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Sunday, April 29, 2018

A journalist disses White House Correspondents dinner

The White House Correspondents Association was reduced to hiring an unknown comic, Michelle Wolf, for its annual dinner. She used the stint to raise her profile by attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It was a cheap performance aimed at breaking into the big time.

It broke something else.

I read, courtesy of historian Michael Beschloss on Twitter, Bob Hope's 1944 jokes. Not one personal shot. 74 years later, the jokes hold despite being topical. Hope had the best writers and he kept them busy, which kept them sharp.

Wolf's bit will be seen as the mean-spirited opportunism it is.

Meg Kinnard, an Associated Press writer based in South Carolina (ex-National Journal), tweeted about the crassness of the dinner.

"If the #WHCD dinner did anything tonight, it made the chasm between journalists and those who don't trust us, even wider. And those of us based in the red states who work hard every day to prove our objectivity will have to deal with it," she tweeted.

She also tweeted, "The overall theme of the negative responses I've received to my criticism of the #WHCD seems to be: 'When they go low ... we will, too!' In short, school children no longer have a monopoly on the phrase, 'But he did it first!'"

And finally, she tweeted, "Some of the jokes were funny. Making fun of women for their looks is not. Ever. Under any circumstance. #WHCD."

This is the bed they made. They wallow in it. Anymore, I think this is what they want. They want a discredited press.

They seek the power of the press, not the truth.


  1. I dialed up the speech. Turned it off within 20 seconds after the first Trump joke pissed me off. Meg Kinnard at least had the guts to point out the outright hatred I have for her profession, but it ain’t gonna help in the long run because there are too many “journalists” committed to Trump’s destruction. At any price.

  2. There was a war on in '44, but, yeah, there were rules back then.

  3. I immediately thought Bob Hope when I read the jokes. He is timeless. Today’s group is tasteless. But I am glad they are showing their true colors. Hate for a good woman like Sarah Sanders to be treated this way.

  4. Sarah is the kind of woman you marry and settle down with.
    Wolf is a one night stand you pay for....

    1. Ron in Ohio Sez;

      TG; I gotta' agree with your first sentence, about Sarah. But, I disagree with the second one, "Wolf is a one night stand you pay for...."

      To repeat an old down-home saying, "Not with your d*ck or your money!" And, since she wants to shame a good woman she, as just the opposite, should be fair game. Here goes;

      To paraphrase the Wolf-Bitch herself, "But (S)he did it first!"

      I can't help but see a similarity between Wolf and another homely, kinky, disheveled and frizzy haired no talent piece of pseudo-femininity - Debbie What's-Her-Name- Slutz.

    2. And when it's over with Wolf, you ask for your money back.

    3. I thought of sicko Kathy Griffin. These POS' idea of humor is to see how many cuss words they can cram into a three word sentence.
      Glad our President skipped the White House Communist's dinner.

  5. It's hilarious that they think Trump is the one who started this.

  6. Hope was a right wing guy 50s style and could be "partisan". I watched a show he gave at a local Citrus trade venue in SoCal once during the Vietnam war. He was very very anti communist. He said nothing about Johnson or conduct of the war but he did spend some time justifying it to the crowd and on his own. On the other hand that afternoon he was also very funny, without bitterness. Indeed, His professional persona was always the same, unlike some comedians of the time, like Berle, who were incredibly obscene ( but hilarious) doing stand up in Vegas off camera.
    The common wisdom today is that PC is destroying comedy which indeed seems to be the case. When I watch You Tube Carson reruns I cannot imagine them on air today. Hope had great talent, a long career and 1000 fathoms of good will from his troop tours. Even if he fell flat, he was forgiven. These young ephemeral no talents like this woman are from the new age of insult and injury as humor. As a genre it s old dating to the Greeks but as practiced today is petty and without depth or that critical recognizable truth which is the secret mainspring of comedy. She was seeking recognition, probably auditioning for some liberal hatefest venue now in vogue on late night shows no one cares about but which pay well because their uber rich masters hate Trump's guts for personal reasons. I don't watch them.

  7. The more Trump stays away from this event from one year to the next, the more irrelevant it becomes, and the press knows that. They are as desperate for attention as the no-talents they hire for their amusement. And after last night's performance, I don't want to hear another word from the press about Trump's crassness, not a single word.

  8. bob hope's joke about democrats and zombies posted on YouTube is timeless


      For those who want to hear it.

  9. The libs wanted to believe they spoke for the whole country and when in the Obama white house this event was nothing but an ass kissing contest. Now, not so much. Trump has to teach republicans how to fight and how no one respects a door mat, particularly the people you are trying to ingratiate by showing up and being humiliated at these events.

  10. This was the funny part,not.

  11. "unknown comic, Michelle Wolf"?

    Oh, they knew her and they knew what she would probably say. That's why they hired her vile mouth in the first place. I've seen/heard her on youtube when I've watched election night meltdowns.

  12. If the object of a roast (in this case, the President) is not present at the event, is it still roast? Of course not. The comedy aspect of roasts died with Don Rickles, who did it better than anyone has or will. It's over, Press. Time for you to move on. The rest of us already have.

  13. "This is the bed they made. They wallow in it. Anymore, I think this is what they want. They want a discredited press.

    They seek the power of the press, not the truth."

    If they WANT a discredited press, well, they have discredited it. A discredited press has NO power. They have shot themselves in both feet and thru t]he belly.

  14. Reading the comment on Twister is bad. They spend time attacking Bob Hope. The man did more to serve this nation than any one I can name.
    He was a great asset for us from WW2 to Desert Storm.