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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Signing the budget defeats Iran

Thomas Wictor, "novelist and the planet's only expert on World War One flamethrowers," is a fascinating presence on Twitter who follows the war on terrorism by looking at non-U.S. players. He realizes that this is far from the United States going alone (as some romantic conservatives would prefer). He tries to see what Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other countries are up to.

His spin on the budget battle is tied into this.

Let me quote his tweet thread.
This is why Trump signed the omnibus spending bill.
He linked a EuroNews story, "Saudi general in charge of Yemen campaign speaks to euronews."

Huh? (OK, as a longtime reader, I know he is a big fan of the Saudi offensive in Yemen.)
Final sentence: "Assiri was with the crown prince in the states last week where they got  Trump's support for the offensive against Iran, for their operation in  Yemen and the rest."
Offensive against IRAN.
So regime change in Iran is on.
Wictor said this is why Trump signed the budget. He needs the defense appropriation to fund training of our soldiers for this.

More good news:
Trump is slapping China with all sorts of penalties.
Because we don't need their help in dealing with North Korea.
Like me, he believes we took out the North Korean nuclear capabilities in October when the mountain they used for developing and testing collapsed.

I said it was Rods from God last year.

Wictor said, "We used Rods From God."

Rods from God are tungsten rods 20 feet long and one foot wide that we placed in orbit. We release them over the target and gravity makes those rods travel at 10 times the speed of sound. Upon impact, you have a nuclear-bomb type hole without the fallout.

General Jim Mattis hinted in September that there might be a way to strike Nuke Mountain without putting Seoul at risk. A month later, either an earthquake or the U.S. Space Force hit the mountain.

Which brings me back to Wictor's take on not vetoing the budget. Trump needs the defense money.
So North Korea has surrendered.
McMaster resigned, because he won.
Now he goes back to the Army.
McMaster was a loaner.
Enter John Bolton, a guy who has balls of steel.
Regime change in Iran will require balls of steel.
Ergo, John Bolton.
Steel. Pfft. Trump's are tungsten. Can withstand more heat and hit harder.

Many readers have pointed out this is a continuing resolution rather than an actual budget. That means the deal ends September 18, instead of at the end of the federal budget year, which is September 30. That will wreck Democratic plans for November.

The deal does not include money for the wall. Wictor is dismissive about the wall.
Since wall-heads are never satisfied, and since they're angry no matter what, my guess is that Trump has something ELSE up his sleeve.
Before the midterms, I think we're going to learn a hell of a lot about Democrat criminality.
On a level that nobody anticipated.
Trump will GO THERE.
Wictor is wrong about the wall. We need one for when Trump is not the president.

But Victor gets the big picture. By November, the swamp will be drained to the point where you see the lost boots, the old tires, and maybe Jimmy Hoffa's body.

Those of you who were upset on Friday should feel better.

It was a battle President Trump could not win. He does not fight those. He instead concentrated on a bigger battle.

Saving civilization from savages.


  1. Interesting stuff.

    I would, however, love it if The Donald chose not to spend all of that money, which he has the right to do (or not do).

    But we agree that the new bill in September will be a millstone around the Demos' necks.

    1. Trump is frugal and he gets results. That's how he ran his campaign and how he fixed the Wollman Skating Rink fiasco for NYC.

    2. It would be fantastic if PDJT gave s speech in late August/September that he saved $300 billion from the continuing resolution by not spending it because we don’t need most of that crap.

    3. That would be something just not spend a good chunk between now and then. But both an Act of Congress says he cannot.

      However, he can propose rescission, then Congress has 45 days to approve, though they are not required to vote. But that 45 days, if properly timed, could work.

  2. I STILL don't get this. Everybody's saying it's Trump's money. It's not - it's Congress's. Stretch and Chuckie are gonna spend it like drunken sailors and nobody can stop them. Nobody. What am I missing here?

    1. This seems like an easy question to answer, but it's not. The Congress can pass spending bills; those allocate money for various agencies and purposes. The Executive Branch, headed by the President, manages how the money is spent according to the priorities set by the President, fixed allocations according to law, etc. Can there be conflict between what the Congress wants and what the President wants? Boy howdy, there sure can be!

      Trying to figure this out isn't easy- remember, a lot of politicians think that they have unlimited power to do whatever they like, and that the legislation they pass is the final word, and further that the Constitution only provides suggestions (it's a "living document," so change it as needed, right?)

      My bet is that President Trump has already threaded this needle, and will spend the money for the things he wants to spend it on, and not the Dems wish list.

      That also fits in with what Thomas Wictor (a man for whom I have the highest respect) has tweeted out, and which Don Surber has used as a springboard for this excellent posting!

    2. There hasn't been a budget for nine years. When funds are budgeted they must be spent as budgeted. Nixon found out he couldn't "sequester"funds. Obama spent without a budget on things that were his priority. President Trump will act like Obama did. Of course this will go to the courts just like the travel ban and it will end up in the Supreme Court. BTW: He can slow roll spending and he will..

    3. "My bet is that President Trump has already threaded this needle, and will spend the money for the things he wants to spend it on, and not the Dems wish list." "BTW: He can slow roll spending and he will.."

      The courts can order the president to spend the money and he will have to unless he wants to defy them openly. They have done it before, they will do it again because the lower courts have become lawless in their efforts to protect the Obama legacy.

  3. I suspected as much, but now I know. Mr. Surber is a fellow Wictorite. If you'll check out TW's most recent twitter feed from last night you'll see that President Trump has the money for the wall and work will begin forthwith. It was buried under Defense appropriations. And what is a border wall if not Defense and National Security? We had to pass the CR to find out what was in it! Nancy and Chuck voted to fund the border wall without DACA. Win-Win! - Elric

  4. Good one, Don. We are far from done. and
    the lit Zippo's about to be tossed into the gas filled swamp..
    Years ago I had as a client a fellow who worked for the Lockheed "Skunk works"
    Aviation week had an article about the "rods" concept. My client said when I asked aboutit: "it is a workable concept."
    That was it.. TG

    1. Jerry Pournelle first proposed it as "Project Thor" back in the 80s in one his "There Ill Be War" Anthology series. I thought it was a capital idea. Using Tungsten would prevent most of the ablation you would get with steel. It is quite a workable concept.

    2. Robert A. Heinlein had the same concept in "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" (1966) when the Moonies catapulted moon rocks to Earth; the rocks hit with the force of atom bombs, but without the radiation.

      Maybe one day we'll actually have people living on the Moon; we're way behind schedule for that, too.

    3. I think Kelly Johnson-the genius behind the Snunk works may have had the idea in '64...
      Not to say Pournelle or Heinlein
      weren't presecent. TG

    4. Pournelle proposed it in the 1950's, while working at Boeing.

  5. I must say, the President is the first person I've ever come across that, when I initially disagree with him, I check my logic first. Then I look for a bigger picture.

  6. Wowser. Trump defeats Iran with $1.3 trillion crap-ulous budget??

    I frequently appreciate Don Surber's take on Trump world when it appears either Trump or events are spinning into bizarro world, but I can't swallow this trumpian swill.

    The harsh reality is Trump is a political neophyte. He brought a posse of free market strong arm tactics to a swamp rumble against monsters with an inexhaustible supply of tax $$$$ and sycophants.

    But the swamp roped a dope. Trump got played. The only art dealers here are RyanMcConnellSchumerPelosi. It's all the same swamp monster.

    Methinks this $1.3 trillion crap-ulous spending bill was crafted to buy off Grendel under the bridge in order to clear out the backlog of Trump's administrative and judicial nominees.

    That's it. And once Trump was apprised of that feature, he relented, and signed. Then tweeted.

    I think you missed the mark, Mr. Don.

    1. It was not a budget. It does not force him to spend the money as allocated by congress according to the constitution. He can treat it as a suggestion and ignore it.

  7. Trump has already served notice on Congress.

  8. Not angry with POTUS-Trump at all. I am still through with the GOP wing of the elite America-screwing, bipartisan fusion party. I will vote in November only for Republicans who promise the heads of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and John Cornyn on pikes outside the U.S. Capitol.

  9. Now he [McMaster] goes back to the Army.

    McMaster is retiring from the military, too.

  10. McMaster retiring makes me wonder if he might have been the leaker of "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" and retirement was the price extracted by Kelly on keeping quiet about it.

  11. The Wictor thread is fascinating. Rods from God explains a lot. We no longer need China to help with North Korea so the economic pressure on China ramps up. Saudi Arabia working with Israel to get rid of the mullahs is another interesting happening. The DOJ’s Inspector General report could destroy the liberals.

    Interesting times.

    1. You know I love you, Schlongy, but I'm still not bought in on this idea. STOP SPENDING SO MUCH!! I'm appalled that another reader in an earlier post said, Eh, 1.3 TRILLION in six months is no big deal - par for the course. If that's how Big D's readers feel, we're all fucked.

    2. Z - I hate the spending. I hate the RINOS - my eyes were truly opened during the Thad Cochrane primary runoff debacle in 2014.

      Based on what I am reading, I don't think PDJT will spend all of that money as it is a continuing resolution and not subject to the regular budget rules.

      If all of that money is spent (with much of it wasted or paid to insiders) then I agree with you.

  12. That's Thomas Wictor with a "W". Not trying to be picky, but offering this to Don's readers who may want to do a Twitter search for him. I follow him, and he does some really great analysis.

  13. As I see it, Trump rope-a-doped the Dems. He can spend or not spend any monies in the Omnibus as he sees fit with the following maneuver. Plus he will use the Army Corps of Engineers to build the wall. Just wait, every time peeps go nuts with one of DJT's decisions, it turns out to be a brilliant move.

    On Friday, POTUS sent a memo to the Speaker (Congress) advising The President has notified Congress that he's invoking the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

    Obummer used this declaration extensively. In a nutshell, it basically gives POTUS exclusive authority of where to spend the money from the Omnibus bill just signed into law.

    More here:

    A civics lesson on budgets.

    Liberals and Marxists are not happy about prepare yourselves for the inevitable "DICTATOR" screams from the commies when they find out Trump will get his whole wall using Pentagon funds and the Army Corps of Engineers to do it.

    DJT is like the RoadRunner Cartoons of yesteryear! He is the RoadRunner and the Marxists are the Coyote. Outsmarts them every time.

    I do worry about Mueller but, I think the IG and the assigned Dep. Atty Gen with them will take Mueller out soon enough.

    Over 18,500 sealed indictments country wide on the books right now. Usually less than 1,000 per year. Major news next month per POTUS is probably the IG/Dep Atty reports. Sessions is a sleeper who said, "we no longer say who/what we are investigating"...

    Then there is the question of "Q". Real or not? Haven't a clue but it is good for the soul.

    Good times ahead although the low information voters/readers don't bother to do the legwork required. Sad...

    ROTFLMAO @ the commies and Never Trumpers

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. JAG -

      Of course you, like me, are a conspiracy theorist - you know - the CIA's invented term for those who discover what is really going on.

      Good comment. Low information voters, those who didn't want Trump but held their nose voting because of Hillary, all of the #NeverTrumpers, you name it - all sorts out there.

      Donald betrayed them - BAD MAN! Novice!

      Yeah - one man against all the commie dem voters and the 535 quacks in Congress, all clamoring for their piece of the pie. So - what to do? Add to all of it a "deep state" intent on protecting its turf. How could a mere novice even begin to beat those odds?

      Donald got - all by himself as CiC - more than half of that 1.3 trill for the military. Sorry to all those who say Congress gets to spend all the dollars, too. No, they don't. They used an omnibus rather than a budget. Mistake one on their part. They tried to play chess, poker, you name it against a master. They all think they sold the salesman. In addition to my many years as a WCW, I spent over 20 years in sales. Both involved many of the same principles. I was many, many times brought into deals/situations that seemed beyond hopelessly lost. I closed most all of the deals.

      Donald, seemingly hemming and hawing every step of the way, seemed to cave. Commies dems congratulating one another; the Annie Coulters and all yet unconverted NRO types screaming everything short of treason, and commenters on countless sites speaking of betrayal, completely missed the victory THEY WANTED!

      As CiC - Donald directs the actions of the military, which likewise, involves directing the funds on hand. Folks seem to forget his executive action/order back in December. Not a good time to be a bad guy. He got a bit over 700 Bill - the 3100 miles of wall would cost 25 - maybe 30 Bill. Declare the border as a military necessity to be defended at all costs, send in the Army COE and the like to fix it by building the Wall - heh, heh! Chuck Schumer and Paul Ryan can commiserate over a lunch of blanched crow and sour wine and how they got totally had in all their "winning." Hey Chuck! -

      You don't even know the "six ways from Sunday Donald can gitcha!"

      Now to the math. Our last quarter GDP 2017 was $19.739 trillion. So with increasing the export-to-import ratio with either the threat of tariffs or the actual tariffs themselves, I reasonably expect 2018 to bit a good bit higher. The tax cuts, bonuses, wage increases, and new jobs increase purchasing power, and even the stock buy-backs benefit many - including millions of "employees" whose 401k's are in their own company's stock- will benefit from? Chris Wallace was such a loser in his interview with Mnuchin today. Clueless. Increase exports over against imports. GDP goes up.

      Now - all the screaming about the "damnable 1.3 Trill omnibus - it had to be hard for Donald to keep a straight face saying the things he said. I read countless doom n'gloom scenarios by those who cannot perform basic division. Let us posit that the GDP grows to 20 trill this year. Not at all unreasonable. So 1.3 trill is 15.3% of the nation's income.

      Thieves gonna be thieves, Donald figured in the end. Give the quacks in Congress their goodies - 583 bill. They run off to their constituents in rapturous praises upon themselves..

      Meanwhile, Donald has funded the wall completely, and hands the military 687 bill for weapons upgrades - the first (and far larger) of such size since Reagan's last in 1987. Something greatly needed, given the present state of matters!

      And we somehow lost?

      I think not.

  14. Wondering if rods need to be 100% tungsten or just cladding enough to be stable?

    1. The specific gravity of tungsten is a bit over 19, about the same as gold. Iron has a specific gravity of about 7. Thus, a rod of tungsten would have almost 3 times the mass as a similar sized rod of iron and thus 3 times the momentum and MUCH more than 3 times the destructive power.

  15. I don't understand why Iran is our enemy. I don't understand why the Russians are our enemy. Can someone explain?