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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

West Palm Beach City surrenders to Trump

President Trump's crackdown on sanctuary cities and the state of California is having an effect. West Palm Beach City has settled its lawsuit against the Trump administration.

And by settled, I mean dropped it and ordered city employees to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Well, well, well.

"All personnel are reminded that you may share -- and it is consistent with City Resolution 112-17 and federal law to share -- with federal authorities, including the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, any and all information, including information regarding citizenship and immigration status, to which you have access or knowledge as a result of the performance of your job duties for the City of West Palm Beach regarding any individual," a memo to city employees said.

And just like that, the faucet of federal funds flowed again.

"After the memo was sent, the federal Justice Department said it was satisfied West Palm Beach is in compliance with federal laws. It’s the latest move in an ongoing battle between the Trump administration and more than 20 jurisdictions that have policies the government says may illegally prevent federal officers and agents from carrying out deportations of illegal immigrants," the Washington Times reported.

The power of the purse.

Of course, when Americans get stupid again and elect a Democratic president, she will do the same thing.

But that would happen regardless of Trump's actions.

And he took action. They said it couldn't be done. He just did it.


  1. Trying to save face by calling a total capitulation a settlement. They were Schlonged.

    1. Schlonged good and hard.
      I'd say 'And in a way they won't easily forget', but the lefty memory span makes goldfish look like elephants.

  2. When you look on real estate websites that detail crime in certain areas, West Palm Beach is always red while the island of Palm Beach is pure green. All the protestors against Trump, guns etc are on that West side of the bridge. The rich dwellers on the island voted against him but they have draw Bridges and 64 cops with every know technical aid to protect them. Trump is still helping them and they know it but will never admit it.

  3. The Demos keep acting like this and it will be a while before another Demo President is elected.

    And just like that, the faucet of federal mullah flowed again.

    Think you mean moola.

  4. How do ya spel colloquial? Moolla Mullah dinero grift? Good for them.

  5. #TheTideIsTurning.

    No municipal Mayor or City Attorney’s office has the talent, or the deep pockets, to go even a first long round with the DoJ.
    Elections have consequences.
    Once California finally feels the heat from Trump’s DoJ we will see these Sanctuary/Secession politicians scramble to capitulate and save their careers.
    It would be fun to see Cali AG Becerra perp walked in cuffs by US Marshals. Becerra will fold abjectly as soon as that begins to look likely.
    God bless PDT. I’m not nearly tired of winning.

  6. So what about all the complaints that sanctuary cities would still be funded through that omnibus spending bill? Why would a city like that capitulate now?

  7. The West Palm Beach thing is more of a Kabuki fight with Trump, as #Resistance, than actually having any effect at all on illegal immigration. When looking at the actual locations of the Hispanics, West Palm has some interesting (well defined) "pockets" that are fairly small, compared to the entire Palm Beach County. African Americans cluster in Rivera Beach (famous for Barack Obama Blvd.) (that uses WPB city police) (stay inside after 4:00pm) south to about 45th street, and bounded westwardly by I-95. Hispanics cluster from 45th street south to southern. That's a fairly small region bounded westwardly to the airport (PBI) and Military Trail.

    Now, that entire region is serviced by West Palm Beach PD. Areas outside that region are serviced by Palm Beach County Sheriffs office. Areas outside the West Palm Beach city police jurisdiction includes the largest enclave of Hispanics, which is actually in the City of Lake Worth.

    So, the point is...most Hispanics in the City of West Palm Beach are legal, and live in rehab'd rentals run by LLCs that resulted from the 2008 mortgage crisis and foreclosure schemes. Most illegals in Palm Beach County are in the hell hole known as Lake Worth, which has Rick Bradshaw as their enforcer.