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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

How Trump came to own the stock market

Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,175 points to its lowest level since 2017.

As expected, Democrats blamed President Trump. Journalists who wouldn't know a put from a call promptly smirked at that loser Trump. Politico's headline was, "‘The president clearly set himself up’: Trump’s stock market miscalculation."

I live for that moment when Wile E. Coyote liberals act like they've caught the Road Runner president.

“This is a risk that the president clearly set himself up for,” Charles Gabriel of Capital Alpha Partners, a Washington research firm, told Politico. “Until now, Trump’s had kind of a free ride in this market and taken so much credit for it, even though so much of it was due to easy-money policies from Janet Yellen and the Fed. Now she’s out the door and volatility is back.”

They really think a multi-billionaire New Yorker knows nothing about the equity exchanges.

They are so full of themselves that they think President Trump does not understand the nuances of commerce.

They have learned nothing from more than two years of watching their Acme Products predictions explode in their faces.

Donald Trump's presidency is based on the re-introduction of capitalism in America. Not that "free market" nonsense that allowed other nations to eat our lunch as they stole our factory jobs through one-sided trade deals.

He began working on the economy the day after his election. By Thanksgiving, Carrier reversed its decision on moving a plant to Indiana.

Trump's economic policy dates back to Lincoln, who was a protectionist, as were McKinley, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan. The latter imposed punitive tariffs 18 times on trading partners.

Moreover, Trump has rolled back hundreds of regulations that are unnecessary. He also signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 -- a stimulus that consists solely of letting people keep more of the money they earned. Already, corporations have pledged more than $700 billion in new investments thanks to Trump's efforts.

The correction we are undergoing means instead of adding 9,000 points to the Dow, Trump has added "only" 7,000 since his election.

He's done it without the Stock Brokers Welfare called "quantitative easement" by the Fed, which propped up the bad economic policy of Obama.

In politicizing the 4.1% drop in stock indices on Monday, Democrats ignored history, which shows that in six to nine months, stocks recover. Most likely, this was a computer-driven error as earnings continue to rise and the economy expands.

They also ceded stock market success to Donald Trump.

Finally, Democrats showed their true colors: Marxist Red. They now are openly rooting for the economic collapse of America.

Trump knew the market would have a downturn.

He also knows the market will have an upturn that is even longer and better.

Meep, meep.

UPDATE: This was posted at 8 a.m.

Eight hours later, the Dow closed at 24,912.77, up 567.02, as it regained half of what it lost on Monday.

Thank you, national press, for giving President Trump sole responsibility for the economy. This will serve him well in 2020.


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  1. You are correct in outlining the confluence of a zillion factors in the "easy money" mindset reaction this correction. Those that traded 2009/2010 experienced the scars and the 55 page Schedule C's that went into the tax return. You're also on point for the exposure of yet another anti-American meme, and that will be more ammo against the Crumb Platform®.

    Relatively few have mentioned that things are different now. In 2009/2010 the economy was sinking like the Titanic and there were no hopes for rescue by any lifeboat. Today, with an estimated GDP coming in in the 5's, there is nothing but clear warm water and at the close yesterday there were net buyers among market makers.

    What did happen is about 300 billion in assets evaporated in the Ponzi Bitcoin prior to the flash. For the weak players with Vanguard accounts, every redemption requires a sell at the close at market pricing. Margin calls and options settlements also got thrown in like hot peppers. The best thing to do now is have a sammich and watch the culling of the herd.

    The Casino always wins.

    This also is a Deep State tantrum, as it was in May of 2010, of which no one is aware.

    As for Lincoln's (Republican) tarrifs (Morrill Tarrif act), oh boy...we need a case of Coors and a box of Cubans to go over that one.

  2. The market has fallen to its lowest point since 2017 - which was six weeks ago.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. It's simple, kind sir.
    Trump is to blame for any and all bad news on the economy for the next 8 years and Obama can be credited with any and all economic successes from now until the end of time.

    1. Which is why we distrust the enemedia. Well, one reason; there are MORE. Many, many more.

  4. "Great moments are born of great opportunity. And that's what have here tonight, boys."

    - Herb Brooks, pregame speech, USA vs. USSR, semifinal hockey game, Winter Olympics 1980

    Depending on the market action today, I am seriously considering moving a nice little chunk of the IRA out of bonds and into stocks. It's THAT tempting. Learned my lesson after capitulating early in 2008. Won't get fooled again.

  5. DON, You have a very nice book review on Legal Insurrection this morning.

  6. I am buying more Acme stock. The liberals can’t stop using their products.

    1. What's it trading at, Schlongy? May have to get a piece of that action myself!

    2. Don’t know and don’t care. I just know I’ve got a fever. And the only prescription is more Acme!

    3. @Schlongy: As I read your post, I heard every word spoken in the voice of Chris Walken! What a hoot!

  7. Tying his presidency to the market puts his naysayers in the position of being the people who are crowing whenever a retiree or someone who wants to grow a retirement sees their portfolio shrink.

    Not a pretty picture. But very effective.

    1. And we retirees are watching and listening. Taking names now, kicking ass in November.

    2. As I am, also.

      BTW, is your middle name Lee? Asking for a friend...

  8. Just a few days ago Democrats were saying that credit for our booming economy should rightfully go to Obama. Then the stock market dropped so fast it wiped out a whole month worth of gains in one day and Democrats crowed that this is Trump's economy now. Fine with me.

    Of course in a few days when the market is rising it will be Obama's economy again.

    1. Indian givers, these people are.

      Oh, wait, is that a racist slur against Elizabeth Warren?

      Fuck Elizabeth Warren.

    2. F* Lizzie Warren. NO THANK YOU!

  9. "the Stock Brokers Welfare called "quantitative easement""

    I think you mean quantitative easing:

    "Quantitative easing (QE), also known as large-scale asset purchases,[1][2] is an expansionary monetary policy whereby a central bank buys predetermined amounts of government bonds or other financial assets in order to stimulate the economy."

  10. "He began working on teh economy the day after his election."

    He officially began working on the economy the day after his election.

    There, I fixed it for ya.
    From an article in CNN 10/08/2015

    "Trump applied for a trademark for "Make America Great Again" in November 2012 -- mere days after the last presidential election. "

    Yep, it's just 'luck'.

  11. Trump's "resistance" are always going on and on about him being a threat to the rule of law. They mean when they say that, the rule of lawyers. I'd say more people feel they'd get a fair shake from the law today than in 2016. The regulators are surely being more circumspect in their "eating out of the substance" of those they lord over.

    I heard this the other day in a Free Thoughts podcast, 'Choose your Government'

    "But the World Bank gives this information in their book and they never put it on one page, if scholars will note, I had to site two sources to put it together. Here’s the short of it, the biggest source of wealth in the world according to the World Bank is the rule of law. 44% of the wealth in the world, the single largest source of wealth in the world is the rule of law. "

    The biggest source of wealth in the world is resurgent under Trump.

  12. This is from CNN business today,
    "Wall Street's recent wild ride isn't driven by nervous portfolio managers, retirees looking at their 401(k) statements or any other human traders.

    Instead, machines are making the trading decisions."
    Say Don,I think CNN was over here reading,
    "In politicizing the 4.1% drop in stock indices on Monday, Democrats ignored history, which shows that in six to nine months, stocks recover. Most likely, this was a computer-driven error as earnings continue to rise and the economy expands."
    This is more a reaction to the US getting out of NFTA.And Don it will not take six months.

  13. Up until this point, they were trying to give Obama credit for the soaring economy. Now that they've blamed Trump for this pre-NAFTA-exit hiccup, they can never go back to claiming that this is Obama's economy.

  14. Way to go, Dems. Get everybody looking at the market indicators. Just in time for the rally.

  15. I hit a YTD (that's right, YEAR TO DATE) high in January of +9.48%. In 5 days that dropped to +0.13%. All we need is another January. I am willing to wait. I've seen this before.