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Friday, February 02, 2018

OK, this is 12th-dimensional chess

As readers know, I discount these over-the-top declarations that President Trump plays 12th-dimensional chess. I get it. Marxists said that about Obama, the dullest president since Andrew Johnson.


Remember this from the Atlantic Monthly?: "On Wednesday, The Washington Post's Ezra Klein reported, 'Privately, Hill aides joke that everything is going exactly to President Obama’s plan. It’s just that that plan is to stay far, far away from Syria. This is the (tongue-in-cheek) 12-dimensional chess interpretation of the Obama administration’s Syria strategy.'"

That was on September 4, 2013.

Within a year, the Islamic State -- you know, the guys Mister 12th Dimension called the JV squad -- was about to take over Raqqa and Alleppo, thanks to Chauncey Gardner's smug stupidity.

So saying Trump plays 12th dimensional chess is a dig at Obama's sycophants.

But The Donald really is a very stable genius. How do we know this? He has his opposition convinced that he is unstable and an idiot.

You look around his Cabinet, see Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, and Wilbur Ross -- men who definitely do not need the job -- and ask yourself if they would voluntarily work for a man who is unstable and an idiot.

However, in the Art of War, Trump has chosen to play the fool and madman. What better way to bring down the over-inflated elitists who own the government and the media?

Last March, Trump told the world he was wiretapped. The elitists said prove it, thinking he could not.

Meanwhile, they sent Bobby Mueller in to find something to impeach Trump with.

But Trump fought back in a manner they were not prepared for. Trump and Devin Nunes were able to take the hard work of the FBI's inspector general -- long ignored by Obama -- to clean the swamp.
Julian Assange, the founder ofWikiLeaks -- the bane to the existence of the Establishment -- tweeted: "I find it remarkable how comprehensively the Democrats, DoJ and FBI have played into Trump's hands over the Nunes memo. By conspicuously trying to hide information they have aligned themselves against the public, drawn suspicion and imbued the memo with totemic power."
Assange also tweeted, "Weird how the people who attack @Wikileaks and the people who get exposed by @Wikileaks keep being the same people."

Even the Onion news parody site is getting in on the act. It filed a story, "FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies."

Liberals used to rag on J. Edgar Hoover, saying he abused his power to spy on people.

He died. Nixon passed over Hoover's choice to succeed him, Mark Felt, who became the Washington Post's Deep Throat, extracting the biggest vengeance in American history.

The stakes are higher this time.

Pray for Donald Trump.

Pray for Devin Nunes.

And pray for our country.

But fear not. Trump's got guts and brains and the truth on his side.

I truly believe God anointed him to lead us out of our swamp.


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The paperback edition will likely be published this weekend.

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  1. Julian Assange may be an traitor, but he makes good points. -- BJ54

    1. Well- Assange is a citizen of Australia & now Ecuador too.

      So he isn't a traitor to the USA since he's not American, but I imagine the Democrat party consider him a traitor to their cause! (He's not a Democrat either, but they wouldn't care. They'd shoot him if they got the chance!)

  2. Another home run, Big D. Assange has won my Strange New Respect award for 2017. Free Julian!!

  3. I awoke with similar thoughts today. The chess board is multi-leveled and Trump appears to be handling it. The genius is that he is not just one man moving the players, he is a field marshall with incredible talent at his command.
    If he is "anointed by God" it is for God's purposes for His Church throughout the world, not for political merit or man's reasoning because abortion is a stench from Hell.

  4. Don, are you saying Barry was a STABLE GENIUS?

    Because every one of us thought he was an idiot and unstable.

    1. I think Don is saying that bathhouse Barry and his sycophants thought he was the smartest
      Man in the world and The overused phrase of multi-dimensional chess was used in the same vein about PDJT. Except with PDJT, he is showing that it is true.

    2. Stable, as in "a place where animals are kept".

    3. I think Sam's got the birthplace of the Manchurian Fraud pegged!

      Just to be clear, it wasn't a manger; it was more of a pigsty. (Apologies to actual pigs, who are more manly than The Fraud.)

  5. "Imminent release" has now become as nauseous as "existential threat."

    The smell of deep state burning hair is reaching all the way to Yeehaw Junction today.

    1. I can smell it from here on the left coast, and it's not burning hair, it's an electrical fire! The most dangerous kind of fire to fight!

  6. This is delicious!

    There is a theory out there that goes back to the Mueller appointment. The night before he accepted the position - which President Trump had to sign-off on - they met in the WH for around 2 hours. Later the media bought the explanation that Mueller was interviewing for the vacant FBI job. That made no sense as an FBI Director that left cannot return by law. So what were those two talking about?

    Now here comes Thomas Wicker and others noting that IF Mueller is in fact looking at the evidence, and IF in fact there is no Russian Collusion or Obstruction of Justice, and IF Mueller is not a dirty cop.....

    Then where are we today?

    The MSM-Dems-Leftists have all their chips on Mueller. What IF he pays it right down the line? Yesterday he and General Flynn's attorney filed to postpone Flynn's sentencing (recall that the FICA Judge that accepted Gen. Flynn's guilty plea suddenly recused himself from the case a few days later). This often happens on cases. But why this one? And why at this point in time? And what IF, just WHAT IF Mueller finds the Trump campaign and the POTUS not in violation of any scandals? The MSM-Dems-Leftists have assured us that St. Muller is the deity. This would leave them with their feet planted firmly in the air, leaving the Executive branch to clean out the corruption in the DOJ and IC as they have in the VA and State Department.

    IF all that comes true, it almost seems like there was some sort of plan. But who could do that? Surely not the dumb, stupid, unstable, moronic POTUS that has totally messed up the economy, the war against ISIS, illegal immigration, education, safety of citizens, etc.


    - Ken

    1. And.....

      WHAT IF SC Mueller finds that he evidence goes to Obama's appointees.....and right up to the Big O?

      - Ken

    2. Except .... Mueller hired a bunch of pro-Hillary lawyers to staff his investigation team. That's puzzling. Well, a LOT of this is puzzling!

    3. You don't get it.....

      - Ken

  7. “Nixon passed over Hoover's choice to succeed him, Mark Felt”

    So you’re saying Hoover didn’t get Felt up?

  8. It's NOT chess, in any shape or form. That's a Russian game. The game is no limit Texas Hold-em. The biggest stack of chips and the biggest cojones help.

    1. The Democrats keep peeking at their cards, as if they expect them to have magically changed in the last 30 seconds.