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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sore Loser Bush whines

Not Your President Jeb Bush gave an example at Yale of why most Republicans thought him unfit for the presidency. He's such a sore loser, he should change his name to Hillary.

Mister Low Energy took an odd jab at Trump.

Little Jebbie called a RINO.

"Bush described the current president as 'Republican in basically name only,'" the Yale Daily News reported.

Tax cuts? (Check.)

Regulation rollbacks? (Check.)

Appointing a Scalia instead of a Harriet Miers or Souter? (Check.)

Jerusalem as capital of Israel? (Check.)

America first? (Check.)

If that's a RINO, give me 218 of them in the House and another 60 in the Senate.

The Yale newspaper (and likely the only ones covering his talk at Yale) also reported, "Bush said that after the 2016 Republican primary in South Carolina, he returned home to children who 'actually love me.' His comment was met with raucous laughter from the crowd, and several audience members interviewed after the event said they interpreted Bush’s comment as a jab at Trump."

I don't see that as a shot at Trump. Rather I see Jeb as a father putting an electoral loss in perspective. Politicians know kids are off limits. Besides, Trumps kids are extremely loyal. Not a Patti Davis in the bunch, and while she opposed her father's politics, she loved him.

But if it was a shot at Trump, it misfired like Jeb's presidential campaign.

While I get that presidential losers do have something worthy to say, I do not get the Fake RINO charge.

"If there was ever need for a Bill Buckley-like approach, to transforming conservatism in this country, it is right now. Maybe not a 19th-century or a 20th-century version of conservatism but certainly a 21st-century version of that. And sadly the fracturing of the conservative movement could not come at a worse time," Jeb said.

The only fracturing I see are globalists and New World Order RINOs like Jeb and his father not accepting Trump as the leader of the party and as the president.

Sore losers.


  1. Given that Jeb!'s whole low-energy speech was an anti-Trump, anti-president polemic, I think he intended his insinuation. But let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's say he mis-spoke. Sort of like Idiot John Kerry with his "you get stuck in Iraq" comment. So, under the pro-Jeb! interpretation, you have someone so experienced in communications that he was positively born into the presidency saying something stupid and insulting contrary to his intent. And we're supposed to trust him to speak his intentions clearly to Putin, Xi and the Rocket Man? And that's merely the pro-Jeb! spin.

    The Bushes are nasty miserable people who just need to disappear under a rock, pronto. And take their little two-faced Texas Land Commissioner with them.

    1. All I am saying is it is a partial quote from a college student. I don't trust it. Too easy.

    2. The problem is that the whole Bush Family Clan (except the one who had a rough primary in TX) has a history of being pro-Clinton, pro-Obama, and anti-POTUS-Trump. So there is zero reason to give Low Energy Jeb! any benefit of a doubt. Zero.

      Especially as to what constitutes a real conservative and a real Republican.

    3. Indeed, Anon @7:49pm!

      There's little room for granting a “reasonable doubt”, even taking into account the partial and student nature of the report

      ¿Jeb? (...and for the most part the rest of his clan), in the business world, have history thick with incidents of vindictive statements and actions for those who cross The Family.

      But, more to the point: this seems a set-piece, a repeated portion of a more pointed version of a jab reused from a couple of earlier speeches ¿Jeb? gave December and January last.

      It's about the level of sneaky nastiness I expect from Cankles voters.
      – BmG

  2. Jeb! Is pathetic. Almost as much as Hillary a Rodham.

    PDJT’s accomplishments are quite republican. To paraphrase a David Allen Coe song, “if that ain’t republican, I’ll kiss your ass”.

  3. Pity that Jeb! can only attack Americans, has nothing to say to enemies of America.

  4. One of the children of Jeb who loves him endorsed Trump and sought (and received) Trump's endorsement in his re-election primary in Texas. Maybe he resents Trump having political influence that can help his son but he doesn't. Whatever. Jeb is finished. He tried to buy the presidency.

    1. Jeb! wasn't trying to get elected, he was trying to get the slinky elected.


  5. I'm pretty sure I know, but I wish Jeb! would outline this new 21st-century brand of conservatism. I'm sure the first leg of that stool is amnesty, but I wonder where it goes from there...

  6. Jeb! seems a bit butt hurt. Poor Jeb!

  7. "My Kids ‘Actually Love Me.’" They love their real fathers more, of course, but such is the life of a cuck. At least they appreciate the money you spend on them.

  8. Jeb never had his brother's ambition or his father's sense of duty when it came to the rigors of presidential campaigning. He had an unfortunate sense of entitlement, probably enhanced by the fact that he had to be coerced into running by his fans like George Will and other pure breds. He said himself he had better things to do and would be giving up a great life to serve as POTUS. It was the Mexican heritage of his wife and son that did him in in the end. He just couldn't become a wall supporter for emotional reasons. He was a patriot however. I saw myself the yellow ribbon tied around the tree in his front yard in Boca Grande while his son was in Afgahnistan. For the time and place in which he ran he was and remains the wrong guy. His shot at Trump was unworthy even though Trump was not kind to his father or his brother. He should go back to the great life he said he had before and move along in his life.

    1. It hardly was Jeb!'s wife's Mexican heritage that dictated his open borders immigration policy. The support for the wall is because of the unholy alliance between the Country Club Republican Elite and the left wing Democrats to foist open borders and uncontrolled immigration on the populace here, Merkel style, just like in Europe.

      The Bush family couldn't rustle up a single principle among the whole gang. Jeb! could never support the wall because the Country Club wants cheap labor with no rights. Good riddance to all of the war-loving Bushes who send poor kids to wars they have no intention of letting them fight to victory.

    2. It was Obama who gave up in Iraq, not GW.

    3. Obama gave up, but long before that, W let the media run it into the ground.

  9. As your Dad once said, Jeb... “Read my lips” and go away!