be Bozo The Clown and I'd still vote for him against Status Quo Joe.