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Monday, February 19, 2018

Smearing Clarence Thomas again.

Nearly 30 years after the Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas as an associate justice of the Supreme Court, New York magazine is calling for his impeachment over Anita Hill's false claims of sexual harassment.

The piece by Jill Abramson, a former executive editor of the New York Times, is diehard hatred. The loathing of Justice Thomas shows the press and liberals will never get over their loathing of President Trump.

The Senate litigated Hill's claim at his confirmation hearing, and found Hill not to be credible.

Besides, the press already cast its lot when it comes to sexual harassment in high office, giving Bill Clinton a pass on his sexual harassment of Paula Jones. That was litigated. He settled out of court for every dime she asked for.

But the press said sex is private and all people lie about sex.

Yes, he was impeached but for perjury and suborning perjury.

Abramson tried some revisionism.

"(Liberals of the present era — possibly in contrast to those of, say, the Bill Clinton era — have been much more ready to cast out from power alleged offenders, like Al Franken.)" she wrote.

Who does she think she is kidding? She is 63. She was 45 when Clinton was impeached.

Abramson brought up an allegation by Moira Adams that Justice Thomas groped her at a formal dinner.

The allegation was made 17 years later.

Never has it been litigated. No lawsuit. No charges filed. No complaint to personnel. She posted it on Facebook? So do Russian trolls.

Under oath, Justice Thomas denied Hill's allegations as well as weird stuff about watching porn in the office.

Yes, we had a national discussion of charges of sexual harassment, and decided to stick with that due process, which has served the Anglo-American judicial system since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.

After 803 years, it serves to protect the innocent from being falsely convicted. Better to let one hundred killers go free than imprison one innocent man.

Thomas referred to the hearing as an electronic lynching, which it was. Liberals wanted to railroad him.

They still do. They never forgive. Angry, bitter lot.


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  1. Why I hate the Dems/lefties/"progressives", Reason #31415926535897932384626433...

    1. The reasons increase faster than the national debt. They have no shame or morals.

  2. Debbie McCormick once "accidentally" pressed her left boob against me in high school and I beat off thinking about it that night. Does that make me guilty too? It was 1975, if anybody wants to know.

  3. If you've never seen or read Justice Thomas statements at his confirmation hearinGs, they were SPECTACULAR:

  4. Another play by the unconstitutional party ...
    let them try..TG

  5. Ever since the successful smear campaign against Roy Moore, the Leftist Press has been emboldened to attack anyone they think might be vulnerable.

  6. "Yes, we had a national discussion of charges of sexual harassment, and decided to stick with that due process, which has served the Anglo-American judicial system since the signing of the Magna Carte in 1215."


    I didn't believe Anita Hill then, I don't believe her now, she needs to go away. And that's coming from a woman old enough to have watched every bit of those hearings that she could. Clarence Thomas is one of the few people in government that I completely respected then and in all the time since

  7. It's almost like they're begging for the Second Civil War.

    Buy ammo.

    1. They do but they are too cowardly to fight it. They want to win in a packed and paid for court and have our people enforce the verdict as a kind of revenge. In short they want the right to be their slaves and crawl before them. Someday it will all shake out.

  8. Ever since the Hiss/Chambers case libs have been desperately trying to do away with due process and replace it with the "court of public opinion" that they have absolute control over: the press.

    They want to be able to convict the other side based on allegations and their side will use the system to merely get rid of dead weight.

    I think they will keep pushing for this until either the shooting starts, or until their system gets adopted by us when we take over the press by force.

    Either way they will regret this shit.

    1. The press is no longer worthy of first amendment protection, if it ever was. It is a creature of private enterprise so should be subject to libel law just as are other private companies that make soap

  9. This is an old post now and people have moved on. But I wanted to note something.

    About 15 or 20 years ago I was watching a Disney Channel program with my kid. The show was called Smart Guy. It was a purported comedy about
    black family
    single parent
    the parent was the Dad
    the smallest kid was a genius brainiac

    Right in the middle of the show one of the characters made a sarcastic comment about Judge Thomas.
    It is shameful to see this in a kid's show. I'd bet the show's writers were privileged whites. Certainly they are "dependent thinkers", just repeating the common liberal harangue of the day. Just shameful.

  10. OMG. You wrote Anglo-American!!!! My poor little heart went all a flutter. Seriously, tho., isn't that the latest racist dog whistle? As in how dare you mention 800 years of history that defies our 1 year old social justice meme.