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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Joyless Joy Behar needs to read the Constitution

At a rally on Saturday night, President Trump mocked the superficial criticism that he doesn't "act presidential."

The NeverTrump argument is, sure, he killed the Islamic State, revived the economy, and brought Kim Jong Un to the bargaining table, but he called Chuck Todd sleepy eyed. That's terrible! That's unpresidential!

I have breaking news for Washington, New York, and L.A.

Donald John Trump is president. By definition, everything he does is presidential.

Which brings me to Joyless Joy Behar of "The View" and her remark about the rally.

"I love that the president said that he would be boring if he didn’t talk this way. He said that to people. He said I would be boring. What’s boring is the Constitution, foreign policy, understanding the economy. He should be a little more boring," Behar said.

Let is talk about that boring Constitution.

It holds that the states decide the presidency. Trump won 30 of them. If there were a tie in the Electoral College or the winner had only a plurality, the contest would be decided in the House of Representatives.

Ah but this vote is by the state, not by the representatives. Montana, which has one congressman, gets one vote. California, which has 53 congressmen, gets one vote.

That is because our government is a federation of 50 states.

The popular vote is meaningless, In fact, for many years, state legislatures parcelled out the Electoral College votes. The practice quickly grew out of favor. I believe Florida in 1872 was the last to capitulate to a presidential preference vote.

And that's what it is. We no more elect a president directly than Britons elect their prime minister.

The Constitution also provides that in the case of death or removal from office, the vice president becomes president -- not the loser of the last election.

Yes, the House may impeach a president, but that does not remove him from office. That merely sets up a trial in the Senate, after which the senators vote. It takes a two-thirds majority to remove him from office.

Once again, the vice president becomes president -- not the loser of the last election.

As for the economy, unemployment was 4.9% on the day we elected Trump president. Today it is 4.1%, where it has stood for five months.

The stock market is pretty boring, as it has risen since Trump's election as much as it rose in eight years under Obama, as measured by points on the Dow from their election.

Foreign policy is pretty boring as well. So far his secretary of state has taken no bribes from foreign countries, nor has he abandoned an ambassador on the battlefield.

Her trite talking points are fooling fewer of her viewers. After seeing paychecks rise following the tax cuts, even the welfare recipients who make up much of the morning show audience are noticing the improvement.

Some may even be tempted to get jobs.

So I can see why she wants to bore them with the same stale anti-Trump trash she bored them with last week.


  1. What is the "presidential" protocol to pay off one's porn star mistress? Was it presidential to have your lawyer pony up his own money? Or is the presidential way to launder the money though a shell company? So many "presidential" options. Is it presidential to not declare the payoff as a campaign contribution in kind?

    1. Guess I'm confused, as this 'issue' did not occur anytime after the summer of 2015. I guess the fact that, as a President rather than a fascist dictator in Venezuela, Trump has not thrown this bimbo attention-seeker in jail and had her beaten within an inch of her life... That's presidential.

    2. While I was thinking that an aging pole-dancer/stripper/ahem! gal needs a bit of publicity to um, make the most out of life, this story caught my eye:

      "What a surprise!" Who would have guessed that there are deep ties between the Dems and Stormy's lawyer! Not that we'll hear about it on CNN. No, I'm sure this isn't "newsworthy," right?

    3. The protocol to pay off a blackmailer you mean? It worked pretty well actually. She shut up didn't she right before the election. Now she has a gag order. Next up Trump sues the shit out a small time money grubbing pint.

    4. It's cheaper to pay off your porn mistress than to pay off the woman you raped. Clinton had to cut a check for $850K. Wonder who really cut the check for that, since they always claim poverty, and if they counted it as a campaign contribution in kind.

    5. Trump was a private citizen. BJ was governor of Arkansas. I'm sure anon was a Clinton supporter. He also was prolly a Ted Kennedy fan Teddy left a woman to die after he had drunkenly driven off a bridge. Remember, if it weren't for double standards Dimocrats would have no standards at all. - GOC

    6. In case you haven't heard, ninny, she's already admitted several times nothing happened.

      Now, if you're that concerned about Presidential morality, there's always Willie Whitewater and his interns and his rape victims (why aren't you upset about that "protocol?") or little Zippy who left 4 men to die because he needed his beauty sleep.

      Don't pick fights with people who know the facts. It always ends badly.

  2. Psycho Alert! Psycho Alert!! Nony has gone off the rez. 5150. All units.

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  4. There is no Joy in Mudville, mighty Behar has struck out.

  5. Schlongy for Comment Of The Day!

  6. Anyone remember Harry Truman? When he called people out the press loved it and labeled him "Give 'em hell, Harry!" - GOC

  7. “Act” presidential?

    Trump doesn’t act, he just is.

    Suits me. You know where you stand that way.

  8. Apparently Joy Behar does know how to read, but her comprehension is limited to "progressive" talking points, as found on CNN and in the NYT.

    There's no way she could understand the Constitution, which was written for the ordinary person to comprehend; there aren't any progressive talking points in it.

    If one reads what Joy Behar actually said, it's all talking points. No understanding is required!