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Saturday, February 10, 2018

People leaving SF despite legalizing public urination

And by despite, I mean because of.

The headline in the Mercury News this week read, "Why are all these Bay Area residents leaving?"

The story said: "Between July 2015 and July 2017, the region gained 44,732 immigrants but lost 44,102 residents to other parts of California and the country, according to a  new survey by Joint Venture Silicon Valley. The population drops have been most notable on residents between the ages of 18 and 24, and between 45 and 64."

So it is a net gain of 630 residents in two years.

The city seems to be attracting undesirables.

"Data shows San Francisco has second highest homeless population in United States," KGO-TV reported. The station said it "is proud to participate in the San Francisco Homeless Project."

So the plan is to become a magnet city for bums. While other cities offer food and other amenities, San Francisco allows the bums not only to sleep anywhere, but to pee where they please.

"The San Francisco Chronicle reports that San Francisco's superior court judges have scrapped 66,000 warrants since 2011 for various quality of life crimes, including peeing and sleeping on the sidewalk as well as being publicly intoxicated," the Daily Wire reported on December 1, 2016.

"Presiding judge John Stewart told the Chronicle's editorial board that their reasoning was that it was pointless to enforce the laws because the homeless aren't able to afford the fines."

Forget Porta-Potties. The city constructed an open air urinal at one of its parks.

And if you can pee where you please, what is the next step?

That's right.

But don't worry. The city now offers people poop maps so they can avoid surprises.

And just in case level-headed, middle-class people still think they can live in the City by the Bay even if it is now an open sewer, the city decided to become an open heroin-shooting zone.

"The San Francisco Department of Public Health has unanimously endorsed a task force’s recommendation to open what could become the nation’s first legal safe injection sites aimed at curbing the opioid epidemic," Fox 59 reported.

"The facilities provide a safe space where people can consume previously obtained drugs, such as heroin and fentanyl, under the supervision of staff trained to respond in the event of an overdose or other medical emergency. They also provide counseling and referrals to other social and health services."

Quality of life matters.

San Francisco turned itself into one large toilet where junkies shoot up. Amazingly, not every decent person has left.



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  1. Property values are insanely high in San Francisco. You can sell, go live in a far better place and have money left over. Win Win.

  2. SF has become a 3rd world sh*thole. It's one of several reasons why my wife and I crossed SF off our holiday travel list. If I wanted to visit a place with open air toilets, our first choice would be India.

    1. Nebraska, their cows have no dignity, but they do have carhenge.

    2. Yes, Anon, deliberately and on-purpose.
      For similar reports of Berkeley, see

    3. It's almost worth a visit, just for the braggin' rights: "I pissed on San Francisco! No, really!" They could give out certificates to prove you risked your life and health to "do your business" on San Fransicko.

      If only I could take a dump directly on San Fran Nan, I'd be sure to visit! Alas, that isn't yet possible, but the way things are going... who knows?

  3. And is this not Nancy Pelosi's district?
    Is judging by one's constituents now somehow inappropriate?

  4. Pretty sure Ted Kaczinski lived this way. Hell, before they finally decide to secede, just kick em out of the Republic. Fuck Cali.

  5. Whatever happened to vagrancy laws? Lock them up on a poor farm. Keep them busy and away from the public - and the availability of drugs andd booze - until they are fit to take a constructive place in society. If they are going to be a pestilence put them in quarantine. Again, there used to be laws against vagrancy, public intoxication, indecent exposure, etc., and for very good reasons. - Elric

  6. 20 years ago my wife and I visited San Francisco. I commented to a local "don't people here curb their dogs?" He told me that's not dog poop.
    san fran was a shit hole back then. It could only have gotten worse.

  7. Enjoyed SF when it was a bit rowdy, with a certain avant-garde'edge to the town, plus Tony Bennett and cable cars and all that.I and my wife have vowed-never

  8. "open what could become the nation’s first legal safe injection sites aimed at curbing the opioid epidemic"

    Are these reporters or comedians?

  9. Big American cities are in a race to the bottom:

    --The Denver City Council voted Monday to approve major sentencing reform (in other words, making penalties more lenient) on Class I and II offenses. The latter cover crimes like public defecation, panhandling and camping out on the sidewalk.--

  10. In the late 80s and early 90s, I went to SF at least twice a year. Learned where to go and where it to. Loved walking the city. One scary experience with my wife in Chinatown.
    Have not been back in over 20 years and have no desires to go there. Sounds like a hell hole.
    If I were homeless I would go to San Diego. Better weather.

    San Francisco. The shitty that never sweeps.

  11. The Muslim smells of Paris were driving me away
    The odor of Rome enough to make me sway
    Fainted dead away in Manhattan
    Then I went home to the shitty by the bay

    I smelled a fart in San Fransisco
    So strong it seemed, I could not breathe
    Stepped in a puddle, don't you see? Sure, it was made of pee
    That wasn't fog that filled the air, Lord I swear

    A pile sits there in San Francisco
    Surrounded by a sea of pee
    I cut right out of old San Francisco
    Got far away as I can be

    1. Excellent. Slim Shitman is ready to record this.

    2. Yeah, Doc, that's gold! Lemme give it a try:

      When the lights
      Go down
      In the shitty
      And the sun shines on the gay
      Do I wanna be there-stinking air, in my shitty?
      No, no, hellz no

  12. My understanding is that for purposes of allocating representatives in Congress, illegals are included in the count.
    Let that sink in.
    If CA has millions of illegals it gets an extra member in the House that would otherwise go to, say, Iowa or Wyoming.
    Someone please tell me it doesn't work like that.

    1. Say, "Thank you," President Obama. Although I have read that President Trump is going to change that. - Elric

  13. The city seems to be attracting undesirables as the taxpayers are leaving. Consider the consequences.

    Btw, how do the homeless afford those tents? Are the San Fran taxpayers paying for them?

    1. And, how much longer will they put up with this? My guess is "much too long."