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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

WV has had a soda tax since 1951

"West Virginia’s average sugary drink consumption rate is 500 twelve-ounce servings per person per year — the highest in the country — according to early findings from a study yet to be released by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia," West Virginia's Metro News reported.

Really? There is sugar in Diet Coke?

The story is an interview with Marcie Drake, "a member of the American Heart Association’s West Virginia Advocacy Committee."

Drake apparently is not a medical doctor, a researcher, or heart association official. Rather, she is "a heart disease survivor."

She cited "a study yet to be released."

The medical claims she makes were accepted as fact by reporter Carrie Hodousek. There is no other side given in the story. There was no call to a medical expert to confirm it. We just asume "sugary drinks" give you heart disease, and diabetes.

This passes for journalism.

But let us assume that Drake, Hodousek, and Metro News are correct. I mean, who am I to question this? I, too, have no medical training. What is their solution to people profiting from the sale of this poison?

Cut state government in on the deal.

"Drake said there’s a lot that can be done to address the issue. She suggested implementing a sugary drink tax, encouraging people to choose healthier drink options and educating the public about the risk factors," Hodousek reported.

West Virginia has had a sugary drink tax since 1951.

I suppose without it we would drink 1,000 cans a year.

We were the first state to have one. We are the most obese state in America. There is only one logical conclusion: soda taxes lead to obesity.

Hey, two can play this stupid game.


  1. The idea I receive is that Drake will FEEL better about the work to increase taxes for Our. Own. Good.

  2. Can we implement an idiot tax? Even politicians would not be able to spend all the revenue that tax would raise.

  3. Politicians wouldn’t pay their own idiot taxes, though...

  4. Maxine Waters would be broke in a week.

    1. One week? I'll take that bet.

      The over-and-under says three days.

  5. Thank you West Virginia for taking over as the fattest state from Mississippi. Hopefully we won't add a soda tax in our attempt to retake the title.