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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Palestinian protests no longer matter

Call it the real global warming. American intellectuals were confused last May by the photo of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Saudi Arabian King Salman, and President Donald Trump placing their hands on a miniature globe in the opening ceremony of the Global Centre for Combating Extremist Ideology.

Being liberals, these intellectuals mocked what they could not understand, rather than explore it.

I, too, found it puzzling. And fascinating. In the 10 months since, we have learned that this is a new deal for the Middle East, years in the making. Arab Muslims are taking the lead in fighting terrorism.

I knew it was important by the way liberals mocked it.

Ignorantly, Jim Geraghty of National Review likened the photo to a comic book terrorist organization.
Geraghty is consumed by his deranged hatred of the president, who has made the mistake of actually implementing the very conservative policies that Geraghty has said he wanted for years. He talked the talk but dreads the walk because he secretly is a liberal gaming conservatives. Many of them are.

The United States had little to do with the sea change in the Middle East, which came despite the Obama regime, which pushed the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and sided with Iran.

But with Donald Trump as president, Arab Muslim know they have a friend in the White House. They know the American press largely lies about him.

Which brings us to Trump relocating the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

There is uproar on the fictional Arab Street that American journalists commonly refer to.

The Palestinians protested in Gaza during this Passover and Easter holiday.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit sees this as the death of the Death to Israel period of Arabian history.

"Nobody ever actually cared about the Palestinians. Now, with the new alignment of forces in the Mideast, hardly anyone is even pretending to care. The Palestianians will need a while to adjust to that, after which they may actually be in a position to make peace. In the meantime, expect increasingly desperate and futile efforts to attract attention," Reynolds wrote.

But if 4,000 years of Judaism has taught anything, it is that anti-Semitism never really dies. The Moroccan-born Frenchmen who killed a Holocaust survivor because she was Jewish have shown that "Never Again" lasted but 70 years in Europe.

Still, hope rises with the sun in the Middle East. We have again a president who appreciates it.

UPDATE: Melania also has her hand on the globe, left of the king's hand.


  1. Melania also had her hand on the globe which can be seen in some photo angles. Also the Palestinians are mostly

    1. Very good eye. I thought King Salman had two hands on the globe.

    2. Whether she actually has a hand on the globe or not pales in significance to the fact that she is in the picture and not wearing a headscarf. That was a VERY BIG DEAL.

  2. Correct. The Arabs have never cared about the Palestinians. If they had, they would have taken them into their own countries rather than letting them live in squalor in their refugee camps. They left them there to suffer so they would be a festering sore on Israel's border and a propaganda ploy to use in their ongoing war with Israel. Now, it seems, they are viewing Iran as a bigger enemy and the poor Palestinians are being thrown into the dustbin of history. Maybe now they will wake up and accept a realistic peace settlement. They threw away the best settlement they will ever get when Arafat walked away from the offer of Gaza, almost all of the West Bank, and East Jerusalem as the capital. They'll never get that offer again. As Abba Eban said, "The Palestinians have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

  3. The President has acheived what other presidents--except Barry--only hoped for; a truly pro-Western progressive House of Saud. It is an historic acheivement.

  4. As the process moves along the resistance still calls PDJT a failure on foreign policy. Hah.

  5. "Palestinians" are a 100 per cent fabrication made up to be a persistent internal threat to the Israelis. Their time in the spotlight has come and gone. With the latest CR they included the Taylor Force Act. Once the U.S. cuts off funds to the "Palestinian Authority," other nations will follow. Abbas will resign his third (?) unelected term as President and he and the rest of the leadership will retire to someplace nice to live out their days on the millions they have stolen. The "Palestinian people" will be left holding the bag and wondering, "What Happened?" - Elric

  6. The Arabs know they need to get this done during Trump's presidency. Who knows who will follow. So, they have either 3 or 7 years to clean out the outhouse. They will do it.