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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Trump wins Korean War

Feel some sympathy for the news media tonight. After more than a year of telling us everything Donald Trump was doing about Korea was wrong, tonight they had to report, "President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May for high-level talks toward a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, a South Korean official said outside the White House Thursday."

They won't get their World War 3. A world war would totally unelect him right.

But Rocket Man blinked. Now they are totally so sad.

Oh, how they loved Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee last fall when he said, "Trump may be setting the US on the path to World War III."

If Corker had praised Trump, the media would not give him the time of day.

"It doesn't get any more damning than this quote. What's even more remarkable is that Corker suggests that Trump may not even know what he is doing. As in: He may not only be marching us toward another world war but he also could well be totally clueless that's he even doing it," Chris Cillizza of CNN wrote.





Just remember that.

President Trump blew off Corker's remarks, telling reporters, "We were on the wrong path before — all you have to do is take a look — for the past 25 years. We were on the path to a very big problem. We’re on the path right now, believe me."

This is no three-dimensional chess.

This is a stubborn, belligerent press that resents the loss of its unelected power to a duly elected president.

Far from being bold, Corker was weaseling and playing to the crowd. Dangerously so.

But now the Dotard will meet with Rocket Man.

This is not Neville Chamberlain meeting Adolf Hitler. This is a disciple of Sun Tzu winning a war without firing a shot -- by confronting evil.

On Twitter.

It must suck to be wrong all the time, but the cables pay well and the hours are light.


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  1. Funny how this is happening the same time as steel tariffs on China. China is the key to this, and that they are giving in (apparently) so easily indicates to me that China's economy is not as robust as they present. NK is the bone thrown to Pres Trump to get him to lay off as the Chinese realize he is deadly serious on tariffs. China is spending a fortune buying ports and building up armaments, yet there are cities built in China that hardly anyone is in. The one child policy was a disaster and China's population is shrinking. It has millions of brilliant minds, yet still has to steal technology. cm

    1. Yep China is a paper Dragon and they know it. Leverage.
      Also Kimmie's Nuke toybox was buried
      last year in October, God, the USAF, or both, but it could explain that B2 flyby at the Rose Bowl.
      We'll find out--one other thing bet Iran's program was hurt too.

    2. "Kimmie's nuke toybox was buried." Along with some oceanfront launch sites unconnected to the testing site. Hmmm... "Rods from God," Anyone? You say the satellite failed to reach orbit?

      I say give Xi the glory. Let President Trump and Kim meet in Beijing and "Sign zee paperz." Xi deserves to save some face after how he is being forced to submit to President Trump's awesome leverage.

      GAWD! I love our President.

      - Elric

    3. Rods from gods or just Nuke Mountain's collapse

    4. Classic Cheech & Chong reference, Elric!

      "Because you have broken my hands."


  2. If - if - if Donald Trump actually brings the Korean situation down it will be reported as done despite him by all of those who cannot bear to admit that he was right and they were wr...w...wron...wro...n...g.*

    *cue Fonzi.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. If the talks between Trump and Rocket Guy succeed in denuclearizing Korea and at long last bringing an end to the Korean War, the media will give him no credit, not even grudgingly. They will attribute the president's success to dumb luck or they will claim the crucial ground work was laid by their boy Obama. Were he to part the seas or walk on water, PDJT would get no credit from the legacy news and punditry media. The end times for those people have been reached. Good riddance, I say.

    1. If Trump parted the seas or walked on water, the 'Press' would spin it as, "Trump can't swim"

    2. That's the line of the day, T-T! Extremely well played, sir.

  4. At times like this, I drag out an old comment. Old but evergreen.

    In a box somewhere I have the clipping of Jules Pfeiffer's cartoon for this. He was a lib, but honest enough to write this.
    "When that fool Reagan said that the Soviet Union was a failed experiment headed for the ash heap of history, I knew he was a demagogue.

    When that fool Reagan said that the Soviet Union was an evil empire, I knew he was a dangerous kook.

    When that fool Reagan said that we could end the Cold War by escalating the arms race, I knew the odds favored nuclear annihilation.

    When the Soviet Union went broke, dissolved, and repudiated its past, I knew it was all Gorbachev's genius, and that fool Reagan had nothing to do with it.

    Because if that fool Reagan was right all along...

    ...what kind of fool am I?"

    1. "How many kinds of fools are there?" Nyuk-nyuk!

      - Elric

    2. Sing it, Sammy

  5. It would also reduce the Blue Wave to a dash of salt spray.

    Could be we're witnessing the start of Trumpomania.

  6. Congrats! Trump's accomplished no more than Billy Jeff. Let us know when he delivers something. Much like Mexico paying for the wall, reality is quite far from the promise. It's little matter how hard the Trumpsters clap for Timkerbell if they believe.

    1. Your tears are sweet to us.

    2. Nony, you're up early this am.

      Mom kick you out of bed and tell you to get a job?

  7. "How many more times does @realDonaldTrump have to be proved right in the long and short term before the establishment stop calling him nuts? πŸ€”" An Infinite Number.
    The establishment is Wile E. Coyote. The enemedia is Wile E. Jr.

  8. If this works I will wait for the MSM to find a way to give all credit to Barry and say he deserves another Nobel Peace Prize for NK.

  9. Those of us who follow history know that appeasement (the policy of the Dims and the RINOs) never works. Never! OTOH, remember that Kim Fat One's dad, Kim Yuk Foo, made agreements with the US before. Remember Madeleine Notsobright raising her Campaign glass in a toast to an agreement made during the Clinton administration? I hope Trump remembers Reagan's words, "Trust, but verify." Still, it appears Trump also remembers Reagan's words, "Peace through strength." - GOC

  10. When WWII began, half of Europe was in the grip of a mustachioed dictator bent on world domination. When WWII ended, half of Europe was still in the grip of a mustachioed dictator bent on world domination. Reagan won WWII.

    Just as you say "Trump wins Korean War". And it is good to know Trump has been studying the issue for years--the mark of a stable genius.

    BTW, the News Molesters who elevated the Norks at the Olympics are now saying Trump is elevating Rocket Man by meeting. If he didn't meet, of course, they would say he was putting his ego ahead of national security.

    Nor do I recall them worrying about Obama elevating the Castros when he met with Raul in public and Fidel in secret.