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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Enough with the Russia nonsense

30 states to 20 in the presidential race.

22-12 in the Senate.

241-194 in the House.

President Donald John Trump led Republicans to a shellacking of the Democratic Party not seen in 60 years.

Not since Ike won re-election in 1956 had Republicans done as well.

Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 41 never held the House.

Bush 43 had all three but failed to win as many seats.

No, this was a major schlonging of a party that is as outdated and as out of touch as the Whigs.

They blamed Russian interference -- meddling -- for their loss. It provided cover for Barack Obama's abuse of national security operations to spy on Donald Trump.

After more than a year of Robert Mueller's goon squad looking for a scintilla of evidence of any collusion with Russia, the conclusion is obvious.

It is a pack of lies.

"Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have completed a draft report concluding there was no collusion or coordination between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, a finding that is sure to please the White House and enrage panel Democrats," the Associated Press reported.

"After a yearlong investigation, Texas Rep. Mike Conaway announced Monday that the committee has finished interviewing witnesses and will share the report with Democrats on Tuesday. Conaway is the Republican leading the House probe, one of several investigations on Russian meddling in the 2016 elections."

Democrats lied.

"We found no evidence of collusion. We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment in taking meetings. But only Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn or someone else like that could take this series of inadvertent contacts with each other, or meetings or whatever, and weave that into sort of a fiction page turner, spy thriller," Conaway said.

The press knew it was a lie all along. The misery the media and its Democratic puppet masters caused deserves humiliation and mockery.

I am disgusted by this bilge and the promoters of this dossier. They are out to destroy the nation from within. The media aids and abets this.


  1. "I am disgusted..."

    All of us are.

    It's a bit hard to tell whether, in 2018, we've completely fallen off the edge of the cliff. When we look back at the controversial elections, such as those of 1824/1828 and Jackson, we see the similar green bile that drove the press. I'm not sure whether we have more bilge now, or whether it's just that information spreads in a matter of milliseconds, as opposed to days or weeks, and that negatively affects our ability to rationally decipher truth from fiction.

    Those were the times of brilliant personal oration. Yet, the political opo in print during '24/'28 elections was similar to troll posts appearing to @realdonaldtrump on twitter. The press, at the time, just used a different set of words in 140 characters, and they tended to use nouns and verbs in a sentence.

    One thing that is clear, however, is that what we are seeing now might be as old as the hills:

    "By 1828, the role of the party newspaper was very clearly established and neutral or independent papers were almost completely unknown."
    (e.g., archives at ncdcr dot gov)

  2. You're really losing it nony.

    Better get a grip.

    1. Who really is losing it...? Stormy Richards; largest Budget Deficit in six years; US on track to borrow $1 trillion (with a "t") this year; Long-held red seats flipping to blue; Senate Russian investigation (led by Republicans) still going strong; Mueller investigation (all led by Rs and R-appointees) still going strong; more WH staff turnover than the five previous presidents combined (including your god Reagan); continued cowering to Putin and Russia; agreeing to meet with a ruthless dictator with no conditions; etc. etc.
      All this equal butthurt posts. But wait, the stock market, blah blah blah, where more than half of America does not own stock and the richest 10 percent of America owes 80-plus percent of the US stock market.
      You're welcome in advance for this post will reach double digit comments thanks to me.

    2. Stormy Richards? AHAHAHAHAHA! Did you graduate high school? What an ultramaroon.

    3. Oh, so I got a porn star's name wrong. Sue me. Nice to see you family values Republicans know all about her. Speaking of moron, Trump fires Tillerson and replaces him with the CIA director, you know the CIA which Republican House Intelligence members (talk about an oxymoron) said was all wrong in its Russia findings.

    4. Anon, the only butthurt here appears to be yours. Enjoy your decline.

    5. "Mueller investigation (all led by Rs and R-appointees"

      Are yu freakin' kidding me? They are all Dimocrats and Crooked Cankles supporters. What color is the sky in your world? - GOC

    6. Mueller was appointed by a Trump hire (Rosenstein) and he and Trump hire Sessions refuse to act against Mueller. Hmm. wonder why?

    7. rosenstein is a holdover at least from obama if not all the way back to clinton. He is also one of the lawyers who signed the fraudulent FISA application to the court. He should have been gone long ago.

  3. Calling Nunes Trump's stooge is an insult to stooges. Iggy deserves to be associated with better.

    The Trump Tower meeting with Russians wasn't about "adoption". Roger Stone doesn't have a crystal ball to predict John Podesta's "Time in the Barrel". Paul Manafort didn't suddenly "make nice" with Oleg Deripaska because he sent him a birthday card.

    If the House Intelligence committee won't do their job then the American people will send them home. Muller flipping witnesses won't be the only thing flipping in Washington.

  4. What I dislike about Mueller is his cold cruelty. Minor people on a political campaign should not be subjected to the huge expense and frightening aspect of legal proceedings when it is clear they are innocent. cm.

  5. "I am disgusted by this bilge and the promoters of this dossier. They are out to destroy the nation from within. The media aids and abets this." Well, this IS how we'll GET MORE TRUMP.

    1. I believe just like in 2016, there is a large number of forgotten voters seething over the witch hunt and the 2018 election will again explode in the media’s and liberals faces.

  6. Anon sounds like Jeffery from Pirate's Cove.

    He was laughed off there, so now he wants a new home.

    Give it up, the people here are on it.

  7. Sports Fans

    Let's lighten up on Anon. Realize he cannot help himself. He and his komrades have taken an unimaginable shellacking since 11/8/16. That night and since, everything has gone wrong for him and his. He has the political version of PTSD. It is a sad thing to observe, but take pity on him. I mean - when all one has for talking points are the bulleted items lifted from the CNN news site . . .

    Let us, rather, endure him and answer him sensibly. He need not control any discussion - he can merely be ignored - he need not be engaged, nor should he be, for that is what he wants - an argument. Our best response is to ignore him and his kind, and let them perhaps learn as they lurk.

    Hopefully they can recover before November, when the red wave washes over them.

  8. Oh well, those MSM losers still have their little Obama dolls with which to console themselves, one way or another.