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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Obama's wiretapping reaches the Watergate tipping point

Most Americans do not want their first black president to fail.

They want him to be Washington. Lincoln. Moses.

You know all those movies where Morgan Freeman plays God? That's who most Americans wanted Barack Obama to be.

Instead, they got Richard Milhous Obama.

Only Obama is worse than Nixon. Obama did not have campaign operatives attempt (and fail) to wiretap his opponent's campaign manager.

Obama got the court's permission to have the FBI spy on Trump's campaign manager -- unmasking (disclosing to Obama officials) conversations that should not have been recorded. We know this because Susan Rice admitted 10 months ago to unmasking.

In April 1973, most Americans overwhelmingly thought Watergate was just politics, according to Gallup.

A month ago, they thought the same thing about Obama's spying on The Donald.

That has changed.

"Americans overwhelmingly believe the Obama administration 'improperly surveilled' Donald Trump's presidential campaign, and a majority say they would like to see a special prosecutor appointed to look into possible misconduct by the FBI and Department of Justice in spying on Trump, the latest IBD/TIPP poll shows," Investors Business Daily reported.

"One fact emerges from the poll of 900 people conducted from Jan. 25 to Feb. 2: The public doesn't necessarily buy into the Democratic narrative that the Trump campaign 'colluded' with Russia to tamper with the 2016 presidential election."

Americans are rejecting the Democratic Party narrative that Obama was scandal free -- and that the election was hijacked by Russia.

This is an astounding turn of events that frankly I never thought would happen. The thing about the truth is it is pretty useless if no one believes it.

The truth is gaining power.

"Plainly, Americans are concerned by what they've read and heard of the surveillance of the Trump campaign and would like a full investigation," Investors Business Daily reported.

"The poll's contents are troubling for those in the Democratic Party and the left-leaning media who had hoped to make a case with the American people that President Trump worked with Russian officials to win the 2016 election. The American people don't seem to believe it."

Somehow, Trump has managed to transfer the stain of scandal on to Democrats. Not quite Obama, yet, but Trump is doing so.

As your resident Trump-ologist, I cannot figure it out. I do know that Trump knew he was wiretapped long before he revealed it. Maybe he thought it began with his goofy birther nonsense in 2011. Maybe his goofy birther nonsense was aimed at baiting Obama.

But I do know that he caught the press off guard with his tweets last March 4 about Obama's wiretaps.

They mocked him.

Prove it, they said.

Trump has.

Far from being hare-brained and rash, Donald John Trump is a very calculating and patient man. He adheres to the lessons of Sun Tzu. He hid well what he knew and when he knew it.

Obama had it easy in politics. He just smiled and read the script, and got elected.

Trump did it the Trump way.

That was good training for his mission as president. Draining the swamp is not a simple matter of pulling a plug.

This new poll shows that Trump has countered and discredited the Democratic Party's narrative about Russian meddling.

It's now FBI meddling -- and Americans are not liking that.

Getting Americans to hold Obama -- or even Hillary -- accountable is a bit of a stretch. I doubt it will ever happen.

But I do think Jim Comey and his ilk should find good criminal defense lawyers. Americans see corruption at the FBI and elsewhere. Someone will pay for that.


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  1. "Most Americans do not want their first black president to fail. They want him to be Washington. Lincoln. Moses."



    A person from an emancipated state with the knowledge of 26 English letters, word structure, and syntax, handily parses cause and effect.

    White guilt.

    To those brilliant thinkers out there so characteristically ladened with agnosia...

    That wasn't so hard, was it?

  2. How the Republicans choose to act on this will determine their fate in the fall. If this turns out to be simply an opportunity for moral grandstanding like we've gotten from Issa and Howdy (Gowdy. Autocorrect changed it to Howdy. Probably more fitting) over the past ten years, then they might as make retirement plans.

    If they think this is going to change the way they are treated in the press, they are idiots. The press is not going to suddenly become honest.

    What is needed is a drive toward transparent information about all of this plus the intrusions into the lives of other citizens, like this:

    And we need to see people being prosecuted. Start with the little players and work your way up. You don't have to start with Hillary and Obama. You don't even have to end there. But you'd better damn well look like that's where you're going to end up.

  3. Perhaps one or two of the "little people" will be Arkancided b/4 they can tell all they know.

    1. Perhaps but there seem to be too many rats coming to light to quiet them all. Arkancide of others will force some to seek protection and sing.

    2. Yes, Schlongy. The Seth Rich case needs to be reopened also. That guy was murdered by a Dem hit squad, and NOBODY can tell me otherwise.

    3. Seth Rich is patient zero for this entire cycle.

  4. " Maybe his goofy birther nonesense was aimed at baiting Obama."

  5. Wasn't that Samantha Power rather than Susan Rice that was the ambassador?

  6. "Most Americans do not want their first black president to fail."
    Very true, a huge factor in the whole story. However ...
    Oops, too late.

    1. Yup, Barry'd accomplished that by 1 Feb 2009.
      He failed, and with him, America failed. Thankfully we seem to be bouncing back.

  7. It might just occur to folks that Trump has had a first rate intelligence service for years. That seems to be much more effective than the Feds. I figure it has been in operation for at least 20 years. With a long range viewpoint. Sun Tzu style, if you will.

    At some point, it becomes obvious. That's why when Trump accuses someone, there's probably hard evidence behind it. And if you are wondering how he could afford it.....accurate, non biased info will always make you money.

    1. I had been wondering about that last week. He seems to be remarkably well-informed about who the players are and what they have been doing for sheer serendipity. I have been saying that the seeming chaos (such as the tweets) are actually planned. I would not be surprised if more was planned than just that.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. When you say something in private, only two people know, and a few days later it is broadcast on CNN, you can pretty well bet you got spied on, IF the person you spoke to was trusted, especially if the information was twisted or false.
      We used similar tactics in WW2 to discover the location of AF.

    3. Man. That's something to think about. If I had billions, and I had business arrangements spanning the globe, I think I'd have my own security / investigative apparatus to make sure my interests were being well managed and protected and to keep an eye out for potential threats.

  8. I know I shall never believe the enemedia and their Democrat masters as long as I live.

  9. In 2008 I was a liberal Democrat. It was obvious to me back then that not only was Obama wholly unqualified to be President but that he also a sleazebag who played dirty politics. His supporters were even worse.

    Thanks to Obama I am no longer a liberal Democrat.

    1. Welcome home, brother! Lemme getcha a beer.

    2. Sure wish there were millions more as smart as you.

    3. Never trust anyone from chicago.

  10. Yesterday a Trump tweet ended with the words DRAIN THE SWAMP! I had not heard him use those words since McConnell had a hissy fit about them over a year ago. He may be about ready to toss the zippo into the napalm filled ditch. But timing and strategy is everything to him, and we haven't heard Horowitz's IG report yet.
    And when are we going to finally start getting O's long suppressed records revealed? Or even a verified classmate of his?

    1. Can you imagine the havoc created if Obama was illegitimate? You see, I believe that to be an open secret. Remember, Trump floated that out.....and, factually......when has Trump been wrong? That's a coming attraction....

    2. Obama is the love child of hhiis menttor and card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Compare a photo of Obama next to his mother and supposed father, Obama, Sr. Then compare it next to his mother and Frank Marshall Davis. You may want to perform this comparison sitting down. - Elric

    3. Could you imagine if any Republican had the far-right equivalent of Frank Marshall Davis as his mentor (and possibly father). That drum would be beat 24/7/365 until he either bailed out of the race or took a complete whipping because of the orchestrated hit.

  11. Trump may have been warned about the spying by Adm. Michael Rogers, the NSA Director. Immediately following an unannounced trip Rogers took to meet with the newly elected President in NYC, Trump ordered his campaign meetings out of Trump tower to a different location. About the same time, the knives of the Obama IC holdovers in DC (among them Brennan and Clapper) came out after Rogers, which included a demand that Rogers be fired. Was this a coincidence? I don't think so.

    1. The time from Trump's election to when Rogers went to Trump Tower, is about the time it takes to set up a secure location (SCIF). For details on the whole episode, check out Dan Bongino at He's former Secret Service, and uses lefty publications as well as his own sources to lay it all out.

    2. Joe DiGenova lays it out here:

  12. Surber, dear Sir, you are wrong about Nixon's role in Watergate break-in. He didn't authorize it. Or ask for it.

  13. Excellent column Don! But let me make a couple of points-

    1/ Para #5: "Obama did not have campaign operatives attempt (and fail) to wiretap his opponent's campaign manager." Well, no- Obama succeeded, as is becoming clear. I think you could express this better; Obama/Nixon seem to be backwards to me.

    2/ "Maybe his goofy birther nonsense was aimed at baiting Obama." Or maybe, *it was all true.*

    Are you going to buy the Bay Bridge from me, for only $10? I have a fresh photoshopped Certificate of Ownership right here, to "prove" I own it!

    There is a gaping void of any actual evidence that Obama is who he's supposed to be. We do know that the "birth certificate" exhibited is a photoshop; that's about all we know for certain. I'd like to see some actual proof of who this guy actually is!

  14. “That's who most Americans wanted Barack Obama to be.”

    Obama strikes me more as Simon Magus.