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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hannity's list of Trump's accomplishments

Reddit_The_Donald posted Sean Hannity's list of President Trump's accomplishments to date. Topping the list was appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Naturally.

But the list included things I had forgotten: reducing the price of F-35s, a five-year ban on post-employment lobbying by his appointees, and dumping Obama's Cuban policy.

Not making the list was getting a better deal on buying Air Force One.

Hannity also overlooked Trump's historic trip to the Middle East on his first foreign visit in May. He flew directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel. No one had done that before. Everyone else flies to Cyprus and then from Cyprus to Israel. Not Donald Trump. He gets two scoops of ice cream, everyone else gets one, right?

But Hannity's is a solid list because Trump is a solid president. Trump supporters have the privilege of using facts to defend the man they voted for president. Obama's supporters were reduced to name-calling.

The list includes more than 2 million new jobs; a seven-year low in people reliant on food stamps to eat; investments by major businesses (Ford, Toyota, FoxConn, et cetera); a drop in illegal aliens; ISIS gone; gutting Obama's regulations; ending the war on coal; dropping out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; dropping out of the Paris Accord; and, combating human trafficking.

Those are just the highlights.

We are in the beginning of the Best Eight Years of Our Lives.

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  1. "We are in the beginning of the Best Eight Years of Our Lives."

    Reverse biblical: The seven fat cows eating the seven famished cows

    Also I was thinking of 44th & 45th in terms of Nukes: Little boy (Obozo, sowing destruction on the US), Fat Man (Trump: destroy US's enemies including domestic)

  2. Big D, your words today are just as true as when you wrote them:

    Never bet against Donald John Trump.

    The Left has been reduced to trotting out porn stars. Meanwhile, I made $15K yesterday. Keep Rollin That Train, Mr. T!!

  3. There was a wonderful interview with Bill O’Reilly yesterday. A relatively neutral observer reporting on the Trump way.

    First, he pointed out that the tariffs and trade war are simple bargaining chips. They send a message to China and the EU. Expect Beijing to be very helpful with the Norks and for the Donald to declare victory and walk away (somewhat).

    On a larger point, O’Reilly observed that Trump doesn’t have a long attention span. He makes decisions quickly and pays special attention to the business before him. This explains some of the personnel movement. Trump doesn’t find Cohn interesting so he is expendable. Sessions got in the doghouse when he recused himself but is rebuilding trust with the California sanctuary city lawsuit. Tillerson is kind of a whipping boy. But the whole Cabinet is left to do their jobs until they do something that gets Trump’s attention for good or ill.

    Sounded an awful lot like a blogging author I read. 🤓

    1. Thank you. We share common sense.

    2. The Left is too hoity-toity to even think of common sense, beeing so much smarter than us, doncha know.

  4. I suppose it's a good thing that NYT's Jill Abramson can carry her Obama therapy doll (and a full bottle of Xanax) at all times. I trust her readers can follow by example and take solace as they navigate through the field of accomplishments recorded in just a year and a half of the term(s).

    Will they ever demonstrate gentelman's honour spelled the correct way?

  5. I do remember the Eisenhower years, but your point is excellent.

    Too bad there were 50 wasted years in between

  6. This is a great reminder of things President Trump has done for America - whether one agrees or disagrees with him. He's doing what he thinks is best for the country. President Trump's accomplishments should be posted daily as front page news (it won't, I know).

    And one more reminder - he's doing it without taking a paycheck for being president. Actions speak, in this case, 1,000 times louder than words.

  7. That was just one year. Imagine how long that list will be in 7 more years.