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Monday, March 12, 2018

Illegal alien has gun. Police look the other way

The Indianapolis Star and other outlets report that police arrested an illegal alien from Saudi Arabia for possessing guns and ammo outside of a hotel where women were preparing for their Women's March in Indianapolis.

"Federal law prohibits someone in the country illegally from possessing guns or ammo, but court records say police found him with weapons on two occasions in January," the Star reported.

So twice they found him with illegal guns, and let him go -- even though he threatened to kill two people.

And no, they did not enforce the immigration law. He was here on an expired student visa -- just like the 9/11 hijackers.

But hey, we need more gun laws to selectively enforce against people the state doesn't like.

To be sure, he was busted for being a threat to the Women's March.

If it were the March for Life, might the city of Indianapolis look the other way again?

"The first of Alaklouk's two run-ins occurred around 3 a.m. on Jan. 20 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis, according to court records," the Star reported.

"Hotel security saw several firearms inside Alaklouk's truck parked at the hotel: six handguns in the back seat, and a rifle in the front seat.

"Security called Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers. As police investigated, Alaklouk approached and said the truck belonged to him. Police told him to secure his weapons in a hotel safe or out of sight in his vehicle because leaving them in the open could result in a break-in."

One rifle was "fully tricked out," the Star reported.

The feds notified police they want him for deportation. Good idea.


  1. Gotta wait until he actually does something with it - it's hard to rampage and grandstand about guns if he only got busted for possessing one. Democrats will tell you we need more gun laws.

    Law enforcement riddled with self-inflicted wounds these days.

  2. How did this illegal manage to get his hands on so many guns? One news story says he got one gun in payment for work he did for someone. Gun loophole, anyone? How did he get the other guns? And he has a tire business!!? Was his "student visa" a fraud to get him into the country? If anything, this story has more to it than first appears. It shows how dysfunctional the immigration policies of this country have become under the lax enforcement by our former presidents of both political parties.

    1. My belief is that guns are now being used as currency. Makes sense. Let's see David Hogg stop that transaction. Why doesn't he go protest some real fraud like Bitcoin?

    2. Also, how did this illegal with a tire store wind up staying in the Hyatt Regency? Who were the "two unidentified men" who were with him? Are the Indy cops not interested?

  3. Perhaps if students David Hogg & his sister would protest this, ICE will do something.

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  5. The biggest threat to our safety and well-being is selective enforcement of laws that were written to keep things like this from happening in the first place. The answer is more laws that we don't plan on enforcing. Great idea.

  6. Guess that An AR-15 in the hands of an illegal alien and/or middle eastern jihadi is NOT an assault rifle. It is just tricked out.

  7. "One rifle was "fully tricked out," the Star reported."

    Yeah, with a bump stock. Towel head was up to no good, and should have been deported the first two times he was caught with an expired visa and guns!

    The only goddam way liberals want gun laws enforced is on law abiding American citizens.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy votes. - GOC

  9. Another example of an illegal alien having more rights than a citizen? My skinny ass would've been arrested in a New York second.

  10. IMPD did this? The same IMPD who tried to cover up their drunk officer who killed one motorcyclist and put two others in the hospital?

    No way!

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  12. The lack of response by the authorities says it all. The police department is best known for it PC attitude and incompetence.
    I am surprised that the "Red Star" reported this though they are usually on the side of the immigrants.

  13. Lessee here... Anyone wanna bet that Indianapolis is NOT run by a Dem? And aren't nearly ALL Dems ANTI-firearms?

  14. He wants to hogg the spotlight.

  15. Now how in the heck did someone who could not legally buy a firearm by passing a NICS background check get so many guns?