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Friday, March 09, 2018

Media now must credit Trump for stock market record

Oh how they danced on the night the stocks tanked.

"Whether it rises or falls, Trump owns the stock market. That's all his own doing," the Washington Post gloated.

You see, President Trump had, rightly, taken credit for the stock market skyrocketing since his election.

The weasel press wanted to credit Obama. Stocks tanked by the way upon his election.

But a month ago, the stock market took a breather from going up. It's called a correction. People who invest their 401-k money in T-bills could not understand this.

And so they leaped with joy on Trump.

"He has boasted about the booming market in tweets no fewer than 54 times since taking office. Including boasts he has made in speeches, he has celebrated stock market gains roughly 100 times. In January alone he extolled the 'record stock market,' the 'most explosive stock market rally,' the 'incredible' gains, and more," Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote.

"And how is that boast working out for him now?

"The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 1,175 points Monday, its biggest one-day point drop in history, following Friday’s beastly 666-point slide. The S and P 500 has lost more than $1 trillion in market value in just three trading days, and the Dow’s 8 percent drop in six trading days wiped out the year’s gains."

Not to be outdone, the New York Times reported, "No president in modern times has connected his political fortunes to the stock market as much as Mr. Trump, who relentlessly cited its meteoric rise as a sign of his success at restoring confidence in the American economy. But the drastic sell-off on Friday and Monday demonstrated why most presidents scrupulously avoid talking about short-term gyrations in share prices: If you live by the Dow, you may die by the Dow."

And Michael Bloomberg's news service reported, "Trump Loves the Market. He Just Doesn't Get It."


A billionaire does not understand the stock market, but a guy who writes for a news service.

"If you break it, you own it," the Washington Post reported.

Trump owns the stock market, the press declared last month.

Thank you.

Nasdaq hit a record high today.

You see, stocks go up and stocks go down, but over time they rise at about 6% per year on average.


The media chose to go to war with Donald John Trump in 2017 rather than accept him as president.

The media chose poorly.

Fake News Follies of 2017 shows how and why.

What readers are saying:

Rob Miller: "What we have here is nothing less than a detailed, well written chronicle of exactly how the American press abandoned all semblance of scruples and journalistic ethics once Donald J. Trump became president. Like Surber's other books, this one will have you laughing out loud and you will find it difficult to put down."

PSD: "Like his other books, it is written with wonderful wit filled insight, rare in political commentary today. The style is one of gentle humor and common sense. It is refreshingly devoid of malice and partisan contempt, easy reading with not a few laughs along the way."

rurallbob: "Another winner from Don Surber."

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A. Brogden: "Unlike Kurtz 's book, Media Madness, which sought to justify and explain away the lies and prejudices of the anti-Trump MSM, Surber relentlessly and methodically documents the tsunami of BS the press has served up since the upset victory by President Trump. Almost without exception everything Trump has done as president has been distorted, mischaracterized, or flat out lied about for over a year. This is how you get 90% negative reporting. This is how you get the press with 28% trust ratings. And by God this is how you get eight years of Trump as President."

A Kindle reader: "Easy read, a great compilation of biased new coverage of Trump before and after the election. I started out anti Trump and reluctantly voted for him for one reason only, He was not Hillary. This book is a great reference when people claim the MSM is not biased and does not publish fake news. It reinforces Glenn Reynolds description of the press as Democrat operatives with bylines."

Fake News Follies of 2017 is available on Kindle and in paperback.

Autographed copies are available. Email me at for details. I am including a "director's cut." I will give you the original Chapter 1 that I cut because while the chapter was amusing, it really had nothing to do with the Fake News Follies of 2017.


  1. If the financial pundits knew as much about the stock market as they think they would all be rich and wouldn't be writing about it. - Elric

    1. Elric nailed it. These guys and their enemedia bosses shot their mouths off too soon, and shot their feet from inside their holsters.

  2. My portfolio was up 9.7% YTD in January 2018, an astounding and unsustainable increase for one month. February brought me back to earth and today I closed up 6.17% YTD and 42.11% since the election. Never underestimate what a successful business man can do with the market. I don't mean me. I mean President Trump who I give all the credit to.
    On the other hand, the market didn't tank just under obama. The market read the hand writing on the wall and started tanking in August 2002, well before the election but an early indication that no one expected a bitter loser like mccain to win.

  3. A few more days like today (highly likely) and the market will be past its previous high.

    1. Take that to the bank, Ed. We picked the right guy. Yay us!