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Thursday, March 01, 2018

"Another winner from Don Surber"

The sixth Amazon review of Fake News Follies of 2017 is by RurallBob:

Another winner from Don Surber
This is another excellent book from Don Surber, following the thoroughly enjoyable Trump the Press and Trump the Establishment, which followed the antics of the mainstream media as the “expert” pundits predicted that Donald Trump could not win the Republican nomination (Trump the Press) and, following that, could not win the presidential election (Trump the Establishment). In both of those books, he used the readily available quotes from the “experts” to expose how truly clueless they were.
This book is similar to the first two but not as much fun, because in this volume a bunch of butt-hurt, sore loser “experts” have spent over a year trying to soothe their damaged egos by doing everything they can to show that Trump (once again, in their “expert” opinion) is not qualified to be president. The lengths to which they have gone are truly frightening. Perhaps more troubling, everything in this book reveals the myopic, inside-the-beltway, blue-state, coastal bias that led to Trump’s success in the first place. The “experts,” however, cling to their narratives (primarily Russian interference in the election) and refuse to budge from those positions or pursue storylines that are not in alignment with their preferred “Trump is Incompetent.” Trump’s failures are their successes. It’s a very sad commentary on what our media and our society have become.
I am not blaming the messenger here. I discovered Mr. Surber around the time that I discovered Trump the Press and I have become a big fan of his writing and his blog. This book is definitely worth reading - it is very eye-opening. It just didn’t have the laugh-out-loud moments of the first two books. Things are a lot scarier now. That is not Mr. Surber’s fault. In fact, I appreciate that he continues to fight the good fight.
Thank you. Keep reading.

And yes, the mistakes of the press have gone from hubris to meanness.

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  1. I realllllly like RuralBob's first sentence on the second paragraph. Verily, he hath nailed the "experts".