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Saturday, March 03, 2018

But you assured us gay marriage would not lead to legalized bestiality

Eric Zorn chuckled at the worries of we mere mortals last August.

"Somehow, people are not yet marrying their pets," Zorn wrote in the Chicago Tribune.

"More than 16 years after the Netherlands became the first nation to legalize same-sex marriage, more than two years after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, bestiality remains illegal."

Canada would like a word with Mister Zorn.

"Sex acts with animals are legal in Canada, so long as there is no penetration involved, according to a surprise ruling issued by the Supreme Court," the Independent reported.

"The determination stemmed from a case involving a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts sexually assaulting his stepdaughters, including one count of bestiality. But the man, identified only as DLW, was acquitted of the bestiality count with the new ruling."

This was a 7-1 ruling, meaning Canada has only one sane Supreme Court justice.

We barely have five.

Sane Justice Rosalie Abella was the lone dissenter. She wrote, "Acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs."

Neigh should mean no. So should woof. So should baa.

Zorn ended his column seven months ago very cleverly.

"No amount of disingenuous hand-wringing can or should take the focus off the issue. We should never fear to do the right thing because opportunists may see (or pretend to see) in it license ultimately to do the wrong thing," Zorn said.

"Giving in to slippery-slope arguments can take you straight to the dogs.

"Not literally, of course."

No, literally. Really.


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The media chose poorly.

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  1. "Sex acts with animals are legal in Canada, so long as there is no penetration involved..."

    I'm confused.

    The good part is this: When (some) humans believe they can pollinate, as a means of reproduction, the half-life of their defective DNA is shortened to well below their lifespan.

  2. Bill Clinton represented the casting form of liberalism. The seducer who promised "only the tip". That's what all of liberalism is these days.


    No compromise.


    Not on guns. Not on anything to do with sex and the family. Not on immigration. Not on abortion.

    Not on anything.

    The louder they whine the more right you know we are.

  3. What a shocking case! I mean, what part of "Woof" do they not understand?

  4. Since Canadians elected Justin Bieber, I have wondered about them. This eliminates all doubt.

  5. Even the pagans knew extra species sex was over the line.

    1. The Greek Gods didn't. Look at how many times Zeus, Apollo, etc. raped or seduced some unfortunate woman in the form of a swan, etc.

  6. I don't think the leftards are much worried about bestiality. Not many goats are going to wander into a police station and swear out a complaint. The real big danger in perverse marriage is that most states have weak age of consent laws in that a young minor can marry prior to the age of sexual consent.
    The can of worms about to be dumped is legalizing sex with minors by way of the courts. Currently half of our states have no legal minimum age if other legal requirements are met such as the girl being pregnant, or the parents give permission. NAMBLA wants access to the young boys and since their members have a few wealthy ones, the donks want them to remain in the fold and not in prison.
    When America was first settled, marriages as young as nine were recorded. We may be headed back that way. This time there will be no parental consent.
    That scares me.

  7. The more progressive we become the more we become like the ancient Roman empire during the reign of Caligula and Nero.

    1. And before Rome, Sodom and Gomorrah.

    2. We know what they did in Sodom but what did they do in Gomorrah? - GOC

    3. Enough for it to be destroyed by God along with Sodom and two other cities.

  8. Same-sex marriage is not "Marriage", full stop.

  9. ""Sex acts with animals are legal in Canada, so long as there is no penetration involved, according to a surprise ruling issued by the Supreme Court,"

    Oh. My. God!

    I reminded of the tale about the little boy and the traveling salesman. The peddler knocked on the door and a boy of about ten answered the door. The salesman said "Where is your mother, son?" The kid said "she's out back screwing the goat". The peddler said "doesn't that bother you?" "Na-a-a-a-a-a" the boy replied.

  10. "a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts sexually assaulting his stepdaughters -= including one count of bestiality."

    He was just re-enacting The Beauty and the Beast; or was the court saying that one of the pervert's stepdaughters is a dog? No, can't be- that would be Hate Speech, which is illegal in Canada.

  11. I have often been aghast at reports that the big-wig Muslims keep debating whether it is legal to sell a camel after having sex with it. Is it OK to sell Honey if you tell the buyer about

  12. Sounds like a red state issue.

    1. Thank God it is. It is not an issue in blue states.

    2. You think Canada's a red state?

    3. Of course it's a red state issue. In blue states there's no problem because anything goes!

      Red states still have standards.

  13. this judge discriminates against muslims.