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Thursday, March 08, 2018

The case against legalized prostitution in one photo

The Associated Press reported on the plight of African refugees working as street prostitutes in Italy.

Sad life, but what struck me was the woman in the picture. She encapsulated what the problem is with prostitution: other women.

The photo showed five women in gaudy pants who may have been hookers. They were on the street in what looked to be a poor neighborhood amid small businesses.

In the center was a woman in jeans walking up the street with bags of groceries. Behind her was another lady who looked like she was waiting for a bus.

Now 40 years ago when I came home to Cleveland from the Army and resumed college, there was a problem with street hookers near the campus -- on Prospect Avenue. A city councilwoman complained of being approached by a john while she was on her way to church. (This was a Wednesday night service.)

So much for prostitution being a victimless crime.

In Rome today, women who are not on city council likely get accosted.

Advocates of prostitution say they would ban street hooking. They envision McBrothels.

But you still have the problem with the hookers themselves.

"Nigerian teenagers and young women selling sex is a common sight for motorists in Italy. Working along roadsides and secondary highways in cities big and small, they are a haunting reminder that while Italy has been successful in curbing immigration from Libya, it has largely failed to help a fraction of the migrants trafficked as sex slaves," Trisha Thomas of the Associated Press wrote.

"Between 10,000 and 30,000 Nigerian prostitutes are estimated to be walking Italian streets, often to pay off the debts they incurred to get there. Government figures show 1,172 trafficked people were rescued and given special protection in 2016, about 700 of them Nigerian women and girls. More than 100 were minors."

Please note that Hillary and Obama opened these floodgates of hell by overthrowing the Gadhafi government, which led to chaos. which led to the invasion of Italy. Hillary would have been the worst thing for American women since pantyhose.

Legalizing prostitution will help no one but the state, which will take its cut. Making Uncle Sam the pimp is not the answer, but rather a whole new set of problems.


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  1. The road from Naples to Gaeta, Italy is a gaudy one. The ladies will literally show you their "Goods" as you approach and pass in a car.

  2. Rose McGowan, call your office.

  3. Prostitution? “This case has already been won in arbitration and anything beyond that I would refer you to the President’s outside counsel" --Sarah Huckabee Sanders, March 7.2018. If two consenting adults want to engage in sexual quid pro quo just be sure to report the hush money to the FEC as a contribution in kind. So much winning.

    1. Why would you have to report something that happened before you were a candidate? Hilary didn't.

  4. Legalizing prostitution, like legalizing gambling, won't get the thugs out of it, it just legitimizes them.

  5. They are not "being trafficked as sex slaves". They willingly become prostitutes and willingly contract with pimps to export their "trade" to other countries. And our foolish Congress has given the ones in the US protection against being deported because of the pretense that they are "helpless to say no". Put them in jail, and send them home.

  6. In Western Australia, "sex work" is legal, and prostitutes can advertise in the newspapers. Street walking is not legal, though brothels are.

    This seems to have minimized the problem, but there are (at least when I last lived there, about 12 years ago) still areas where women ply their age-old trade on the streets, especially in summertime. Outside some pubs, it would be really hard to tell who is/isn't a girl-for-hire. There are also places catering to homosexuals, so no one gets left out.

    I very much doubt that prostitution can ever be eliminated, only minimized. Italy's problem isn't so much the prostitution, it's allowing the women (and the men) from outside Italy to enter the country to begin with!

    And the councilwoman who was approached by a "john"- well, I'd like to see how she was attired before judging. If she was dressed like those "girls that want to have fun" in the photo above, shouldn't she have been expecting an approach?

    Perhaps the guy wasn't a "john" at all; he might have just wanted to offer her a ride to the yoga class!

  7. But just think about how "vibrant" the streets are...

  8. Things like this are why I am not a Libertarian.

    -Mikey NTH

  9. The "victimless crime" thing was another of those fantasies the Don't Trust Anybody Over 30 crowd tried to palm off on people.

    When, f'rinstance, married couples were approached outside the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, the reality set in fast.