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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trump Effect and Tiger Woods

Usually, when I write about the Trump Effect, it is to sip the tears of some dumb bunny who started a feud with Donald John Trump -- and ruined their career. Actress Jennifer Lawrence being the latest addition to my list.

But on this Sunday morning, let me tell a tale from the positive side of the Trump Effect.

Tiger Woods is one of the few celebrities not to dump on Trump.

He golfed with Obama. He golfed with President Trump, at least twice: one month before the election and the day after Thanksgiving last year.

Other professionals also have golfed with Trump as president. Jack Nicklaus golfed with the president the day after the Woods outing last year.

"Trump has already played golf with Woods, Japan's Hideki Matsuyama, Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy and women's world No. 3 Lexi Thompson during his time at the White House," CNN reported.

"The 71-year-old lavished praise on Matsuyama, who branded it 'an honor' to be given the opportunity to take to the course with the U.S. president."

Of course, it is an honor to golf with the president.

And it is prestigious to golf with Trump. Long before he entered politics, he golfed with the pros.

In fact, with Jack Nicklaus's help, Trump was able to get a championship-level golf course built in the Bronx.

And Tiger Woods -- who once was the toast of golf and America -- has had the honor to golf with a couple of them.

His career collapsed after his ex-wife caught him cheating on her and hit him with a golf club. He became a pariah to many and the butt of jokes. He had earned a billion in endorsements and earnings on the pro tour. The affair and the divorce wiped him out. And his golf game went south.

But Trump doesn't care. And Woods caught a little of the Trump Effect this weekend at the Valspar Championship in Palm Harbor, Florida. Woods is down one shot going into today's final round. He hasn't won a tournament in five years.

"The idea of an 80th PGA Tour victory for Tiger Woods seemed all but forgotten just a few months ago. But now the 14-time major champion is just one day away from that possibility," Bob Harig of ESPN wrote.

Woods told reporters, "It feels good to be up here. I've been in this position many times. I've won my share of events here and overseas, and so I like to be one back or near the lead. I've been here before. But I have to execute. There's a lot of guys up there with a chance.''

He's 42.

He's on the comeback.

The Trump Effect is Making Golf Great Again -- for Tiger Woods.


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  1. I have no doubt that Woods voter for Donaldus Magnus.

  2. One of the many amazing things about American culture is our ability to forgive. (Gee, wonder where that came from?) The crowd at Innisbrook yesterday clearly has. So has Mr. T. And, so have I. Win the damn thing today, Eldrick. It'll be one of THE great stories of the year.

  3. For the dems, thinking Stormy and Karen can bring him down. You can see, we just don't care. I wouldn't want my dirty laundry out there, and neither do you. But the left is too stupid to look at events and make cogent decisions. For that, we can be thankful. I'll be watching this afternoon, all 18 if I have the time. He is a magnificent player, talent, and thinker. Kind of like POTUS.

  4. Remember, the left and the feminists supported and defended a rapist and a serial sexual harasser in BJ Clinton and claimed it didn't matter. Now they can't figger out why we're not upset about Trump. We're just playing by their rules. As Kurt Schlichter said about the left, "They're gonna hate the new rules." - GOC

  5. Trump is the greatest president since the founders.
    Woods is still a shit ball. : ))

  6. I don't think there's much chance Tiger can ever rehabilitate his reputation and regain his stature as The Great Endorser, but I wouldn't mind him regaining his prowess on the course and winning a few tournaments from here on out so he can retire with the dignity he is due as one of the greatest golfers of all time.

  7. I will always owe Tiger Woods a debt of gratitude. My late Dad was a huge Tiger fan and spent countless hours watching him in his heyday. Ditto for Michael Jordan.

  8. Tiger's game went to pot mostly because of injuries. The guys who break the golf swing into a science will tell you that he puts tremendous pressure on his knees and back. Time will tell if he can still compete at that level.

  9. > The affair and the divorce wiped him out.

    Bing estimates Woods is worth over $700 million. In my book, that's not exactly "wiped out."