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Sunday, March 11, 2018

"Whisper it, but maybe Trump isn’t that bad after all"

The British obsession with American politics likely stems with the frustration with their own broken system. Two years ago, they voted overwhelmingly to rescind membership in the European Union, but still they wait.

The Independent is so Never Trump it would embarrass Bill Kristol.

Matt Gillow, though, filed a column from America that undercut the argument that Donald John Trump is in way over his head. (Nope. But his predecessor was.) My headline is his.

"But during a recent, daily grumble about The Donald, I got thinking; if you look past the ridiculous Twitter pronouncements, and the President’s general veneer – what has he actually done? How bad has the 45th President of the United States actually been for the country?" Gillow wrote.

Wait a second.

He was thinking?

Can liberals or Never Trumpers think anymore? I thought they lost that power when they surrendered to their feelings.

Willow thought, and discovered President Trump has succeeded.

"Stock market up, unemployment down. After plateauing for much of 2015 and 2016, numbers of manufacturing jobs have been on the rise since Trump’s inauguration. While Trump has perhaps taken more credit than he’s due in these areas, it would be ignorant to deny him at least some – business confidence has steadily grown under Trump’s presidency, a direct effect of tax cuts; the most comprehensive simplification of the US tax code in 30 years; and a staunch refusal to regulate the economy to the same extent as during Obama’s tenure. Through 2016-2018, regulations have grown by only 0.6 per cent, in comparison to the 1.6 per cent per annum under Obama," Willow wrote.

I do not know about that 0.6% growth. I suppose if you do not count the 16 regulations (or whatever the number) repealed for every new regulation, it looks that way.

Under President Trump, America is back and leading the world to peace.

"On foreign policy, he’s been brash and unpredictable, but successful. He can’t take full credit for the defeat of Isis in their traditional strongholds, but they have been defeated. He can’t take full credit for defusing tensions with North Korea – but under President Trump, Kim Jong-un is becoming more receptive to talks with South Korea, and even sent a team to the Winter Olympics. His quirky style of diplomacy has led to, in the past few days, talk on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the closest thing to a peaceful North Korea we’ve seen in years. On Friday it was even announced that Trump will be meeting with Kim Jong-un," Willow wrote.

Yes, we cannot give Trump full credit because, gosh, that would be an admission of some error.

Willow ended the column, "Whisper it; maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump isn’t the devil we all thought he’d be."

Whisper? Be a man. Shout it out:



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  1. There is a lot more to the NorK peace initiative than we'll know, also China does not let Kimmie play in his radioactive sand box without their knowlege. Trump has the Big Panda right where he wants him.
    so they come down on Lil' Rocket Man.
    Also as noted here.-something happened to the sandbox... TG

    1. They've been playing in the sandbox for a long time. Then Trump happened.

  2. Don: I'd be interested in your take on the WV legislature's action on education recently. The strike seems to be over according to CT. Did they really disband the department of education and the arts? Is it the regular department of education. Also, do you think Manchin will get re-elected?

  3. Billions of years of Life On Earth. And _I_ get to live during the (hopefully) eight years of the Trump Presidency. Thank you, God. I am humbled and grateful.

  4. Sorry, Don, but nothing could embarrass Bill Kristol:

    --Bill Kristol goes off the deep end
    By Monica Showalter

    In an astonishing statement, the editor at large of the Weekly Standard told an audience at the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday that the white working class in the U.S. has become "lazy, decadent," and "spoiled." Then he dug deeper by telling leading social researcher Charles Murray: "Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don't you want to get new Americans in?"--

    1. Off the deep end and staying down for the count!

  5. The Independent is so Never Trump it would embarrass Bill Kristol.
    As with MKelley, I disagree. Krisco is probably having an orgasm over it.

  6. The Limies oughta stick to writing about what they know; ie, kinky British politician sex scandals.

  7. He’s the best president in a century: the last who could compare is Calvin Coolidge. Trump may end up being the greatest ever.

  8. Well, he’s only the third president “in this century.” But if he keeps on like this for seven more years, we’ll be able to say, “in the last century.”

  9. The media and NeverTrumpers only take what he says literally. They fail to understand he's only laying out an initial position for negotiations.
    He keeps referring to the media as "Fake News" and driving them crazier and crazier because of it. They keep publishing more and more outlandish takes only to see their trust by the people crater. Maybe one day they'll learn and report factually and without bias but I doubt it. Like most liberals, the media is all about "There Feelz"

  10. suggested correction:


    He may become the best of the last 100 years, but isn't quite there yet.

  11. internet search "trump was right"

    118,000,000 hits

    internet search "the earth is round"