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Friday, March 09, 2018

Another 1,000 jobs added thanks to Trump's tariffs

First, U.S. Steel announced it would re-open a a steel mill in Illinois thanks to Donald John Trump's decision to slap a 25% tariff on Chinese steel.

Republic Steel said move over, buddy. We are re-opening our plant in Lorain, Ohio.

When Republic Lorains, it pours as this will help other businesses in the area.

"Republic is prepared to respond quickly to an anticipated uptick in demand across the nation.  Republic currently has open capacity at its Canton melt shop and would restart Lorain which would provide more than a million tons of new production capacity to support the SBQ bar & coil and seamless tube round markets," according to the press release.

"This could result in Republic bringing back 1,000+ jobs to its Lorain, OH facility.  Republic anticipates that it would take a few months to hire and train employees and restart its idled equipment. 

"'Republic is more than prepared to support market demand that has been previously supplied by imports' says Jaime Vigil, President and CEO.  "We maintained our Lorain facility while it's been idled waiting for the opportunity to restart and it appears that time is finally here."

SBQ is special bar quality steel. What the hell is that?

Well, TimkenStel in Canton, Ohio, a chief competitor said, "The top of the long-product market is referred to as SBQ – in some parts of the world the term “engineering steels” is used. Because SBQ is often vaguely defined and spans a wide range of non-structural uses, it could be aptly renamed long steel products engineered for tough applications – way too long, but highly descriptive. The better way to describe the special in SBQ is by considering the stress the steel material handles in application. Greater stress increases the risk of failure and elevates the importance of consistency and integrity of the steel – in other words, the higher the stress tolerance, the more special the SBQ is."

Sounds like the top drawer stuff. I am sure one of my readers can explain it better.

So they mothballed the plant because of imports, but maintained it. That expense informs me that this is a very valuable plant, which means those are well-paid jobs.

Don't tell me that tariffs costs jobs here. I just had lunch.

I may live in West Virginia, but I live among many former chemical plants. I know the Rust Belt. I am so happy for the people of Lorain.

And Canton.

And Illinois.


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  1. One would be forgiven for thinking President Trump had worked out a deal with the steel companies to make these announcements once the tariffs went through.

  2. But....but....but those manufacturing jobs aren't coming back according to a rather incompetent politician.

  3. "When Republic Lorains, it pours." Gak.

    Even 11:30AM is too early for that one! Off to the punitentiary with you!

  4. And you also nailed it in that there will be many many more jobs Created supporting the plants and their employees. .

  5. OH, that TERRRRRRRIBLE Trump!!!!1111!! What is he doing to our country? GOOD THINGS.

  6. President Obama: "Those jobs simply aren't coming back. I mean, I don't know what kind of magic wand Donald Trump has."

    President Trump: "Abracadabra, bitch!"

    - Elric, with a hat tip to one of the better internet memes going around.

  7. Trump is demonstrating on a daily basis just how incompetent Obungler was. It's like Reagan/Jimmah Carter all over again. Question: Is Soetero the black Jimmah Carter or is Jimmah Carter the white Soetero? - GOC

    1. "Is Soetero the black Jimmah Carter or is Jimmah Carter the white Soetero?"


  8. He's making it profitable to do business again.

    PS Both.

  9. Bingo! If you can't make a profit, you aren't doing business. - Elric