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Monday, March 05, 2018

Tom Brokaw, Podesta's puppet

Bored, I flipped through the dial last night and came upon the boring section of Comcast Incorporated's "Meet the Press," a weekly show in which NBC personalities publicize this week's anti-Trump propaganda from John Podesta and the like.

This week's theme was Chaos in the White House. Hope Hicks left, evidently outed as a leaker. You leak, you leave.

The panel included presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, who showed her ignorance about President McKinley. She said his high tariffs "lost" a trade war. Eight years of unprecedented economic expansion -- shaking off the depression President Cleveland left him -- says otherwise.

Goodwin also showed how little she actually has studied President Trump.

"Tariffs involve collaboration. He doesn't have a collaboration bone in his body. It's a matter of making compromises with all these other countries and working out something together with the Congress and the country. And all of a sudden, one night, he gets mad, here we are," she said.

Has she read "The Art of the Deal"?

Trump has dealt with businessmen and banks across the globe. And here is this woman whose stock portfolio is probably baseball trading cards and Hummel figurines telling the world that he knows nothing about economics.

He also has the power to levy tariffs without congressional approval.

Even CNN knows this.

But for true unintelligence, one must turn to Tom Brokaw, who in retirement no longer sounds as if he has marbles in his mouth. Perhaps he has lost them.

"Well, he had no foundation to be the president of the United States. Because he ran his empire in New York hot and cold out of his back pocket. He didn't have a group of directors. He was always kind of working the financial system. He was stiffing people on his bills, any number of law firms in New York or other people who dealt with him will tell you these god-awful stories about how he behaved during that time," Brokaw said.

Back pocket?

He was no drug dealer turned community organizer.

Trump had 22,000 employees. NBC Universal, which includes NBC, has 33,000 employees. Brokaw has none.

But like Kearns, Brokaw never studied the man and knows nothing about him. Brokaw is the superficial leading the clueless.

"So when he got to the White House, he thought he could just have an extension of that, to be a reality television star, to kind of have a lot of collapsed businesses when you stop and think about it, the Trump steaks, the Trump ties, the Trump schools, all that stuff. He brought all that into Washington D.C. and the heart of the most important office in the world." Brokaw said.

"I said earlier this week, if you're in Des Moines, Iowa, and the biggest bank in town, or the local university, or the biggest manufacturer in town started to behave like this, there would be people in the streets in those communities saying, 'We can't go on like this, it’s the center of who we are.'"

And therein lies the problem. Washington thinks it owns the country -- that we serve it -- that we should pay it trillions of dollars and never question where the money goes.

Electing Trump just changed that. We brought in a hard-nosed CEO. You can see why this upsets those in Washington.


The media chose to go to war with Donald John Trump in 2017 rather than accept him as president.

The media chose poorly.

From Leslie Eastman's review at Legal Insurrection:
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  1. Brokaw's the hypocrite who was all anti-Establishment and then called the Establishment the Greatest Generation once they'd been shoved aside by the Lefties.

  2. Doris used to brag about floating around LBJs pool with him discussing the world in general. That was a long time before her plagiarism charge though, which she blamed on her assistants. But being a liberal she had an in to the Talk show circuit where she is always introduced as a "presidential Historian" implying she is in the know when no one else is. How many assistants has the Pope one might ask.
    Brokaw managed to hold on to his reputation when others in his business were losing theirs so he is always trotted out by shady characters like Todd as backup. You know Huntley Brinkley lives. Unfortunately he has fallen into party gossip from the Manhattan Trump Hating Society, which has many members. To these people Trump is a tunnel person, that is he doesn't really belong on the island of goldplate with them. Why he doesn't even have a palace in the Hamptons where he can hand out cashmere sweaters to his guests to take the chill off those catered September nights. All that gold in his penthouse is the sign of a vulgarian. Someone of real worth like Bloomberg plants his tiny tiny ass on a nice million dollar Chippendale. And that accent, my God.
    It is too late. He is president, they are fading to black. As Cicero says, the ages cannot erase him or his achievements. His detractors like Doris, Tom and Chuck be just memory pings for awhile then nothing at all. So unfair, you know.

  3. How come we only heard of one company that claimed Trump stiffed them? Where are all those others? Wouldn't they have been coming out of the woodwork (or brickwork, or steelwork) to badmouth him? Wouldn't the opposition have paid them to come forward against him?
    It's safe to say that Trump understood that if a business continually stiffs its workers/contractors, pretty soon that business can't find any more workers/contractors who will work with them.
    And aside from the fact that P.Trump became "a reality television star" only because of his success as a businessman, there's some flabbergasting hypocrisy in his being criticized for that, by a television anchorman! As one famous member of that group used to say, “Good night, and good news.”

  4. Brokaw also seemed to be on pretty friendly terms with Matt Lauer, or as he pronounced it, Yower. Inquiring minds want to know, Tom. What did you know and when did you know it?

  5. "Well, he had no foundation to be the president of the United States"

    And Obama did?

  6. Ha! As far as I am concerned, "Lost his marbles" wins the internet for the week!

  7. Para 7, Don: "And here is this woman... telling the world that " Telling the world that what? That invisible ink always throws me off!

    Of course Oblabla had "qualifications." He was from Chicago, and knew where the bodies were buried!

  8. Man the sequels to your books are going to be awesome too, Don! -- BJ54

  9. Brokaw sounds like he’s doing a bad Johnny Carson impression.

  10. No foundation? 30 years of business success and degrees in anthropology and economics from the number one business school in the world, Wharton?

    Reality TV star? Well, after succeeding in many other fields (best seller with his first book, global real estate and resort buildings and holdings,marketing genius), he decides to give H-wood a try. First time out, he creates and produces the number one show -- and yeah, starred in it too. So nice try, Tom, but your ignorance and desire to belittle does not apply.

    Oh, yes -- then he decided he needed a new challenge so he hit DC -- as a senator or even a news personality? no, first time, he beats 17 other candidates, the Clinton and Bush dynasties, the media, the FBI/DOJ and state, a rigged election and even the other side's help from the Russians -- to become president, and the electoral college was not even close.

    Tell us again, Tom...your wisdom is so entertaining.

  11. All these "smart" enemedia people are, as W said, "misunderestimating" Mr. Trump. Of course, W is too.


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