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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

“Because it can’t be that he’s doing a great job right?”

Journalists tell themselves, don't read the comments, because getting raked over the coals for making mistakes is not fun. Ignoring reality is what many of them do best.

I read the comments. And the comments on "Men Like Trump More After Stormy Daniels Accusations, Poll Shows."

For the record, I do not care. After eleventy nothingburger scandals, I am burnt out on even following them.

But it is clickbait. Newsweek wrote, "President Donald Trump’s approval rating has gone up three points among male voters in the wake of the Stormy Daniels controversy."

I don't see a cause and effect, but the comments were a riot.

1. "We have a President who has sex with porn stars and wants a space army. I love this guy."

2. "Ms. Daniels has yet to deploy her two greatest assets in this case."

3. "What men like, is that every time there is a story about this subject, we get to see another photo of that giant rack!"

(You will notice, I eschewed running an exploitative photo of her. I found an exploitative photo of Amanda Marie Scott to run instead.)

4. "Only the ones using the confused bathroom have a problem understanding this."

5. "TRUMP 2020."

6. "A healthy young Stormy or Monica? Trumps wins again?"

7. "More liberal media tries to sway me the more I like Trump."

8. "Help me understand what the big deal is with a private citizen that has an affair 10 years before he becomes president? Is it because he lied, like Bill Clinton didn't? Is it because folks are so anti-Trump that they would rather focus on that then the real issues facing this country? Is it that we have become a reality TV society and only that will do?"

9. "'Men Like Trump More After Stormy Daniels Accusations, Poll Shows.' Yeah, that's it. It had nothing to do with the extra $1,000 in our paychecks."

10. "Am I the only guy that does not really find her all that attractive?"

And finally, "Because it can’t be that he’s doing a great job right?"

To know that, you have to read the comments. Journalists don't.

I do. Real Americans do not care about any of the scandals manufactured by the media and our corrupt Deep State.

They do care that a man has emerged from the private sector to fight for us, and to protect us from our government.


  1. Steve in GreensboroApril 3, 2018 at 10:05 PM

    Don: another great essay and thanks for the photo of Miss Scott as a bonus.

  2. I enjoy reading comments. And try to sort by most popular. Comments on Some of the liberal sites make me fear for the future of their sycophants.

  3. He's doing a great job with the dumpster fire administration he's got going. Graft and corruption with the rotten fish head at the top. Porn stars, wife beaters, ethics violations.... the fall will be sweet.

    1. You still mad, bro?

    2. What's really sweet are your liberal tears.....hmm, hmm good!!

    3. Your butt-hurt is legendary. God it has to suck to go through life being such a miserable douche.

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  5. "Ignoring reality is what many of them do best."

    Ever notice that the number of Lefty publications that have any comment section at all is rapidly shrinking?

    I work nights, spend hours online reading news to pass the time. The simple fact is: The comments sections are where its at.

    Nothing annoys me more than clicking a link on Drudge and finding that it takes me to a Lefty site that 1) Has a paywall (none get a penny from me), or 2) No comment section. Or, of course, both.

    What a waste of a fraction of a second of my time!

    Bloggers should post trigger warnings by links to such sites - post the link, note where it goes (for those that don't want to give advertising traffic to the likes of Huffpo or the NYTimes), note if it has a paywall, note if it has no comments.

    Do your readers a favor and don't waste their time.

  6. Was perusing the LA Times not too long ago when there was a pop up asking for a quick feedback survey:
    I stated that without a comments section, I automatically gave the story far less credence specifically because the lies of fake journalists are usually exposed in the comment section.
    Quite often someone local will give the background info the journalistic scymbag liar has deliberately omitted to attempt to obfuscate.

  7. Same people who said, " Nothing to see here" about the Clinton rapes, harrasments and coercions are now puritan prudes when it comes to Trump. That is a lie in itself. The contempt they project redounds upon themselves.

    1. On so many levels. I especially love the new leftists points about graft and corruption; seriously, after 30 years of the ultimate grifters in the Clintons, and 8 years spent with Barry who refined crony capitalism to an art and weaponized as much of the government against fellow Americans as he could, the left is going to go with that meme. You really can't fix that kind of stupid. Trump has shown how worthless leftist policy is in just a year, especially when it comes to the economy.

  8. Tell you why I like Trump,

    He has his eye on total victories. Not neccessarily immediate total victories. But eventual total victories.

    Because half-victories usually mean you let people perish for too little.

  9. Another great post by Don Surber. Trump has stayed focused on the real issues like illegal immigration.

  10. I took the time to find pics of stormy d. I have to concur w/the commenter...while she's attractive, the huge fake tits turn me off. Mr Surber would you please, pretty please post more photos of the hottie above...

    1. Another blogger ran a pic of her nude and the boobs didn't look fake to me.

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