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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Never Trumper says "Roseanne" misrepresents Trump supporters

Ben Shapiro opposed Donald Trump's nomination and election but this does not stop Shapiro from being a spokesman for real Trump supporters. His gripe is with Roseanne Barr, titular star of "Roseanne" and an actual Trump voter.

The cast came together after a 20-year absence for a special nine-episode 10th season run.

Shapiro hates it.

"But there’s something else going on in Roseanne that should disturb conservatives: the redefinition of Trump supporters as blue collar leftists rather than conservatives. Roseanne’s character is pro-gay-marriage, pro-abortion, feminist, and pro-transgenderism — and the implication is that she is a good person because of these views. The real difference between Trump voters and Hillary voters are economic in nature, not cultural," Shapiro wrote.

Oh, so you have to be homophobic, transphobic, and the rest of that basket of deplorables in order to vote for Trump.

Thank you, Hillary Shapiro.

"Television hasn’t featured a respectful depiction of a typical Republican-voting woman in decades. And Roseanne isn’t it. Roseanne could just as easily have been a Bernie supporter as a Trump supporter, because she is a class heroine, not a cultural one — and the Left believes that the only path to unity between Right and Left is to cast out the cultural right. That’s what Roseanne does implicitly," Shapiro wrote.

He is freaking out because the character Roseanne accepts a grandson who wears a dress, and has in the past attended gay weddings even before they were recognized by the state. And the character considered aborting her baby in a late-life pregnancy.

I get that he wants to fight the cultural war, but let us examine what is going on: the Connors are a mess. Always have been. Always will be. Most families are.

The show has dealt with drugs, child abuse, and failure. The drywall business failed. The motorcycle shop failed. The restaurant failed. Even winning the lottery failed.

That abortion storyline ended pro-life. She kept the baby.

And what is she supposed to do about the grandson who wears dresses? Unconditional love is just that. If it were her son, that would be different. But she accepts the grandson in a dress because that's what grandmas do. They love 'em, hug 'em, and send 'em home when they are tired of them.

But Shapiro does not get that.

"The vast majority of Trump’s support base was conservative, and objected to Hollywood values being crammed down their throats on issues ranging from same-sex marriage and abortion to feminism and transgenderism. Trump’s populism sprang directly from culture wars, not from economic issues: it sprang from anger at intersectional politics, coastal elitism, and disdain for traditional values. According to Roseanne, however, those concerns make you a deplorable. Which means that Roseanne is still preaching Hillary’s message, even if it pretends to hat-tip Trump supporters," Shapiro wrote.


Roseanne's peers denounced her for supporting Trump.

Shapiro's peers praised him for opposing Trump.

She is entitled to depict her character any way she wants. And if she doesn't fit a Never Trumper's stereotype of Trump supporters as poor lost conservative souls, more power to her.


  1. Sure, I'd love to see an episode where they have an "Armed Citizen" 2A theme. Say, a home invasion where Roseanne and grandkids retreat to a bedroom and she unpacks her weapon. The robbers leave after ransacking but we get to see her terrified and determined. And see the dependents, when hassled at school about evil guns, saying "she was ready to kill or be killed to protect us".

    Now THAT would be an episode. But it's their show, and they're welcome to use it to "bring America together" whatever that means LOL.

  2. Mr Shapiro is very smart and witty and I enjoy hearing his commentary; however, he is more of a social conservative than he might care to admit (at least by his so logically dismantling the attacks on him in his Q&A segments).

    The thing that social conservatives fail to acknowledge is that, just like the Democrats are a coalition of differing groups, like BLM, unions, and environmentalists, Republicans can be New York socially liberal/libertarian and not all be socially conservative.

    1. Shapiro is someone who would have been perfectly happy if Hillary had won the election and condemned us ti 8 years of the Clintons selling the country to the highest bidder not to mention packing SCOTUS with Leftists for the next 20 years. I have no trust for Shapiro and his ilk.


  3. The personal is political as the pink-haired weirdos say and I think Shapiro fell into that head first. Everything for that guy has to be seen through the lens of conservatism, much like how a Nasty Woman sees everything through the lens of feminism. Rosanne plays a woman who voted for Trump because she liked his economic message of bringing back jobs and making the country works for everybody, especially the forgotten men and women in the Rust Belt. And that is the message that won Trump Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Shapiro just can't see that.

    I also fin it really funny that Ben is saying that this show misrepresents the "Conservative Trump Voter" when less than a year ago he was autisticly screeching that no such person existed.

  4. While more tolerable than Kristol, Will, Goldberg and Krauthammer, Shapiro does not see anything without his Trump-hating lenses on.

  5. Maybe Roseanne can sign the national anthem at the swearing in ceremonies for Trump's (next) appointees. Of course, she will lose her voice at the sheer volume of them. Hahahaha. I crack myself up thanks to you constant whiny Trumpers

  6. Planned Parenthood demands that Disney have their fairy tale princesses have abortions. In turn, Ben Shapiro thinks Rosanne Barr, or character, are not conservative enough. I ask what kind of whimp is so weak that he needs Hollywood to reaffirms his values?

  7. Donald Trump got elected promising to secure the border, bring jobs back, end one-sided job-killing screw-America trade deals, and to stop fighting every way everywhere because it is the children of the working class (and points below) who are fighting the wars nowadays as there are no progeny of the professional class and the elites in the infantry in the 21st Century. He did not signal any intent to fight the divisive culture wars on transgenders-on-the-toilets and same-sex marriage, which by the way whatever the merits may be are loser issues for social conservatives. The fact that the Never-Trumpers are still screeching that Donald Trump refuses to morph into some b*st*rd love child of Mitt Romney and Gary Bauer is music to these old ears.

    Elites hate when elites are not the top priority. And they're not Trump's 1st, 2nd, or 3rd priority. Thus therefore the elites -- conservative or liberal, articulate or inarticulate -- are spittin' angry.

    1. Pretty much nails it. I would just add that Trump is not hesitant to put America first, and clearly state that it is not only best for Americans, but that a strong America is in best interests of the peaceloving people of the world. And like it or not, most peaceloving people agree with him.

  8. With ratings like Roseanne is getting, will be interesting to see how long it is before other shows start seeking some of that bonanza.

  9. "Thank you, Hillary Shapiro".

    Dude, you need to get over her...ya know...since you never talk about her....

  10. Trump: man of action.
    Shapiro, Goldberg, George Will: talkers.
    The contempt each has for the other is deserved.

  11. I get what he's saying, but he just needs to be happy she's at least on Team Trump. I'm wondering how long the writers (one of them admitted they're all committed leftists) can keep up with the charade though.

  12. I didn't watch then or now, but I think some of the ratings may reflect a nostalgia for pre-Obama America.

    Besides, if wanted to see young boys in dresses, I'd go over to Harry Reid's.

  13. During the primaries, Shapiro stated on the record that he thought the country would be better off with Hillary as president than with Trump. I don't give a nano-crap what he thinks now.

  14. Oh we're all the wrong kind of conservative now. In that sense, Roseanne is perfectly representative of the modern conservative. And that's a global phenomenon. The hard-left workers all over the world are voting for supposedly hard right parties, because the left is now simply Caligula redux and no longer represents workers' interests in any way. And Roseanne has understood that.