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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Tariffs are a bargaining chip

President Trump's tariffs on imported aluminum and steel are symbolic of how he operates. The tariffs are bold, supported by the working class, and driving the Washington Establishment wild.

And of course, the tariffs will achieve his goal of getting better trade deals.

The Art of the Deal requires that you have something to offer the other fellow. Trump now has something to offer other countries: tax relief.

In exchange, he wants a better trade deal. The NAFTA negotiations are sluggish. A threat to close steel and aluminum mills gets their attention.

You see, unlike Dick Gephardt and other opponents of NAFTA, Trump does not want to kill the agreement. He wants to re-negotiate.

Just like Obamacare. Trump did not want to kill it. He wanted to repeal and replace it.

This is the opposite of extremism. Trump fancies himself as a great wheeler-dealer who can get trade agrements that improve everyone's economy -- especially the American economy.

People are starting to notice. A Democratic congressional insider who frequently tips DC Whispers really laid it on Trump.

"Donald Trump is a political genius. FULL STOP. In the days after his steel and aluminum tariff announcement, I’m told union leadership in this country have been inundated with messages of support for Trump from their members. Think about it. All those crucial Midwest swing states are becoming Trump Country as he fights to save the Rust Belt. And he did this within weeks of people seeing more money in their paychecks following the Trump tax cuts," DC Whispers reported its tipster said.

Trump is not just fighting to save the Rust Belt; anyone can do that.

No, he has figured out how to save the Rust Belt. He has repealed regulations that inhibit the production of aluminum, chemicals, and steel.

(I mention them because they were all vital industries in West Virginia when I moved here 37 years ago. We were not just a coal state. But now most of those jobs are gone.)

Then he cut the world-leading corporate tax rate down to the size of your average European Union nation.

Now he is renegotiating trade deals that have promoted unfair trade.

His is a carefully crafted plan behind a facade of chaos and confusion. His fog of war machine is on continuously.

Delivering on his plan to save the Rust Belt is what will catapult Trump's presidency into the Mount Rushmore orbit. This is exactly what Trump supporters wanted, expected, and need.

"It’s why we have senior Democrat politicians reaching out to the President now. They have no choice. Their state voters demand it. Donald Trump is much more popular among the Working Class than what is being told to us by the media," the DC Whispers insider said.

"THEY LOVE HIM. Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, knows this. Ohio voters want him to work with Trump and that’s what Brown is doing. Brown is a big union guy. The unions are telling him to get behind Trump because Trump appears all in for fighting for the union workers.

"It’s another type of Reagan Democrat phenomena that made Reagan so popular – far more popular than the media back then was portraying him as being. Trump is creating more and more Trump Democrats by the hour."

I would remind the Republicans in Washington that there are Trump Republicans. We are the majority in the party.

Passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 should save the party in November.

But really, many Trump supporters don't care. How many times has Paul Ryan given up on Trump over something Trump said? I stopped counting after the Billy Bush tape.

We go by what Trump does.

All most Republicans do is talk.

The caterwauling over tariffs was typical of the Washington melodrama that most of us detest.

It's not about Washington. It's about the USA. Trump just made himself a bargaining chip. We shall see what develops.


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  1. I enjoy watching Trump make the monkeys dance.

  2. WV killed a lot of those jobs all on their own. As you know, Charleston was not exactly friendly to business and much of it was run out of town by state gov and idiots in unions. The environment for business is better than it was, but still not what it should be.

  3. And these union members might want to think about whom they vote for in the 2018 midterms. A vote for a Dimocrat is a vote against Trump policies. A vote for a Dimocrat is a vote for ex-Speaker Blinky. A vote for a Dimocrat is a vote for Chuck Schumer. No matter what your Dimocrat candidate tells you he will toe the party line and oppose Trump. Remember the State of the Union. The Dimocrats sat on their hands. Manchin started to stand up but Schumer put a stop to that. Remember that West Virginia. - GOC

  4. Bravo, Don.

  5. I used to drive by the Sinter Plant in the Northern Panhandle. You could SMELL the heat.

    We have the coal. We can make the coke for the steel plants. All energy is cheaper nearer the source. West Virginia has many assets and even more possibilities. Weirton Steel, anyone? Century Aluminum? P?Petrochemicals? Cracking plant? Some of those jobs will be coming back. - Elric

  6. He won 30 states even with 7 million fraudulent votes in the Demos' hip pocket.

    Add at least 10 states more next time. If all the illegals go home (or even half), it may be close to 20 more.

  7. Another great post, Big D. Spot-on about we Surberites, too. Hahaha. WE are the face of the party now. The CPAC Straw Poll results bear that out. TWEET MORE, MR. T!!!