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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Trump left Democrats holding the bag on DACA

Remember September?

President Donald Trump met with Democratic leaders and gave them six months to enact DACA legislation, or he would start deporting them.

Oh, did the left run victory laps, the Never Trumpers sang "Toldja So, Ha Ha" (to the tune of "Papa Oom Mow Mow"), and Ann Coulter set her hair on fire. Again.

The New York Times reported, "Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio host who has until now been sparing in her criticism of the president, told her listeners on Thursday that the political cost Mr. Trump and the Republican Party would pay would be steep. 'He’s going to get creamed for this,' she said, reminding her audience of all the times during the campaign that Mr. Trump chanted — and his crowds repeated — Build the Wall!"

So where's DACA Oom Now Now?

I remember the panic at Breitbart News, which reported, "In a meeting with establishment politicians from the Problem Solvers Caucus and the Blue Dog Coalition, President Trump signaled a full-fledged cave on the issue of giving amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens currently protected by an Obama-created executive immigration program."

Full-fledged cave? That was not even a beer cave. But that is how they called it.

"Trump’s cave to DACA amnesty comes just a day after the White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short said the administration would look at exchanging amnesty for tax cuts. Short, as Breitbart News reported, is a former executive with the pro-mass immigration billionaires, the Koch brothers," Breitbart reported.

Hmm, six months later, no amnesty and plenty of tax cuts. Maybe Clown Buffoon Hitler knew what he was doing. The leaks are real, the news is fake.

This was not eighth dimensional chess. This was merely a lesson learned from the Republicans Chinese fire drill over the Obamacare repeal. President Trump noticed that congressional action is an oxymoron.

For 45 years, Republicans have championed the pro-life cause.

Where is the Abortion Amendment? Hello, the party controls Congress and 36 state legislatures.

But Democrats are just as incompetent.

Given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grant amnesty to 1.8 million people, Democrats blew it.

Good luck with turnout in November.


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  1. It's beyond me how Dhimms think they will use this to their "advantage" during the midterms, as most of the "pundits" claim. They have no explanation other than that.


    ( )

    "Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing"

    1. We're all Alvin & the Chipmunks now.

    2. "...Bang."

    3. Every "new" event in politics seems like a cover for the same old tune: don't do anything unless you need to buy votes! -- BJ54

    4. It’s the latest instalment of the aversion therapy Trump is administering to the Democrats.

      Every time they get too Leftard, he’s going to do something to them ... and that pool cue is a hint.

  2. "I don't care. I'll take all the heat you want to give me, and I'll take the heat off both the Democrats and the Republicans" --Don "the John" Trump Jan 9.2018. Big talk. Little man.

    1. I love the taste of your liberal tears. Sweet nectar, mmm.....

    2. That little man is kicking both parties' asses. What does that make them? -- BJ54

    3. I had to look that up. Took me three tries to find it in "Witch Doctor".

  3. He made them an offer they couldn't accept.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Just like gun control, Mikey, as Chris Plante pointed out the other day. Proggies don't want any sort of "consensus" on that either. To them it's just another stick to swing at the Reepubs. What a fuckin pathetic platform. We got this. We got this.

  4. The empty suits in congress deliver empty promises. PDJT seizes on that and wins for us.

  5. The Dems are Wile E.Coyote watching the
    shadow of the recently launched ACME
    safe growing larger as it hurtles back to the Coyote...TG

  6. Trump knows what fools these congresscritters be.
    The enemediacritters, too.

  7. “Trump left Democrats holding the bag”

    Hillary getting shaky walking to the car again, huh?

  8. "Trump left Democrats holding the bag on DACA"
    ---not "holding the bag" but more like INSERTING THE SHAFT

  9. Said it a million times, democrats can't fund-raise off of problems they solve.