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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why Trump called Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man"

"Donald Trump as a public personality is an acquired taste, or not, but, like all holders of high public offices, he has the right to be judged on his record," Conrad Black wrote.

Exactly. Black gets what is going on because he was a highly successful newspaperman who did more than write. He ran newspapers. He worked hard and became a billionaire.

Black also is a wonderful writer and good historian. As a wordsmith, he knows the difference between words and action. Had he relied solely on his ability to use the former, he would die a millionaire.

Lazy journalists judge President Trump solely on his words, and then only the carefully selected ones that occasionally are culled by Democrats and reported as news.

Remember the Washington Post story last November, "Trump promotes his New Jersey golf course during speech to South Korea parliament"?

Here is what he said:
Your wealth is measured in more than money — it is measured in achievements of the mind and achievements of spirit. Over the last several decades, your scientists of engineers — have engineered so many magnificent things. You’ve pushed the boundaries of technology, pioneered miraculous medical treatments, and emerged as leaders in unlocking the mysteries of our universe.
Korean authors penned roughly 40,000 books this year. Korean musicians fill concert halls all around the world. Young Korean students graduate from college at the highest rates of any country. And Korean golfers are some of the best on Earth.
Fact — and you know what I’m going to say — the Women’s U.S. Open was held this year at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and it just happened to be won by a great Korean golfer, Sung-hyun Park. An eighth of the top 10 players were from Korea. And the top four golfers — one, two, three, four — the top four were from Korea. Congratulations. (Applause.) Congratulations. And that’s something. That is really something.
Here in Seoul, architectural wonders like the Sixty-Three Building and the Lotte World Tower — very beautiful — grace the sky and house the workers of many growing industries.
Citizens now help to feed the hungry, fight terrorism, and solve problems all over the world. And in a few months, you will host the world and you will do a magnificent job at the 23rd Olympic Winter Games. Good luck.
But the Post said he was just promoting his golf course.

That passage by the way was all prelude to a much more detailed report on the terrible conditions in North Korea. One of his points was to blunt romantic notions about unification. North Korea is a feral nation. Unifying the two nations will be like transitioning an inmate after 40 years to a new world.

But journalists judge Trump on his words -- often as taking serious his jokes. They do so because they believe they can fool a nation again.

They also do so because he is the most successful president since Reagan. More success is on the way.

Black explained that with North Korea no longer a nuclear threat, China has no proxy to threaten America's allies and therefore America. This gives Trump another edge in trade negotiations with China, which is the real aim here.

Somehow in October, Kim Jong Un lost his nuclear capabilities. His underground nuclear facility collapsed beneath a mountain. It was like the end of a James Bond movie with Nukefinger's mountain falling down. ("No, Mister Trump, I expect you to die.")

A month later, Trump was in Asia.

Chairman Xi (he's no more a president than Hillary is, although he may be slightly less communist) treated Trump like royalty. Obama? He made Obama use the servant's entrance on Air Force One.

Trump can make your nuclear mountain collapse. Or maybe it was nature. Whatever it was, the mountain collapsed. Xi ain't risking the Trump Effect.

Trump's Asian tour was a resounding success. The leaders never publicly mentioned the mountain collapse (and likely not in private either) but a non-nuke Nork is a safe Nork.

A month later, Trump called Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" and Kim Jong Un responded in kind by calling Trump a dotard. Far from being a war of words that might ignite World War III, as the press speculated, this was the banter on which a new understanding is built.

Kim decided to join the Olympics rather than threaten it with terrorist activity, just as Trump told the South Korean parliament ("and in a few months, you will host the world and you will do a magnificent job at the 23rd Olympic Winter Games"). That was reported as promoting his golf course. When I say we deserve a better press than this crew, I offer proof.

In a month, Kim will meet with Trump and officially end the Korean War.

The press is on Trump's case for showing Kim respect. That is what he wants, they exclaim.


Give him what he wants. We already have what we wanted: a de-nuclearized Korean Peninsula. Make Kim feel like a big man.

The Art of the Deal is that both sides walk away with something. We get a nuke free zone. Kim gets to keep living.

Words matter. Indeed, I made a nice living off them. But they serve only as guides to understanding the action, which is what matters most.


  1. Common Sense and honesty from a newsman? Provides proof with his article and evidence of the "Fake News" bias?
    He will de disinherited from today journalist cult. The talking heads of the propaganda media will scream and whine and have meltdowns over someone telling Americans the truth instead of the agenda.

  2. The only “deals” For which Trump has any art are with creditors.

    1. He has walked away from those deals better off than he was, and today is a self-made billionaire and POTUS. Pretty good deals, no?


    2. Tasting much sweeter than wine. Had to get some Fabs in this morning's mix.

    3. nony @ 7:41 AM

      Up early and feeling miserable this morning are we? Arthritis bothering you or just not getting enough maybe?
      Take my advice nony and try being just may attract a decent woman and have something better to do in the morning than spread negative screed across the internet.

    4. Dunno what’s biting Anonymous, but a mixture of five-parts vodka and one-part sand, applied to the affected area, will cause them to get drunk and start throwing rocks at one another.

  3. Arming the Virginia Class fast attack subs with variable yield nuclear warheads on top of cruise platforms also just put the icing on their rice cakes--most of the puffy despots shat their pants about a month ago.

    We saw the MOAs of those Navy delivery platforms in Syria.

    Collateral damage when Rocket Man's palace/bunker vaporizes in 1 msec yields bonus points.

  4. The ju-jitzu is amazing to see. Wipe out Nork nuclear threat to put pressure on China. Start to addressnexonomic inbalance. The world wins.

  5. Conrad Black, like Victor Hansen or Mark Steyn, is one of the very few current columnists that I admire and follow anything they post without hesitation. He's a true scholar.
    For those who refuse to click his columns on National Review, just go to the New York Sun, or Canadas' National Post. His columns are often on all three sites.