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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Obama's third term

The sudden anti-gun marches by children is not happenstance. Liberals are as spontaneous as a wedding. This was planned. They wanted the right shooting. They will wait years for one. This one fit because unlike, say, Dylann Roof's obviously racist slaying in a church.

No, liberals wait for an event that is slightly off-kilter and flawed.

Trayvon Martin was not a chubby cheeked kid who was was getting Skittles for his kid brother, but a man-sized high-school football player who was suspended from school three times. His mother gave up on him.

Michael D. Brown was not a gentle giant, but a neighborhood bully who went one person too far.

Liberals seek flawed cases because they want to give conservatives traction to oppose them because liberals want to battle. All the time. On all fronts because what liberals seek is power, and they know the power of the state peaks in times of chaos and turmoil.

The Parkland high school shooting was a classic case of government inaction.

The school didn't institutionalize him.

The FBI did not check out tips.

The sheriff's deputy didn't enter the building.

And so on.

This was the tragedy they were hoping for because this incident had so many gray areas.

The shooting spree triggered actions planned months ago. Are you kidding me? Dick's decided on the spur of the moment to restrict gun sales? Citigroup had an overnight revelation not to extend credit for certain gun sales? David Hogg came out of nowhere to lead this children's crusade?

We are seeing Black Lives Matter again. If Barack Obama had a school shooting, it would look like this.

The Me Too movement was carefully crafted as well. To be sure, taking out Harvey Weinstein sent Hillary a message to go away by attacking one of her top supporters.

But so far they have gained a Senate seat,

The goals are murky. Hogg for example talks about universal background and making school gun-free zones. The latter has been the law of the land for a quarter-century while the former has been the law of the land for 50 years.

This constant chaos introduced in the final two years of Obama's tenure would be here even if we foolishly elected Hillary. They need the pot stirred,

This is Maoism. This is Barack Obama's third term.

The only difference is the spying on political opposition has been outsourced to private industry in Silicon Valley.

Is Obama orchestrating it? Of course not. He's too lazy to bother with this.

But the people who put him in office are.


  1. They've also made a tactical blunder insofar as they have lost their plantation "marginalized" base. It reflects a (maybe hybrid) Cloward-Piven V2.0 strategy.

    African Americans want #2A; Hives are dangerous for them. They want to move out. Personal economics help them.

    Hispanic want #2A; They want to move out of urban hives for the same reason. Personal economics help them. Look at the GE percentages from 2012 to 2016.

    The suburb and rural citizens want #2A; They want urban hive dwellers to stay the f__k away from them because hive dwellers bring baggage that is in direct opposition to their personal freedom. Who doesn't want to pull the motor out of their F-150 in their driveway, or set up that 50 gallon drum smoker for a good cookout? Section 8 and architectural control committees are a downer for all kinds of freedom-esq yard activities.

    This basically leaves the chronically under medicated and dysfunctional co-dependents in the urban hives. In great numbers, I might add. They have those "feelz" that motivate them.

    It's merely the chaos part of Cloward-Piven that is in operation now, as Don outlines. They think Aunt Jean is experiencing chaos and will vote to eliminate it because they, as hive dwellers, "feel" something, and so must everyone.

  2. When Nancy Pelosi called the Tea Party movement astroturf, the word rolled off her lips with such facility it was obvious that it had been a part of her vocabulary for decades. It was a word used in private by libs to describe what they themselves were doing, and she thought she recognized this in others. It was another case of liberal projection.

    This is another contrived "mass movement" designed to keep their base activated, and have lines of communication handy for the fall elections. The best defense is a good offense. I only wish the right would pick up on this.

  3. The Democrats calculate HC would have won if she had received another +3% of the female vote. These recent movements are to try and increase that vote. The not even subliminal messages are vote D to protect children and prevent war. Jerking the usual chains. Democrats have long waged psyops touching on sex hate and envy. The R have avoided them in favor of fear mongering at best. They need to get a little more primal.

  4. "Truth is the first casualty of war."

    "War is a continuation of politics by other means."

  5. Both the Little Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are crisis actors. One source alleges the Little Hogg works for Podesta's outfit. We'll have to see about that.

    But it's clear the Lefties had everything ready and were just waiting for a suitable event.

    No wonder the Little Hogg reminded people of Der Fuhrer yesterday.

  6. Soros already had the check waiting. The whole thing is astroturf and the fact that there is no real echo of this stuff is that general population realizes what it is. Scott went with the libtard flow at first, and I think he will pay for it. The rest, I doubt it goes much further. Not even the GOPe wants to touch it.


  7. Maybe the Republicans should learn to emulate more Democrat tactics.

    Investigate things and discover facts regarding Dem illegalities and/or improprieties.

    Then, when a Republican goes on a talk show, especially live on-air ones, talk about the Dem illegalities, not whatever topic the interviewer wants to address. Pound the truth home.

    Followup those interviews with full-blown lawfare. Sue the Dems and their cronies at every turn.

    And speaking of the little Hogg, I saw something early on that his family has associations with Ted Lieu out in California. Anyone chase that down?

  8. When the real history of this era is written, the Sotero Administration and its aftermath will be the dirtiest ever.

    1. History is written by the victors.
      And it "ain't over 'till it's over".
      So let's not count our chickens before they hatch.

  9. Of course BHO is running this, why do you think he stayed in DC?

    1. He's not in DC, he's off touring the world's bath houses.

  10. If the American people wanted gun control Hillary would be president. She came right out of the gate claiming she'd wage war against the NRA, and look where it got her.