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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The B in FBI must stand for bullies

As FBI director, Bob Mueller was dogged in the pursuit of Steven J. Hatfill, a virologist at the Army's laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Mueller was convinced Hatfill sent anthrax to people, killing five persons. Mueller made his life hell.

Hatfield was innocent. Taxpayers paid $5.8 million because of Mueller's bullying tactics.

Bush 43 refused to hold Mueller accountable and fire him.

Mueller thus set the tone for the FBI's hierarchy. Fox News reported that a woman claims the Dazed and Confused Andy McCabe made her life hell.

"Robyn Gritz, who said she served 16 years with the bureau fighting terrorism, told Fox and Friends that she celebrated McCabe's dismissal and that it brought back memories of how he allegedly mistreated her," Fox News reported.

"Gritz said that she began working with McCabe in 2005 until she ultimately resigned several years later. She said McCabe retaliated against her for filing a harassment claim against one of her supervisors."

I believe her because McCabe is a sniveling little liar who leaked classified information to the press for personal and political gain. I have no doubt President Trump would not hesitate to indict McCabe, Comey, and anyone else who abused power in the post-Mueller FBI.

Power is the most corrosive thing on Earth, and weak sisters like McCabe and Comey are too easily corrupted.

"I went through hell for a year and a half," Gritz said. "Andy made sure I couldn't get out of the division."

After we prosecute, let us take steps to reduce the FBI's power by replacing it with a scaled back service that augments local and state law enforcement agencies.

The Founding Fathers were wise. They knew men are weak. They limited the government to avoid this abuse.

We expanded it.



  1. Isn't Trump's water getting heavy?

    Even Rush was feeling the burn last Friday:
    "I try to be a guy governed by my thoughts, but I’m not liking the way I’m feeling. I’m feeling like I just saw Donald Trump get on the escalator and go back up."

    At that thought 2/3's of the nation cracked a smile....

    The crook in the White House will be held to account. All the moaning and working the refs isn't helping. Even the lawyers are jumping ship.

    Mueller is coming.

    1. Not to worry Anonymous - Trump has no path to 270.

    2. Tell you what. I'll hold Trump's water; you hold your breath, while we wait for Godot-- I mean Mueller.

    3. "The crook in the White House will be held to account." You mean the crook who used to be in the White House? Are you talking about BJ Clinton or Obungler? - GOC

  2. The FBI has outlived its purpose. State law enforcement agencies now have the capabilities to communicate faster than crooks can cross state borders and give temporary jurisdiction to allow hot pursuit where resources are limited.

    It can either be altered or done away with.

    Problem is that is not the way government works. We will continue to pour money into this bureaucratic husk forever.

  3. You can tell that Don’s blog is getting popular based on the number of trolls that are showing up.

  4. There is a need for something similar to the FBI. But, it's jurisdiction must be limited to Federal lands and it should have investigation power only, no power of arrest.

  5. The list of criminals is long. Prosecution will take a while. Reform as soon as the criminals are out of their offices.

  6. The FBI's first job always has been to do whatever it could to enhance the FBI's fame and fortune. Solve crimes? Not so much.

    Yes, we should get rid of the FBI.

  7. That the FBI is abusing its power is no surprise. It's done so since J. Edgar Hoover. The Feebs' power has gone unchecked for such a long time, it's taken for granted now. It should have been dismantled years ago.

  8. And we want to get rid of the Second amendment because?

    US Marshals. dovetail the various fornsic and intelligence branches clean house..

  9. The orange one is looking for help: