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Friday, March 23, 2018

No, Citigroup, you must bake the gay wedding cake

Credit card oligarch Citigroup thinks it can block the sale of guns.


It's a legal transaction. I am pretty sure that the courts will tell the bank to stick to banking, and disarm its politicking.

But for fun's sake, what if Citigroup were not in the pocket of the Democratic Party (huge supporters of presidential candidates the Clintons) and decided not to extend credit for late-term abortions?

Or better yet, what if Citigroup blocked abortions for people under 21?

Or best of all, what if Citigroup stopped all transactions with Planned Parenthood, including donations?

The Supreme Court is hearing a case in which Colorado tried to force a baker into baking a cake for a gay wedding.

Citigroup signed on to an amicus brief -- a third-party statement that tries persuade the court -- on behalf of the state.

So pretty much, the company has admitted that is has no right to discriminate against gun owners.

You cannot beg the court toforce a Christian baker to go against his religion, and then turn around and deny credit on a legal purchase simply because you don't like guns.

By the way, I know of no mass killer who bought weapons through his Citi card. Remember, it would not be virtue signalling if it actually accomplished anything of value.


  1. They are also trying to put restrictions on gun sellers and manufacturers that are their clients.

    Good luck with that too.

    There are other banks and credit cards for manufacturers, sellers and buyers to choose from.

  2. There are no announced plans that affect what you can buy on your citibank issued credit card.
    They say they will turn down new customers seeking loans if their business involves bump stocks, "high capacity" mags or they sell firearms to persons under 21.
    Say it with me... Illegal restraint of trade.

  3. The connection of Citi to the Human Rights Campaign amicus brief is a revealing find, Don. Well done.

    1. That would be the 'Human Rights Campaign' headed up by Terrance Bean - the heavy Obama cash bundler twice arrested for sodomy with minors...

  4. There's plenty of small and mid-sized (regional) banks out there who are not gonna be pulling this shit on you. Check em out.

  5. Not that I used by Citi-branded card very much, but now it's not going to be used at all.

  6. Just a rehashed version of operation "choke point." The ghost of Holder.

  7. Hey Citi - Ask Dick's Sporting Goods how its virtue signaling against guns is working out for them. - GOC

  8. I understand that the New York Mets play in Citi stadium. I won't be watching any of their games even if they are playing my beloved Cardinals.

  9. All I have to say is, I wouldn’t want to eat any cake that someone had been forced to bake against their will.

    Gays might want to consider that as they celebrate each successive apparent “victory” over reluctant bakers.