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Friday, February 16, 2018

Trump smoked Democrats on DACA

Remember in September when every expert pundit in Washington and on TV said President Trump had caved on DACA?  From my laptop in Poca, West Virginia, I advised readers to relax. Wait and see what will happen.

Now we see what is happening.


Nothing was supposed to happen.

President Trump gave Congress six months to change the law or he would enforce it. By the way, there is nothing wrong with the law. Presidents are just too chicken to enforce it.

Trump knew that Congress operates at the speed of government which is -- as every fan of Ron "Tater Salad" White knows -- half the speed of smell.

With less than a month left to stop enforcement of the 1986 immigration reform law, the Senate voted down four proposals, including Trump's.

"As senators struck down measure after measure, a week that began with the promise of a rare open, free-ranging debate on the issue crashed headlong into the same divisions that have prevented Congress from fixing the nation’s immigration system for decades, leaving in doubt whether any solution on the Dreamers can be reached," the New York Times reported.

(Pay walls are not linked.)

The Senate needs 60 votes to make DACA law.

But if senators don't include a wall or other things the president wants, they will need 67 votes to override his veto.

"The votes were a stark reminder that Congress remains paralyzed by the immigration issue. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush both tried to overhaul the system, but were stymied by lawmakers frozen into inaction, in part because of powerful interests on both sides," the Times reported.

But the Times did not identify these "powerful interests."

"What will happen now is unclear. An estimated 690,000 young undocumented immigrants have been protected from deportation by an Obama-era program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Another 1.1 million would be eligible," the Times reported.

Oh, we know what will happen. It starts with a D and it rhymes with reportation.

Democrats tried to spin Trump as killing a bipartisan bill with a veto threat. But the Hill reported the Senate's bipartisan plan left the House cold as well.

"It’s not clear whether the bill would have moved in the House, though its passage by the Senate would have increased pressure on Speaker Paul Ryan," the Hill reported.

Dylan Scott at Vox had a better handle on the situation than the Times did.

"The dream looks dead," Scott wrote.

"The Senate failed Thursday afternoon to advance any of the four immigration bills that were put on the floor for a vote, unable to make any movement toward protecting young people brought illegally to the United States as children."

What Scott is seeing now is what readers saw in September.

"It leaves the Senate, after a government shutdown and month of negotiations, with no clear path forward on immigration, nearly six months after Trump said he would end the DACA program without congressional action," Scott wrote.

The responsibility for the deportations is now on Congress, particularly the Democrats.

Trump schooled Washington on the Art of the Deal. He didn't need one. They did.

Does this mean there will not be an immigration reform bill?

There still could be one, but only on the president's terms. Trump is not going to sell us out. He will make Congress do his bidding.

But no deal works almost as well.

President Trump won the moment he met with Nancy and Chuck. They just didn't know it.

In that Obamacare repeal fiasco, Trump learned how incompetent Congress is. After six years of bitching about Obamacare, Republicans had no plan to replace it.

But he realized that Democrats are just as bad. They really have no DACA plan.

So in September, he called Nancy and Chuck to the White House and told them what they already knew: there is no DACA law.

He gave them six months to fix it.

They were ecstatic.

He just sat back and watched their train wreck.

But hey, what does Trump know? He's just a reality show personality, right?


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  1. Having watched the CSPAN watershed of fools, there several subtle and not-so-subtle take-aways.

    The Grassley-Trump four pillar amendment received the fewest [yeas] of all amendments voted upon. Telling.

    Second, because of that it was clear that the USCoC block of shills generated a "splitter strategy" in both the content and sequence. Exactly the same failed and transparent strategy as the presidential race. One must ask why would two blocks of RINOs develop proposals that were intended to outright fail? The head bobbing Collins amendment literally had handwritten notes as they proceeded, which means no actual lawyer wrote the bill and they made it up as they went along and were challenged by individuals with a functional forebrain.

    Once the Collins/McCain sell-out occurred, they apparently would not back track and board the Grassley-Trump train (which was voted upon last)(Manchin was maybe an exception; not sure). So, again, the Collins/McCain/Graham vector to prevent ANYTHING passing the senate was highlighted and recorded on a big white headstone.

    So, as I watched the blazing self-immolation I boarded my time machine traveling to Trump's rally's in April/May. They will be brutalized like bad puppies that pee on your copy of Trump the Press. They will all be wearing dunce caps by mid summer.

    Meanwhile, the base is fine and dandy with #noAmnesty and the independents are crossing over like emancipated slaves behind an advancing Grant.

    1. Me too.

    2. Bravo sir! My grateful thanks to Don and Russell G. for having the time and patience, not to mention the cast-iron digestion needed to watch these weasels for me.

    3. When I read that Collins, Graham, and Flake are heading the immigration bill write-up (I don't even need to hear the rest of the usual suspects like Murkowski) I already know failure is on the wall. The only other impulse is to choke down the bile.

  2. The black pillers have been getting more silent as time goes by, or simply changing what it is they talk about, because this subject isn't offering them the bleakness they desire.

    Too much winning.

  3. We have their names and addresses. Send all the "Dreamers" a nice post card saying, "You have 30 days to settle your affairs and leave the U.S. After 30 days you are fair game."

    Maybe they can carpool. What was the old joke from the trans-Alaska pipeline days? "Happiness is 10,000 Texans heading south with an Okie under each arm." - Elric

  4. No Obamacare replacement... Tell me why (WHY) should there be one? If Congress wrote one, it would be about as bad as O'care. How about Congress says, "We don't know how to write one. Insurance companies do. Let them write them and sell them anywhere in the US."

  5. The Pelosians never cared about the Dreamers. They want to deny the wall and ICE enforcement most of all. It's what their donors want, the status quo ante. They got some of what they wanted from a flailing Congress and hope to get the rest from the courts.
    The lonely wall prototypes sitting in the desert will be used as propaganda symbols of failed fascism. The message to the Latinos will be vote for us or these will become real. To the "base" it will be "we can stop Him". Trump's best card is the economy which is getting better now but is always cyclic. People only remember what happened last. They don't watch CSpan.

    1. I've said it over and over, it's hard to fund-raise on a problem you've solved.

  6. Never bet against Donald John Trump.

  7. Prez Trump just keeps winning and winning. I'm get so tired of all this winning.. **smile**

  8. When the daca illegals start getting rounded up, hand them a 1 way plane ticket and let them pick whatever country they want to go to south of the border. Drive them to the airport, make sure they get on the plane and wave goodbye. That will have much better optics than CNN getting an opportunity to interview them and show how America is "tearing families apart". Boo hoo.

  9. We don't have to "tear families apart". Send their illegal parents back with them. - GOC

  10. DACAs in California are in favor of returning the state to Mexico. That is the ultimate dream of Latinos and the California Democratic party.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. He is playing the lefties like a drum and they don't understand. Good.