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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Xi treats Trump like royalty. Writer spins it as Trump is weak

Few attempts at Fake News as the lead in Orville Schell's story in Vanity Fair, "Will Trump’s bruised ego launch a nuclear war?"

The 120-word spin had Chairman Xi playing The Donald for a fool.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping never warmed to Barack Obama, whom he found too spartan, principled, and imperious. It was hardly an accident that the Chinese failed to provide a stairway capable of reaching the front door of Air Force One when Obama arrived at the APEC summit in 2016, forcing the sitting president to humiliatingly exit through a fold-down rear service door.

"And while the Chinese now may be bewildered by how an ostensible great power like the United States could have heaved up a leader as base as Donald Trump, they also comprehend an important aspect of him. After experiencing the garish glitziness of Mar-a-Lago, Xi Jinping immediately understood his guest’s weakness for the affectations of wealth and power," Schell wrote.

So let me get this straight, Chairman Xi is playing Trump for a fool by treating him like royalty after treating Obama like the kitchen help.

I am also curious as to how Schell knows Xi's opinion of Obama is that he is "too spartan, principled, and imperious."

The piece is a jitney so overloaded with Democratic Party talking points that John Podesta could get a  co-byline.

The spin is that Trump is somehow Xi's puppet. I thought it was Putin, but Schell's game was to make it Xi.

"Indeed, Trump’s embrace of Xi, and his unwillingness to engage with Beijing on democratic issues such as human rights, was not surprising, but nonetheless disorienting for anyone accustomed to American presidents in China. When Clinton held his summit in Beijing less than a decade after the 1989 Beijing massacre, he publicly raised the issue of Tiananmen Square with President Jiang Zemin. 'I believe, and the American people believe, that the use of force and the tragic loss of life was wrong,' Clinton candidly proclaimed. 'If you are so afraid of personal freedom because of the abuse that you limit people’s freedom too much, then you pay,'" Schell wrote.

And what good did that do anyone?

Did we turn back the clock and not imprison or execute anyone?

"Some citizens, who’ve seen the fallout from Trump’s tweets, may be wondering: What damage has a Trump presidency done to the U.S.’s diplomatic aims in China, which go far beyond promoting American values?

"One could argue that he missed an opportunity to advocate on behalf of the U.S. business community—a key constituency—for the loosening of protectionist measures that shut U.S. investors out of whole sectors of the Chinese economy. He seems unlikely to use his bully pulpit to challenge China’s excessive maritime claims in the South and East China Seas.

"And now, increasingly petulant that his bromance with Xi hasn’t gone as planned, Trump seems poised to launch a trade war with China, a move that could hurt some sectors of American business, notably agriculture and airlines, as much as it would help others," Schell wrote.

We saw the damage on Thursday.

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un agreed to negotiate directly with The Donald. The offer is Kim keeps his life if he gives up his nukes. The diplomatic euphemism is North Korean security.

Pressure from China (and perhaps the collapse of his nuclear mountain which killed 200 scientists and other staff) may have changed Rocket Man's heart.

Talking about a guy standing in front of a tank 29 years ago did not bring this about.

Wining and dining Xi -- and slapping tariffs on Chinese steel -- may have sprung Kim's come-to-Donald moment.

Let's see, drill, baby, drill won't reduce oil prices, there is no magic wand to bring back factory jobs, and tweets will start World War 3.

Actions speak louder than words. And Trump's actions are so spot on that I could not care less what he says -- although I find him entertaining.

Almost as fun as watching the media get the story 180 degrees wrong.

The deal to get Kim to vamoose likely already has been cut.


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  1. Schell game. Cute there. I fear for PDT in NKorea. The little fat man has assassinated so many people recently that it would not surprise me if there was a WHOOPS! Somebody unknown attacked him.

    1. I have feared for his life every day for over two years and pray every day many times through the day for his safety. All we can do.

    2. He'll be safer in NK than he'll be in California.

      Either way, the Secret Service has to bring their A game, every day, everywhere.

  2. Mr. Schell is full of the proverbial horse puckey. Where do they find these people? - Elric

  3. So, Obama was "too spartan, principled, and imperious." Like the his-and-her vacations and multiple illegal acts (IRS kneecapping of the Tea Partiers for one example). But he got it right on imperious (which I had to look up to check my memory of its definition): "assuming power or authority without justification; arrogant and domineering." Another site had the definition as: "having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy."

    1. Yeah, seeing the words Obama and Spartan in the same sentence made me want to hurl. Sure, Orv, that's a very Spartan place he bought in Kalorama, right? Or staying at $86K a night private islands, right? You freaking moron, Orv.

  4. So, Trump is Xi's bitch to such a degree that Trump is going to go out of his way to start a supposed trade war. Makes sense.

    Maybe Obama thought Netanyahu was too principled and imperious when he made him shuffle out of the back door.

    1. It makes as much sense as Trump is Putin's puppet to such a n extent that Putin's security and spy services went out of their way to provide Steele with the material to take him down.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. I thought about obama's treatment of Netanyahu and because of that I am sure obama knew exactly what Xi was doing when he relegated obama to the back door. What goes around, comes around.

  5. "I am also curious as to how Schell knows Xi's opinion of Obama is that he is "too spartan, principled, and imperious." " Nailed the "imperious" part. Blew it to Hell and Gone with the "spartan" and "principled" bits.

    Elric, Schell's kind of people are a dime a dozen in the big cities, just more so in NYC and DC.

  6. Spartan, principled?


    Put down the bottle.

  7. I wonder what color the sky is in the fantasy world these liberals live in? - GOC

  8. I can see the 'principled' part -- Obama being a more hardcore marxist than Xi, after all.