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Monday, February 26, 2018

Ordinary sensationalized by rabid anti-Trump press

"In blow to Trump, Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of DACA ruling," NBC News reported.

Matt Drudge made this his lead story this morning under the large red headline: "SUPREMES KEEP 'DREAMERS.'"


The administration wanted to appeal a decision by a district judge in San Francisco appointed by Bill Clinton, William Haskell Alsup, directly to the Supreme Court.

As the court said in declining to decide the case now, "It is assumed the court of appeals will act expeditiously to decide this case."

If the Ninth turns him down, then the Supreme Court will hear the case.

To be sure, conservatives do not trust the Ninth (nor should they trust the First through the Eighth, or the Tenth and Eleventh).

But I do not see how the Ninth can uphold DACA without ingesting huge quantities of that substance California just legalized.

Obama created DACA by executive order.

President Trump can end it by executive order.

How do you argue that an Obama's executive orders are more powerful than President Trump's? Especially when the law is on Trump's side.

Today's news is ordinary.

"The Supreme Court has agreed only about a dozen times in the past century to take a case immediately and bypass the federal appeals courts, usually involving a national emergency, such as nationwide strikes in the steel and coal industries," NBC noted in Paragraph Nine.

Throughout the media's campaign against President Trump since his inauguration, one recurring theme is to make the ordinary seem sensational.

For example, when Obama's political appointees left, the press portrayed this as valuable senior officials resigning in protest to President Trump's heresy.

This served three purposes. One, to keep anti-Trump forces agitated. Two, to depress Trump's supporters. Three, to thwart the peaceful transition of power which has been a staple of our Grand Republic since George Washington declined a third term.

I am disappointed that Drudge continues to accommodate this.


The media chose to go to war with Donald John Trump in 2017 rather than accept him as president.

The media chose poorly.

From Leslie Eastman's review at Legal Insurrection:
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  1. I am disappointed that Drudge continues to accommodate this.

    Well, it IS Drudge Report, after all. Isn't he the founding father of clickbait?

    1. All headlines are designed to be click bait. Duh.
      As for this particular story, the Supreme Court did reject the Trump Administration which tried to bypass the lower courts for a Dreamers ruling. Small fact escape this post. Talk about Fake Blog. Makes good click bait though.

    2. Your bitter tears are sweet to us.

  2. "How do you argue that an Obama's executive orders are more powerful than President Trump's?"

    Because Donald Trump has said things which make Dreamers and Democrats cry and stuff. Reasons.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. One assumes the press is just being purposely clueless. Or perhaps they don't believe the Right, in this case Trump, can do lawfare. This appeal to the SCOTUS kept the issue hot and also avoided any lower court proceedings as the deadline looms. Now, there is the regular process, but Trump tried and was "thwarted". So Congress gets a short reprieve to pass a solution.

  4. I vaguely remember from my Civics classes years ago that the Constitution requires that a case between two of the three, Congress, Judiciary, or Executive is to be directed directly to the Supreme Court. I probably shouldn't trust my memory, but there it is.

  5. Trump gets to run against the horrible and crazy Ninth Circuit AND illegal aliens AND their enablers AGAIN. It is 2016 déjà vu all over again (h/t to the great Yogi Berra). This is horrible for the Dems who want to get away from the tar baby of illegal aliens. Lemons/lemonade and Donald Trump.

  6. I think TPD used the reference here first but to the "press"(are they really,any more rude scribes with ink stained hands? No) Trump will always be Emmanual Goldstein, Orwell's Trotsky character, someone with no redeeming qualities, a sly traitor worthy only of contempt, but at the same time sinister, threatening endless war, utter ruin. They cast themselves as his brave opponents, mud soaked vets weary from Jungle patrol against the enemy, soldiers of Big Brother Obama now, your friendly Deep State Emperor in exile, bringing good news to the faithful, always good news: 17 Innocents were shot with a weapon supplied personally by the evil Emmanual Trump, rejoice we have routed his allies in the NRA deaths head squadron. Our allies in in the Obamaamigojugend, the DACA Harvard bound fifth column, under siege by Goldstein's Injustice Forever forces, have received vital supplies by airlift from our Supreme Command, etc.
    In fact like Goldstein, Trump will never die as a press totem of evil. He hurt them so bad they can never recover as leaders in the opinions of men. They will always and forever be what Schopenhauer called them 200 years ago, small dogs who bark importantly when you open the door, but always walk on a leash. Their duty to be on guard as decendants of the faithful fierce and brave Yukon King will always remain the fantasy they always knew it to be.

    1. Bravo! Wonderfully well stated!

      Um, you're not related to the usual brain-dead, butt-hurt Anonymous that often posts here, are you. Didn't think so!

    2. I have two sons but no anonymous relations. Thanks!

    3. Nicely done. Great description of the on-going conflict.

  7. Drudge is nongriens of PDJT. the media is happy to have another issue to attack with.